Katt Williams Calls Out Kevin Hart for Takin It Up the Azz!

katt williams kevin hart

Shots fired!

We already know Katt Williams and Kevin Hart aren’t the best of friends, but Katt has taken his hate for Kevin to a whole new level. During his latest Atlanta show, Katt went in on the Ride Along star for taking it up the azz to advance his movie career!

But not only that, Katt calls Kevin a puppet. He tells the crowd don’t be mad at Kevin, be mad at the people pulling his strings.

Peep the highlights:

“Even if that n****’s a puppet, it’s not his fault,”

“I don’t care nothing that happens to Kevin [Hart], I just wish him the best. I just know that that’s somebody’s hand stuck up that baby, you understand. Oh, we’re a puppet show, boo boo. Please believe it. You’re looking at the only n**** that ain’t,”

“So, since I’ve already officially proven to myself that I really am who Richard Pryor passed his torch to, and that I was able to do it without letting a man suck my d*ck, or sucking a man’s d*ck. I walked in with a virgin a**hole, I walked out with a virgin a**hole. I got the same soul today that I had when I did Pimp Chronicles all the way to the end of Pimp Chronicles.”

And here’s the video proof!



  1. No black celebrity achieves the high level of success that Kevin Hart has without doing some gay shit! Watch Kevin Hart's comedy show, he talks about losing his daughter at Disneyland and he found her crying. I highly suspect Kevin allowed his daughter to be molested by the Disney pedophiles. By now you guys should already know what hollywood is really all about.

    • I believe so too. How the f*ck could Mekhi ER Pheiffer afford to hire out Disneyland? It was clearly arranged by the big wigs. Katt can't talk shit about Kevin being gay for pay because they ALL get their checks signed by the same boss so they ALL play the game one way or another. He could've been giving hand tosses to fat Jewish men for all we know.

  2. In unrelated news, a black woman and a black man were shot and killed by Inglewood police while sleeping in their car. I'm not making this up. Local news is not talking about this and the black mayor James Butts is keeping his mouth shut!

    • Now they are saying that they were unconscious when they were shot. So if they were how could they be a threat?

      What's sad is all those children that don't have a parent anymore. They were both single parents out on a date.

      • Nobody is talking about this horrific crime committed by the Inglewood police. Mayor Butts (A black man) is more concerned about the Rams coming to his city. Government agent Al Sharpton was busy protesting the Oscars. Barack Obama hasn't said a damn thing. The more black people stay silent, the easier Inglewood police can cover this crime up!

        • It's also important to remember that Inglewood mayor James Butts is a former police officer!

          • Wow, I didn't know that. It explains a lot though. SMH.

            Inglewood and the Salt Lake City shooting have me pretty upset right now. I’m so tired of them covering up these killings that keep happening right in our faces. And all because of what, because they feel threatened? I’m also tired of white people locking their car doors as I walk pass or clutching their purses in the elevator like they are so scared. They are just using this so called fear as a means to kill us, trigger happy ass people are just waiting for a chance to use their recently purchased weapons with their fresh conceal and carry licenses.

            All I want Obama to do for me before he leaves office is to give me my reparations, a free DNA/Ancestry test, and a visa to whatever country or continent that my blood has the most percentage of.

            And the minstrel show called the Oscars, they didn’t have to do Black face because too many of our own kind signed up to make fun of us for them, thanks Chris. When they played “fight the power” at the end of the show, it let me know what time it was, time to leave.

  3. Damn. I hope they don't get Lil Rel. That negro is so real and down to earth. Don't do it Lil Rel!

  4. Kevin Hart is not funny at all, he's a fake inferior short man.. Ummmm those secrets text from Sony told how they really feel about him…… Katt just tell it like it is and that's why the powers to be don't like him… Kevin was smiling like a little girl last night at the boring ass Oscars…

  5. I once posted on my Facebook that the only reason Kevin Hart still gets all these gigs in movies, award shows etc, is because he must have the best head game in Hollywood. For the looks of it, I may have been right

  6. Kevin hart is the modern day Stepin Fetchit! He acts like a sambo and white people love to laugh at him! I have no respect for Kevin Hart.

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