French Montana Calls Out Industry for Using Kendrick Lamar as a Prop

kendrick lamar french montana

French Montana went on The Breakfast Club to speak about the state of Hip Hop, and he didn’t hold back when it came to talking about the industry’s agenda when it comes to the rap game.

First, French was asked why he thought Kendrick sells more albums than street rappers.

“Because they position him like how they did at the Grammys…as the new music. It’s not that it’s not the right thing to do, but…the whole thing was like ‘Kendrick night’,” ~ French Montana

Charlamagne tried to come to Kendrick’s defense, but eventually, he admitted he’s not bumpin’ Kendrick’s new album…and neither is French!

“That album don’t sound like nothing that’s out…the whole hip hop game don’t sound like that. He took that one step to the left…They put him on that platform so they can switch music toward that direction,” ~ French Montana

Is French just being salty, or does he have a point?

Peep French discussing the industry’s agenda at the 15:45 mark.


  1. He's not lying. The problem is his own music has been plastic and substandard so it's hard to lend him real credibility as an objective voice.

    • They made the same move with Ashanti back in the day.
      Love the girl and i think she's sexy as all get out, but lifetime
      grammy or soul train awards?!

  2. Kendrick Lamar success is well deserved, but he is in fact an overrated artists who raps in a abtract way that the listner really right off don't know what he is talking about. What made the 1990's great was the artists was left alone to be themselves and speak in a very direct way. Kendrick Lamar is a great MC but really is he the only talented MC in L.A. they could found? I doubt it, the powers that be don't ever want to let happen what happened in the 1990's where Black, White, etc artist had full control over there art which slowly destroys sterotypes.

    • why do yall keep putting kendrick in a fake light? he dont even date black women stop actin like this nigga is a nigga he a sambo… yall r thirsty.

      • Comment:

        He's not true blue like that. If he was a real nigga(Nigga), he would have a brownskin by his side. Not some diluted chick, let's keep it 100 about this tomfoolery. Putting mixed chicks above real blackwomen needs to cease ASAP…Seriously! It's 2016, and niccas still drinking the moonshine from Massa's Bottle. Don't defend these hypocritical dudes who hide behind black militancy, but, are just as coonish as the OJ Crowd.

        • Black is black. Kendricks woman is black. And I'm a dark skin woman. I don't believe in separating us. Black is black. This is what keeps us divided.

          • That's a lie…why would you let massa define what black is?? Mixed ppl are… Mixed!

        • I'm called white by trolls online, but both parents are full Black. Its niggas and racists who hate Blacks. Like Chris Rock said, there is a difference between Blacks and niggas.

          • No it is coons like you who got life f*cked up by perpetuating that blacks v. nigga BS.

    • @ENT GOON: You should comment more often. You always bring light to darkness…truth spiller!

    • Quincy Jones is 1 of Kendericks "mentors"
      Im sure he will make it like all the others

    • Comment:

      Kendrick Lamar was supposed to be the savior of real hip-hop, but, is that really the case? Industry mofos put that tag on him, yet, he was still calling women out their name on his first LP. Yeah, he put a different spin on thuggery…A Malcolm X i think not. Everybody and their Mama knows the game is bulls@#t right now, so, hyping Kendrick makes the powers that be look more desperate than they already are…My Thoughts!

  3. I knew it wouldn't be long before we started tearing each other down. Why don't French worry about making better music that his family can be proud of? Why doesn't he stop peddling garbage. Or at least admit he can't live up to Kendrick Lamars standards.

    • Maybe he can't due to the fact his religion beliefs plays a big factor. He simply can't go out a just make records like Tupac or Biggie. They only allow him do so much without trying not to embarrass not only himself which he did but mainly his family. Hell, it just hit me of a post that was up here on a blind item about French. Money isn't damn sure the motive for French cause if that was the case, why he gave the $1 million away to charity that Puff gave him? So he got that.

  4. I am willing to bet that most of the people that voted for Kendrick to win a Grammy or clapped like crazy at his performance never really listened to the album.

  5. This wack individual is salty because street music isn't selling like it used to. Kendrick Lamar is bringing real substance back to hip hop whether you like it or not.

  6. French need to sit is Jealous ass some where with that crazy comment. French music is trash thats why they don't sell.. Stop hating on the brotha thats doing music, at least his music sells and not the typical clone club shiit yall throw at people and call that music..

  7. As salty as it may appear, French has a point. His delivery may be misconstrued, but he is telling the truth. Kendrick has been "set up" nicely from day 1!

  8. ALL the rappers have to complete the sex rituals to make it in the industry

    Including Kendrick and

  9. Comment:

    Hip-Hop Is Dead! We need to acknowledge this reality as a people. The suits in NYC and LA destroyed it in the late 80s/Early 90s with bling and gangsta-rap. Which is nothing more than brainwashing to young blacks in the hood. Leave it alone…let it wither on the vine. All we've gotten from it is self-hate and bloodshed…Enuf is Enuf!!!

    • @Tyrone yes hip hop is dead when they stopped dissing 'the man' and started dissing bw instead I knew it was dead.

      • Negros made a conscious decision to sellout, so, they reap what they sow. Remember, they need our culture to make money, we don't need them. Blinded by dollar signs and other foolishness…Negros!

  10. French is projecting he himself is a f*ck boi for the KarTrashians he needs to shut the f*ck up with his down low ass! Ain't even black, trying to pass he's Arab not black yall just let anybody come in and take over and be an authority on bp, smdh.

    • Blackness is what moves the culture, so, dudes like French are gonna brownnose. Yeah, he got a Sista in bed. That boosted hie ego, all non-black men start feeling themselves as a matter of habit. I don't pay it any attentuon, they can't be like us and same goes for Kim and Khloe.

  11. Y'all are some crabs frfr. All you (the regulars that post here) do is complain. You talk about all the issues that plague the community and the industry, yet you never offer solutions. You never talk about what you're doing personally to change shit. I know why tho, you ain't doin shit EXCEPT complaining. FOH. Whether you think Kendick is legit or not, at least he's active. He's speaking out…loudly! What are YOUR favorite rappers doing? I'm not a hardcore fan, but I give credit where its due.

    • Fuck you, sheep. You have no idea what any of us are doing in real life face to face cause like you fatherless crack babies some grown folks don't put all their biz on social media. I'd be damn if I give you my resume when you obviously never moved out of your mama's house.

  12. sounds salty to me. that sound is some old project blowed sounds. acey alone freestyle fellowship. that was wayyy ahead of its time and now its being brought from the streets to the main stream finally. just like kayne used that old skool madlib type recently and people are loving it. (madlib created quasimoto worked with jay dilla )

  13. “French Montana was born in Rabat, Morocco. His native languages are Arabic and French.”
    I guess that explains part of his name, do I detect a “Scar Face” influence for the other? But I digress.

    Moroccans/ Muslims/Arabs/Berbers of North Africa don’t consider themselves Black/African in fact they are very racist against dark skinned Africans. The North African countries of Libya, Egypt, Mauritania, Algeria, and Tunisia despise Black (dark skinned) Africans too. Don’t believe me? Google the words “oussif” , “abid” or “abeed” and see for yourself.

    What I didn’t know until today was that he came here when he was 13 and grew up poor in a single parent household (with his mother) in South Bronx. He hung around a lot of the underground Black rappers from the early 2000’s. I guess it rubbed off on him hence his (wants to be one of us) persona.

    I still don’t care for him though. Something about him has always rubbed me the wrong way and him being a “Diddy” associate doesn’t help matters.

    I don’t know much about Kendrick Lamar either, I guess I’ll research him next but I think I agree with everyone who says he’s just jealous. Which reminds me of some funny shit that I saw today on YT, Tiffany “New York” Pollard arguing and almost fighting with Claudia Jordan for #theNext15. Tiffany told Claudia “the only reason that she was not on RHWOA is because she didn’t suck the right mans dick.” LOL Maybe “Frenchie” should take notes….Don’t even get me started on what Kat Williams said about Kevin Hart.

    Welp let that be the reason why we don’t even have to ask “WHY” any of them are famous anymore.

    • I pray that Katt can continue to stand with his booty hole intact, lol
      He always speak truth concerning hollyweird

      • LOL, me too! I guess he said to much cuz the sent him to jail today for hitting another store clerk *Rolls eyes*. They said he assumed the position by laying on the floor with his hands behind his back and waited fo the po po's to get there.

        Haaa haa ha Kat is a fool!

  14. All corporate-tized music is dead. Nobody is buying it. The economy is too messed up. Everybody that's rapping is rich which most of us fans can't relate. We need Artist that relate to us.

  15. I heard French possibly got his friend u know what to continue his fame and fortune
    Those guys in the industry are treacherous


  17. LOOK…I love me some Kendrick but French is RIGHT…When I saw Kendrick with FUCKING CRACKER FLATASS, FIRE CROTCH TAYLOR SWIFT….HE LOST ALL COOL POINTS. Kendrick needs to stay in his own lane and callbo with people of relevance to his genre…FUCKING TAYLOR SWIFT THOUGH?….DAMN KENDRICK…DAMN!!!!!

  18. “That album don’t sound like nothing that’s out…the whole hip hop game don’t sound like that. He took that one step to the left…They put him on that platform so they can switch music toward that direction,” ~ French Montana

    It's about time the music goes more in "that direction". Hip Hop has been on this bullshit reality tv, clubs, bottles, money, women–no substance. French is corny anyway.

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