Elton John Shades Janet Jackson for Lip Synching

elton john janet jackson lip synching

Elton John came for Janet Jackson’s neck in a new Rolling Stone interview. In the magazine, Elton shades Janet and other artists who lip synch on stage. He thinks these artists, especially Janet, aren’t worthy of the praise they receive from music critics.

“You know, f*cking music magazines writing a review of Janet Jackson saying, ’This is the greatest show—four and a half stars.’ It’s f*cking lip-synced! Hello! That’s not a show!” ~ Elton John

But that wasn’t the end of it. He also told the magazine he would much rather go “see a drag queen” perform than to watch Janet’s Unbreakable World Tour.

What do you think? Did he lie though?


  1. He is a trashy, lying queen and so are you, Jacky. I went to Janet's show last year and mist of that show was live and Janet was dancing. Didn't they do a song back in the day and Janet sounded better than he did on the song? Yes, she outdid him.

    • Why is Jacky a liar. He just reported what Elton John said

  2. Not meaning to bring up Beybot but Bey does both. Janet's a veteran so should be used to doing both and the critque that comes from her art.

    • No Beyonce doesn't. Y'all swear she walks on water and all she does is the same damn moves.

  3. Idk why EJ crying for. For Christ's sakes she just had surgery on her vocals! A Taurus ruling spot on the human body are the ears, neck, and throat. If we (Taureans) are not careful with those areas, we going to have problems. I get alot of ear infections especially when I shampoo my hair and I also swim under water. That is known as swimmer's eat. So EJ needs to shut the hell up!

  4. Elton you just sit at the piano ans sing, and you're concerts are ok. Stop talking about other artist, you make yourself look bad. It's very hard to sing and dancer. I'm a former ballet dancer it very tiring.. Grow up and quit being a queen of mean… GTFOOH

  5. Janet Jackson doesn't sing, she whispers. I have been to Janet's concerts. She does lip sync. Two reasons why Janet is super famous; One her brother is the greatest of all time. Two, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. It's a fact Karyn White sings better than Janet. Yeah I said it, deal with it!

    • and you are a liar, just like Elton that clearly doesn't know what you're talking about. Another jealous queen.

  6. I don't like Elton John, haven't for a while now due to comments like this. Although I like Jacky's tweets on this matter, the neck comment was unnecessary, IMO. Also, if I had a choice between seeing either Elton John, Karyn White who I like, or Janet perform, I'd go w/Janet. IMO, she's the better performer. She can dance, she seems to put on a good show lip synched or not, I don't think I'd be bored. The old argument about she's only famous because of her brother & producers is tired IMO, because if she didn't have any talent she would not have lasted this long & we would not be talking about her now.

    • She had to become a performer because she is NOT the best singer…but I do agree out of the three Janet all day everyday!

  7. Yeah he says the same thing about every woman who performs better than him and gets better reviews. He said the same about Madonna in the 90s.

  8. I'm w NBA on this one. We all grew up on Janet and we all love her…bc we love Mike that much, and JJ &TL are masters. I mean Alexander O'Neal could sing any Janet song and it would still be a hit. I don't like that Elton John said it, but he's right.

  9. Elton stay talking chit about other artists, he seems catty and very messy! I wouldn't go to a Janet Jackson concert now but like 10 yrs ago yes! That was when she was JANET now since she's Muslim now she won't be sensual and freaky and strap a nugga to a chair or flat bed and grind the chit out of them. I miss those days!

  10. Janet Jackson been lip-synching since 1985. Why you think she never performed at the Apollo? Her protege Paula Abdul pulled that lip-synch dance routine at the Apollo and her whole crew got booed off the stage.

  11. Sounds like a flaming messy jealous queen! He could have made a point about his opinion of the industry standards in general without personally coming for Janet! I have seen her in concert and she puts on a great show. Her fans think so also..that's why they come out in full force to support her.. Try again Elton!

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