D-Wade & Gabby Union Hollywood Swingin’ W/ Britton Hart & Will Packer!!!

gabrielle union dwyane wade will packer

HSK Exclusive — Dwyane Wade’s got a new tip and her name is Britton Hart! We’re told Ms. Hart is known to post up at Miami Heat games with two other “Stivianos.” Here’s the thing … she comes with a son! So, while D-Wade plays step-pops with the lil dude … we’re told Gabrielle Union has taken it to Will Packer’s casting couch!!! Don’t believe me… Just ask Taraji!

“Gabrielle is tired of being Mary Jane for BET. She’s trying to make some movies and Will Packer has exactly what she’s looking for.”

An insider is saying Dwyane is not only smashing Britton Hart, but he’s also her sponsor. He has paid Hart’s 12 months in advance!

The Drop:

“While Dwayne is cheating on Gabby, she’s hooking up with Will Packer. This is how people get STD’s. It’s a mess! But, I betcha Gabby stars in the next Will Packer film.”

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gabrielle union will power packer


  1. Britton Hart is hot and I'd take her over Gabby in a heart beat so if he's smashing her I can understand Wade. Is Britton Hart a celeb?

  2. Comment:

    D. Wade is just another in a long list of brothas in sports who live double lives. Media here in Miami is always fawning over his fatherhood and charities, as if he was a saint in the catholic church. Please Believe, ain't too many clean dudes in the baller arena. Females throw the P to them left and right, which is why Bron Bron was forced to vacate back to Cleveland. His wife never wanted him to come in the first place. Hell, one of his groupies crashed the wedding…Crazy Times!

    • She queen of Cleveland and discovered she was a small guppy in Miami. People eat guppies so she dragged him back to Cleveland. Who is this about, Lebron and basketball, or his wife's insecurities. Besides, Lebron can be with other people anyway.

      • You're not seeing the bigger picture. As long as Brothas see themselves as physical beings with money and sex-drives, they will never have real money and power. Always will be the entertainment for old white dudes with billions. Sex is the new slavery for us…Peep The Times!

      • As far as his wife being small fries, I disagree. Miami is beloved by niccas in sports because it's populated with a bunch of stereotypical Latin chicks who are seen as hypersexuality by dudes who lack historical context. It's pushed on the masses, Miami brothas know the game already. Lebron needs to.be a better negro to this generation…Higher Learning!

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