Mark Zuckerberg Defends Black Lives Matter Movement at Facebook HQ

mark zuckerberg facebook black lives matter

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is showing his support for Black Lives Matter despite what many of his employees think about the movement.

Facebook’s headquarters has a giant wall where employees can write about whatever’s on their mind. Some of the employees wrote “Black Lives Matter” on the wall, and the slogan was crossed out multiple times and rewritten as “All Lives Matter.”

In a leaked memo that was posted to FB’s private company page, Mark went in on the  culprits, and promised to investigate who was behind the act.

There are specific issues affecting the black community in the United States, coming from a history of oppression and racism…’Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean other lives don’t – – it’s simply asking that the black community also achieves the justice they deserve,” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

Peep the full memo:

mark zuckerberg black lives matter


  1. He is telling the truth! Damn I got a video clip I got off Facebook
    I am telling U, it open up my eyes! Imma see if I can upload it.

    • every time the african american established a movement, the kosher power appears and takes control of it (NAACP, Black Panthers, MLK etc…) by initiating at the same time a racial conflict between africans and caucasians…
      Mark Zuckerberg is a key player of the kosher power and BLM is now 100% owned by the kosher power…

  2. He's received funding from George Soros, just BLM received funding from Soros.

    • Yep they're trying to cause a race war this yr,because the dollar is on it's way out and the elite wants depopulation so they can further their transhumanism agenda.

  3. Today we had another fake shooting. Another fake shooting brought to you by the elite /jesuit and freemasons. the elite is trying to cause a race war and civil war this yr. That's why they're using the black panther symbolism like North Carolina panthers, Captain America "Civil war with the " black panther. Also they knew the Denver ,Broncos were going to win the rigged superbowl that's why they used the Broncos colors which are the "amber orange and midnight blue which is black and same colors as the AMBulance on the empire state building. Orange,white and navy or midnight blue. The sun is orange before it SETS'/Satan to Darkness. Orange = OJ and OJ simpson who they brought back up in the Oj movie trial, had/drove a white BRONCO" That's why they say orange is the new black and Halloween colors. They want race war,gun control and martial law, because the dollar will collapse this yr. Now The dishonorable, Sinister Fraudacon is involved in that beyonce mess. Orange also represents/symbolize the sacral chakra.and while the,ignorant black sheep are buying sneakers,red lobster and beyonce tickets. The Caucasoid bigot racist has been buying guns and preparing for a race war for decades. They might even try to an attemp to kill beyonce at her concert,since she's already a synthetic clone anyway and puppet oBOMBa to get it popping. They've Signed the martial law bill last month. While you sheep were being distracted with bs. #Stopkooning

    • Comment:

      The Black Lives Matter Movement is justified in theory, but, the jackasses that claim to be the leaders of it are straight trash. Nothing more than a bunch of black leftists who are bankrolled by George Soros and other Progressives that push abortion, homosexuality, transgender madness, jail culture, thuggery, guns, and genocidal behavior in general. Sane sistas and brothas know better than to fall for the okey doke. Ty is not a donkey…So You Know! Brother Malcolm been schooled us about The Left, negros got thick skulls…Sadly!

  4. Black lives won't matter to White people unless we value our own lives & we don't. We slaughter each other everyday and then we want them to respect us

    • not all white persons are brain washed by the kosher power, the same applies to black persons, the arabs, the indians etc…
      Caucasians and Africans are pawns used and abused by the kosher power but one day we will come to some sort of a "gentlemen agreement" and together we will put an end to the kosher power who seeks the mutual destruction of both caucasians and africans

  5. The BLM movement has caused more harm than it has good.

    I was the first one here to talk about it being a Soros program over a year ago. Now everyone gets it.
    The power brokers KNOW that is driving the races further and further apart. It's pure poison.

  6. I agree with what some of you are saying about the BLM "movement". I don't pay them much attention because I feel they are ineffective & all over the place leadership wise. It's like they just sprung up all over, it has a manufactured feel to it. IMO, legit civil & social rights groups tend to be more grassroots, not well funded. What movement I'd be down for is getting us financial freedom/economic justice. Civil rights are important, but we've been fighting for that since we got here & gotten mixed results at best.

  7. Have any of you seen a BLM rally or get together? A good third of the people are NOT BLACK. Mark Zuckerberg is JEWISH and 36% of his American workforce is Asian. He sees how these KKKrackers are acting and he's smart for putting this out there. Plus he has his billions, so he can afford to do the right thing.

  8. Marc Zuckerberg is jewish and not caucasian and he is applying the typical kosher strategy to promote another race war…
    Bear in mind that the same kosher power who owned and controled the slave trade also funded the NAACP and MLK…The same kosher power also funded and still controls the KKK which is supposed to hate the kosher power
    Now the kosher power "supports" the BLM movement ? DOn't be fooled this means that the kosher power already owns the BLM movement…

  9. The same kosher power who owned the slave trade also funded and still controls the NAACP and the KKK…
    The same kosher power promotes a race war between the africans and the caucasians…The same kosher power promotes the bi racial agenda especially the black and white inter racial relationships…
    If BLM receives money from the kosher power it means that BLM is already owned by the kosher power…
    Mark Zuckerberg is one the main players the kosher power so don't be fooled…

    • oh I forgot to say this : while the kosher Zuckerberg should say out loud that his kosher community owned a monopoly over the commerce of sugar and cotton, both commodities obtained "thanks" to the slave trade…
      And yes when you're not racist you have to agree that "all lives matter" but the kosher power is struggling to promote another race war between africans and caucasians, and the saddest thing is that many will fall this kosher made trap…

  10. Those are the same employees throwing Blacks in Facebook jail for calling someone a CraKKKa or a Coon. Yet, racist whites can call us the N word and every racist epithet and NEVER get reprimanded for it. Mark is full of shit, and trying to be politically correct. Hire more Blacks *And not the pretentious ones emulating whites* then I'll listen.

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