50 Cent’s Son & Baby Mama Team Up to Drag Him

50 cent baby mama son

You know 50 Cent is always popping off online, taking digs, throwing shade, and being a messy ass queen. So it’s no surprise that he creeped into his son Marquise’s Instagram comments last night… and was promptly dragged!

50 made a comment about Marquise turning 20 in a few months, and Marquise was shocked that his dad even remembered how old he was.

That’s when Marquise’s mom, Shaniqua, jumped in out of nowhere, and took shots at 50’s entire existence.

50 cent baby mama son

50 cent baby mama son


  1. Sounds like 50 was trying baby steps with his kid. Then he and his mama pissed all over it. He obviously does not want to me in 50's will which means the mama won't get any money through her son. She still want to control the young man and continues to poison his mind agains his father. If there is a hell, this woman is bound there for sure.

    • WHAT?? 50 through shots first. 50 is an ASS. And so are you for taking up for his trife existence. He (50) could have said nothing at all and let to boy live. What olive branch do you see extended?

      • Fifty is an ass but nothing I said is inaccurate. She does not want that boy to have a relationship with his father. The woman had no business to insert herself in this conversation. Let that boy be a man. She wants him to hate on his father forever. Only an ass like you would see value in no reconciliation.

        • LOL….really? I would defend my Son against anyone!! You're a fool. Yeah she may have overstepped by putting 50's youngest in it ,and deserved every remark she has made to him (50). 50 started that insulting tweet and got dealt with. Stop making excuses for 50.


    • 50 Cent and his son had a moment and his BM came along and ruined it. I see it play out on the shade room.

    • Shout out to the real people that see his comment was out right Wrong That's the problem wit niggas you cowards an dummies like my older brother said. 50 shouldn't have said nothin to him if that's how you feel. Im on my own well f*ck you them lol that would have been my response if it was me. An the mother could say what eva she want but i think she still care to much. That ship has sanked many years ago. It's time she say f*ck him i don't give ah f*ck about him. She should give one word comments when it comes to his (sum slick sarcastic funny shit) like rick ross side piece ass niqqca

  2. The mama shouldn't mentioned the other kid with some developmental delays. I don't play that shit whatsoever and I get very offensive of things like that.

    • DaRadiant 1, Its different with u, U are a cool person
      U dont phuck with other people kids like 50 does
      50 phucked with her son , so she phucked with his
      Those with glass houses shouldnt throw any stones

  3. 50 has said for years that his BM was the main problem in the damaged relationship with his son. She sounds more bitter than Torrei Hart if that is possible lol.

    • Yet people don't want to see this for what it is. The money train has stopped but her energy to maintain the divide between those two is intensified. Her own son is the one with the delays in thinking like a grown up. He's 20 so he will need more time. This was 50's crude way to reach out and that witch put herself in the conversation. It is her goal in life to hate on 50 to her own son. She is the devil. 50 is an idiot but it does not change her nefarious nature.

      • 50 is a pissy ass queen bitchy as hell he got the devil in him ever since he got turned out in jail when he was a teenager so many bitter black males got turned out in jail why ain't yall talking about that???

  4. No really read into 50's post guys. 50 was being very condescending with that comment. Here let me break it down for you-His son is about to turn 20 soon which probably means that's the end of his child support obligation and he's basically saying I'm done with you, no support from him at all you on your own. He was in no way trying to reconcile with his son and that is why the baby mother went ham on his a$$ like she did. 50 is indeed miserable and he NEVER keep friends, they always become his enemies that should tell you something.

    • I don't see where he was being condescending. Stop reading so deeply into everything.

      • Comment: he wasn't being condescending!!! when fifty wants to throw shades he has no problem doing it. These idiots remind me of my dumb friends, you send them a text and they send you back one asking why giving them attitude. bitch I only ask where are you and what is taking you so long. smh … Some of you need a life all you do type shit all day… Stop judging others and clean out your closet….

      • The read was correct. Had Shiddy really wanted to connect with his son, he couldhave done so pprivately and via phone. Not on socialmedia, eespecially with their history.

      • No disrespect but you onlyrics analyzed that comment on the surface level. 50 in fact was throwing shade because he will no longer be supporting his son financially as his son will be 21 and in NY that is the age of emancipation. If you read his sons reply you will read that 50 missed several of his sons birthdays in the past few years. 50 was subtlety letting go him know the support stops shortly. That is exactly how 50 operates, underhanded and hateful BUT remember what goes up must come down. His baby mother shouldnto have reacted and showed her annoyance as 50 feeds of knowing get he hurts ppl. I would have played it cool and said Nada or posted up some pics of expensive bags or shoes just to make him wonder if that's where his money is going. Hopefully one day 50 and his son will have a healthy relationship BUT that means 50 has to grow up. Doubt it though.

    • Exactly.Key words-"You be strong out there ON YOUR OWN boy." The only person on his own is Curtis.

    • Best way to do it so the mama does not put herself in the conversation. If 50 and his son reconcile, that woman will kill herself. That's how full of hate she is.

      • Nope sorry not working 50 was being a bitchy ass queen as usual being snarky & shit thats what down low queens do throw shade and play dumb. Thats how full of hate he is can't be a man and approach that shit in private, pissy queens throwing shade play dumb get sympathy cause most black people so deluded they don't know a down low pissy queen when they see one: 50, Kanye, Busta, Puffy, Bow Wow, Tyrese, Tyga, Rob Kardasian, Lamar Odom, Shug Night, Baby .

        I digress. Just 50 being 50 a bitter queen bitching from his closet trolling as a concerned father.

  5. Comment:
    His son was so happy to hear the kind words his father finally sent him, and his hating mother had to jump in and comment. This is the reason we have all these gay black men, women let your kids be men stop thinking for them. Also this woman all these years hasn't created any form of business or wealth for herself. I was raise by a single father and I watch some of my female friends belittle their baby father and tell the kids all these horrible stuff because the father don't want the mothers. Thank god my dad never spoke negative about my mother, instead he allowed me to form a relationship with her when I was older to see her for who she was. And her true nature was shown.

      • The son was being disrespectful with his father as he has always been. His mother taught him that. 50 was reaching out. It was crude, he is not an educated man, and the son responded the way he did. I agree he needs to do this off social media and ensure that hateful woman is no where in sight because she is as she has always been, a saboteur.

        • Damn you riding for 50 how much is he paying you there are logical and informed people here, recognize, not just dumb sheep negroes, 'aight?! 50 got privately educated behind closed doors fool! He's very savvy and as a closeted bitter queen he just can't shut the f*ck up and be a man behind closed doors how many other celeb dads do you see acting a fool like this besides Alec Baldwin the actor and Charlie Sheen. They white, this down low idiot thinks he's a snarky white boy not turned out homothug.

    • Please point out 1 kind thing 50 said to him? That whole this was insulting to his Son. and his son knew it….damm.

      The mother could have kept her comment to herself about 50's other child but how the hell you gonna keep putting others before your first to spite me…nigga aint shit. FOH

    • Stick to the facts. 50 has been throwing shade at BOTH of his kids and their mothers for months. He threw up a pic in November of he and his son saying something along the lines of, "Hope you ready for them checks to get cut boi! Cant depend on me no me!" He kicked Daphne down the stairs when she was pregnant, refused to bring their son christmas gifts if she didnt break up with Jason Derulo and when she didnt, he erased ALL pictures of their son off of his instagram like a rockhard dickhead. He got Shaneika's house burnt down and all other types of shite. He burns bridges with EVERYONE because he's an attention seeking mankid seeking his fathers approval in likes and retweets from other PapaCanYouHearMe lost males. I agree with what you said about Shaneika cussing Fif to the son being wrong (my mother did the same i told her i don't respect her any more for it) but if you can see where Shaneika's failed to make something of herself with 50's wealth, please acknowledge the beefs, unnecessary public drama and lawsuits Curtis Jackson has manifested by his own doing too.

      • Comment: they knew what type of man they were f*cking with so if they didn't care why do you…. My friend man beats her all the time, I don't give a f*ck if she don't love herself enough to leave, that's her business. She loves the drug money, then take the consequences. At some point ladies you need to be responsible for the choices of men you lay with. Don't blame the man after you knew he was a jackass.

        • So ….what? Let some miserable clownI in a too tight shirt try to fux withyour kid on his birthday? Fawk no. Idgaf if she was along for the ride when she was young, its twenty years later and 50 hasn'tmatured one ounce. Hope his stack of cash keeps him warm because Iit'sthe only tthing of interest he has and even so the two people closets to him want nothing to do with him. That's facts.

      • But Curtis never clapped back or stepped to Chelsea Handler when she shytted on him publicly
        Fuck 50

        • @Tanya: YOU WROTE DAT SHIT!!
          >>>But Curtis never clapped back or stepped to Chelsea Handler when she shytted on him publicly
          Fuck 50<<<

  6. 50 Cent and his son had a moment and his BM came along and ruined it. I see it play out on the shade room.

  7. Fuck 50 Queen of the Queers, half a fag azz ninja. He doesn't act like that with his mother for hire 2nd child's mother. His 2nd child straight business deal

  8. I'm sorry but that's one ugly man, one ugly woman that made one ugly child!

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