Tyga Cheating on Kylie… With a Trans!

Tyga Cheating on Kylie... With a Trans!

Transsexual porn star, Mia Isabella, has released exclusive text messages to B. Scott showing she’s had a 3 year sexual relationship with Tyga. Mia has been seeing Tyga since he was with Blac Chyna, and he’s been cheating on Kylie with her too. Allegedly, there’s a sex tape floating around of Tyga, Mia and her trans roommate named Capri.

Tyga Caught Cheating...With a Trans!

The text messages show the two flirting with each other, exchanging dick pics, and Tyga begging for Mia to send over one of her trans friends to his house.

Tyga Caught Cheating...With a Trans!

Tyga Caught Cheating...With a Trans!

Tyga Caught Cheating...With a Trans!

Tyga Caught Cheating...With a Trans!Tyga Caught Cheating...With a Trans!

Tyga Caught Cheating...With a Trans!

Tyga Cheating on Kylie...With a Trans!

Tyga Cheating on Kylie...With a Trans!

Tyga Cheating on Kylie...With a Trans

You can see Tyga changed his phone numbers throughout the years, but the 310-890-2004 number pulls up as being registered to someone named Shakir Bahati. A quick Google search shows that Shakir is Tyga’s DJ and co-owner of his Last Kings clothing line!

Tyga Cheating on Kylie...With a Trans

Everyone might be surprised that Tyga is packing fudge with a known trans, but HSK had the EXCLUSIVE on Tyga and his extracurricular trans activities back in 2012!

Now that his latest album flopped, Tyga needs to stop living in fear and just prance his ass right out the closet. Dating a 17-year-old didn’t help his album sales, but maybe his new “alternative” lifestyle will.


  1. Well damn! Somebody needs to go to the health department to get tested….like STAT!!!

    • Wanna say OMG but…..
      I already knew this pedophile was twisted!
      Told y’all he f*cks boys why the hell you think he and Chris brown made music together there’s no win or upside in it for brown ! Soooo…who dick u sucking !?


      • Go check out B.SCOTT

        Its about 30 screenshots…. And clearly theses two are REALLY into each other.
        This post here by HSK. is lightweight, compared to B.scott


  2. PMK hands are all over this one. Well this explains why BC is paying him dust and she appears to be living comfy. That black mail money is real.

  3. If kylie can accept her dad as a woman she can accept this hell bruce might have sucked tygas dick

  4. Well, well, well, Kyle is getting her karma! she took Tyga away from Chyna, because her mother told her too.

    as for Black Chyna, she cheated with the dog looking rapper so, it is what it is.

    Kris Jenner won’t like this at all, because Kyle was meant to leave Tyga for rich well know Black Man!!!

    Black men are so stupid when it comes to white women, these white women see black men as their last chance
    to get some dick, so they will choose black dick (last chance saloon)

  5. is this even news lol most of these guys in the industry get down like that all of them have slept with a trans. busta rhymes loves’em . everyone in hollywood and coporate america is gay. those hollywood sex parties you see guys like dwayne johnson gettin dick down by another dude. seriously.

  6. lot of times when you watch a music video you think that is a sexy chick that’s really a shemale. shemales are everywhere in hollywood even the directors couch they want to not only have sex with you but get dick down buy shemale or gay model.

    • so, when girls get fuqqed by trannies, does that make them lesbo???? =o


  7. THE B.Scott website has about 30 screen shots, and this covers holidays, convos about meeting at hotels. Where you at, WYD, Im my way over….qll kinds of stuff including dick picks and sexting.

    DANG dude…he is hooked on this “lady”. Cant shake her, craving for her WOW.

    This is a good picture of this woman, her cell phone pics arent this good.

    But clearly, these two have been at it like rabbits.

    They even have the cover up story of her being a “Stylist” working with him in Fashion – in case they get caught. Or exposed. Go look at B.scott. Its wild,

  8. Even one snippet of Tyga asking for a friend to join them:
    “SHE SAYS boy or girl. …he types back …
    Tyga: GIRL
    Tyga: T

    A Tranny Girl… WOW. Then the dates go all the way up to June 2015.

  9. Any thing dressed like a woman.. Little Girls, Tranny’s… No telling what else is going to get exposed.
    now, he is trying to say its “untrue”, the pictures are real…but the rest isnt.

    NEGRO please, I dont care how many Lawyers you get..realize that TEXT and pictures in the cloud are NOT private.

    This is what happens when you 16, and dont know about life and what really in them streets!
    Creepy men like this!

    • the trans def looks like a trans..i guess tyga like to be picked up then guuurl LOL

  10. Everybody except most BW and know that men who date plastic bitches are down low they know the woman has low self esteem fake lips tits ass nose cheeks hair nails that is transformation and thats why hiphop love all those ass shots and draq queen makeup bunch of closet cases period.

  11. Let tyga be gay he wanna deny it although he cant and never could we knew he was a fag kylies a dykeherself she likes it kris is dating a fag bruce is a fag seems like the kardashians like fags and dykes kendalls a dyke and guess trannies are more loyal so what tyga was on cash money hanging round those fags baby and wayne

  12. This is some nasty shit going on. It has always been suspected that this kind of deviant behavior has been going on in the industry but for these rappers to engage in is a contradiction. Black people don’t do this shit. We need to leave white people and their weird behavior alone.

    I hope that Chyna and this Kylie go and get themselves checked out ASAP. No telling what else Tyga is into. Wow!

    • chyna knew what was up…think she was smart enough to get a hiv test and getting a child,,,i mean security out the deal but for how long now the nigga aint selling no records

  13. I’m not surprised, half these so called gangsta rappers are packing fudge. But that’s not what’s sad, what’s sad is that they stay living in their lies and try to front with all this macho isht. Just dance your happy azz out the closet and be you….love you…embrace you boo. lol

    • Thats why I left rap along when Dr. Dre came along another women hating closeted homosexual Black male rap is based on hating BW period and uplifting the slave masters great granddaughter get mad all you want its the truth them hoes ain’t loyal to BW!

  14. he couldnt deny the penis pictures because Kylie has seen his penis and she’d know that was really him. So he denied sending the texts. If it was really a lie, he’d be livid and his response would show it. He definitely wouldnt be tweeting about the devil being busy.. he’d be the one raising hell. But there is truth to what the trans is saying, and Tyga isnt a big time rapper.. she/ he has no real reason to lie.

  15. I like that @Starr, “He definitely wouldnt be tweeting about the devil being busy…he’d be the one raising hell” Let me ask you this, do you think he thinks that if he gets turnt up, he thinks it would make him look more guilty? So he thinks the cool, calm, everything is breezy approach makes him look like he isn’t sweatin the rumors?

    • lol comparing apples to oranges,,,typical woman hater fag…..not am improvement nothing o improve,,,God already created perfection in the original woman,,,lol wish

  16. Why is it a surprise??? He Went from a plastic woman(blac Chyna) to a little ass girl I’m glad nobody bought his lame ass album he fuked up now

  17. Lil FAG BOY WEIRDO straight got put on blast f*ck him and all those DL motherf*ckers sum sic ass shit that’s all the DEVILS work being done

  18. Tyga like that dick. rappers…. bunch of cock suckin closet bitches tryin to act hard all the time lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • that explains alll the unnecessary tattoos .it compensate for their lost manhood….

  19. Xchanging dick pix…oh god, I think I’m gonna be sick…I didn’t know mia was pre op…that’s gross. Tyga really loves dick up his ass, man.

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