Tyga’s Trans Airs Out Bruce Jenner: ‘Caitlyn Transition Began In The Early 90s!’

Kardashian Tyga Coverup

“Kylie and Karrueche are one and the same. Both of their fathers are gay, and both of them date gay men. Kylie turns 18 next month, and she’s gonna be the worst Kardashian ever.”

HSK Exclusive – Either Mia Isabella is following planned press protocol – OR – the trans porn star is plottin’ to get paid by making press rounds! Know why? A few days before dropping her Rack City bomb [complete with text messages, proof of rock’in with Tyga for three-years, and even a peen pic of the rapper] Mia Isabella called out Bruce Jenner [and the entire K-Klan, for that matter] for keeping Caitlyn’s “transition” on the DL … from as early as the early 90s!

“I think the biggest misconception that a lot of people took from Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation is that this was something that was done overnight. It was definitely not.” – Mia Isabella, American transsexual pornographic actress

Tyga Bruce Downlow

HSK broke the story first! Back in April 2014 when we served you exclusive word of Bruce Jenner’s then-plans to “become a woman.” Just ask Karen Houghton! Most recently, Mia Isabella turned to LA Talk Radio’s platform, puttin’ more details of Bruce’s switch out there …

“It’s a lot. I mean, you’re transforming yourself into what you see mentally. It takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight.”

Here’s what Mia Isabella had to say about Caitlyn Jenner:

“She’s had trachea shaves, way before any of the public knew about it … had feminization procedures done, over time … and then took a long hiatus away from the public eye, to finish those transformations … and I believe she had hormone therapy back in the early 90s.”



    • I agree, unfortunately all most men see is her Ta-Tas. They don’t see the man handzzzz. lmaooo

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  1. Bruce said himself he took procedures in the 80s and 90s he said caitlyn was the one who won the olympics and a lot of the generation from that period is more shocked but then again hollywood was all about the gays anyway like 50 cent dancing with trannies at bette middler gigs i mean when did black guys start listening to bette middler kniwibg her fans are trannies

  2. Agreed. Bruce totally owned up to all of this in his interview. He said that his taking female hormones is what caused the breakup of his marriage to Brody and Brandon’s mother Linda Thompson Jenner.
    And he began feminization surgeries in the early 90s.

    • Right. My thing is… Kris knew about it in the beginning and she still married him?? Is Kris a DL lesbian. She often dresses very masculine. She wears suit jackets often.

      • nah she just a dark and dominatrix energy channeling female scorpio and yeah there’s some trisexuality in there hahaha super freaks i think that’s universal knowledge by now about scorpios but u right cause kris didnt care that he was gay she proly the one turned him out some more. she more mad her captive ran off and the secret is out that he cross dress outside instead of only with her. LOL

  3. Soon and very soon we are going to see the King, hallelujah…hallelujah we are going to see the King..

    • * sigh * eyeroll * lol i agree but that song melody has always annoyed the he11 outta me and then u never know how many times they gon repeat it i was like damm i know there is a better song than this somewhere!!!!!! lol

  4. black men will bang anything. what type of mothers raise these men. let their fathers have a say.

    • LOL BM drop their kids like hot bags of garbage GTFO with your fantasy and dumbass BW don’t swirl they stuck on sellout coons most BM don’t want to father the black kids they got already

  5. Once, Kylie turns 18 she will leave Tya for another nicca, I honesty lost my respect for black men! only the sellout one, not the pro black one. Hollywood will turn black men into sellouts

    • Kylie moved out of the house. I think this is more about PMK wanting the relationship over and maybe does not want Tyga to get himself comfortable in Kylie’s new house. I bet she is behind all the trans info coming to light.

      • Kris Jenner is a pimp, she pimps out her daughter to rich dumb nicca’s. She dislikes black women, for sure. She doesn’t want no black women living the lifestyle, only her slutty daughter!

        Kylie will date a rich dumb nicca, because she’s down with the interracial agenda.

        why hasn’t Khole’s black best friend married to rich nicca?, because Kris doesn’t want her to marry a rich nicca! she will wreck the relationship, she will get Kylie and Kendall to ruin it

        • The black women in the lives of Reggie, Lamar, and Kanye are non existent or at the very least, they are told to stay off camera. You never see Kanye’s family with his child.

          • @BlueSky

            Because they don’t like black women, accept for Khole’s single black friend, Rob ruined her relationship with a black basketballer!

    • yep…why the hell all the other races always gotta eat off native indigenous blacks then try to downplay us? cause our men act weak

  6. So we just gonna jump over the Chris Brown implications and talk about everything else? Face it Tyga is with Caitlyn and Kylis is the cover. Chris B is bi-sexual

  7. Kylie should stand by her homosexual man! He may suck as a rapper.. hell he may even suck di*k, but she needs to understand the woos of karma and I think Tyga is the most appropriate teacher for her.

  8. How is Kylie a Kardashian when she was sired by Bruce Jenner? Not making the connection on how she is going to be the worst Kardashian.

    According to word on the street, many males who you’d least suspect entertain sexual trysts with transgendered females (post-ops) and transvestites (who keep their penis). I was naive to the frequency of such hook-ups.

    Why is the ‘industry’ so preoccupied with sex and non-heterosexuality?

  9. I feel bad for Kylie she’s still a child her father is now her second mother, her older sisters are whores, her mother is a money crazy demonic whore and her boyfriend is a 25 year old trans lover smh poor girl

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    • LMBO no tyga has more class, he pays top dollar and books luxury hotels [LMFAO]..i call it the golden booty hole hahaaaaaaa




  11. to say that all black men hate black women is pure evil. separation and divide between black men and women. if you are having trouble getting a black man it is your fault. where do black babies come from? just because a couple of black men date outside of their race means nothing. the owner of this site dates white women. are you calling him stupid?

    • Fuck outta here have you listend to rap?! 25% of the few BM who are marrying swirl married get your facts str8 dem hoes ain’t loyal to BW period.

      • If you are talking to ME @DLB Jacky is cool with me!! Jacky is not your average BM and not your average BM blogger period!

          • Please LOL. I don’t know you but I have personally given Jacky dish over the years JJ isn’t your average BM thats why me and my girls are loyal to his blog! He’s not like that damn queen at MTO.

  12. Male Trannies want to be Women (minus the monthly menstrual cramps, pain associated with having periods, childbirth, bloating, hormone changes, moodiness, postpartum depression, menopause ie).but would never really get to experience the reality of being a Woman. At the end of the day it all comes down to sex and having a prostate and confusing these weak as lost punks that are supposed to be Men.
    Just because you dress up, wear makeup, get your nails and feet painted doesn’t make you a Woman. At the end of the day, you will never have children with a man. You can pretend all you want. You can’t and never will understand what it’s like being a woman and you are just a shell. I have to admit some trannies do look beautiful after you’ve spent thousands of dollars on sex changes, hormone treatments, face contouring, nip and tucks but it’s all an illusion. Men are visual I’m sure you are aware because biologically you are a Man. You spend all your days transforming yourself into a real beautiful young Woman. What are you going to do when you get old and are no longer desirable? Stop trying to confuse everyone just because you are. confuse. There are always drawbacks to everything. It’s not fair for the generation growing up.

  13. Confused Indeed. Bruce/Caitlin says that he is still attracted to women and will still date women. ??? Then why change your sex? Unbelievable.

    • Don’t believe anything he says I know people who said he was having sex with men back in the ’80s! Its all bullchit for a paycheck he will be a man-f*cking male to female trans as most of them are basically gay men who want to live as a woman 24/7.

  14. This is the year of slimey people getting exposed. I’m not mad at Mr. Isabella.

  15. These blogs are giving way too much shine to that old ugly buce/caitlyn and this latest Greek tragedy famous for hooking up with a third-tier pedophile rapper. The HIV/ AIDS rate in the black community is about to sky rocket, even more than it’s already been. 🙁

    • Agreed. Sistas better insist on condoms not be trusting a fool!! Some of these men dip the wick in the man’s butt then go to the womans kitty =AIDS/HIV! BW tend to be too trusting thats why so many have out of wedlocks!

      • Ummm… Obviously you’ve never been ANYWHERE because there are a LOT of white trash women and mexicans having babies out of wedlock too. The point was that these blogs should stop glorifying these walking diseases that make dicks rot off – oops, I mean trannies!

        • When 2/3 yeh you read that right over 70% – of black kids in america are bastard born that means bm and bw are kings and queens of out of wedlock denial ain’t just a river in Eygpt. Whites hispanis etc are nowhere near black bastard birds YOU need to get out more.

  16. A transsexual porn star telling Caitlyn Jenner’s business when Caitlyn said it all makes a lot of sense. And if Tyga didn’t want the general public to know he likes transsexuals then the last person on earth he shouldn’t have messed around with is a porn star. Just like dealing with some shady ordinary people, a porn star will supply details and evidence for mega publicity and a huge pay day. That’s just common sense.

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