Nicki Minaj Using “Vajayjay” To Trap Meek Mill

nicki minaj meek mill baby 2

There’s been a lot in the air about Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill lately, and the two are denying they’re engaged or expecting a baby, but it might be happening soon.

With recent demands on their tour to keep all smoking away from Nicki, plus it looking like the Barbz had packed on some baby weight, people were assuming she was pregnant.  Meek Mill has said that he’d be happy with her having his baby, but in a Twitter post Nicki made it clear that she needs a ring on the finger before popping one out.

nicki minaj meek mill baby tweet

She makes it clear that she’s not having a baby until she’s married, and doesn’t say she doesn’t want kids with her rapper boyfriend.  Nicki will give her man his wish of kids, soon as he gives up her wish of getting hitched.

With that kind of pressure it probably won’t be long until we see a little Nicki or Meek on the way.


  1. Well I can understand her point. There isn’t a whole lot of black two parent homes these days so I see her point. Look how much blacks are being stereotyped? I say go for it Nicki, I ain’t mad at U.

    • His fault he begged for her attention now he has it !
      Be careful what u ask for !!

  2. This bitch has lost her damn mind, why is she so focused with having a baby by Meek, but not her ex boyfriend. What a slap in a face for Sarfaee, he wanted a baby by Nicki!

  3. Does anyone besides me understand that My cki and Meeks kid will not be that handsome???? I’m thinking pre-surgery and enhancements….. *shrugs* #ijs

  4. IDGI…she got her azz plastered and her tits out everywhere, selling sex more than she sells music, (not that’s there anything wrong if you about that life) but all of a sudden she draws a line in the sand of morality when it comes to marriage. GTFOH Nikki!!!

  5. You mean she trapping him to ghostwrite her rhymes until her contract ends…*crickets*

  6. nicki like most trininadian girls are wild in the bed they love getting phukked in the ass.

    ask Rihanna she loves getting phukked in the ass.

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