Nikki Mudarris Destroys Mally Mall’s Home

Nikki Mudarris Destroys Mally Mall's Home

Mally Mall’s ex-girlfriend (and alleged bottom bitch), Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Nikki Mudarris, apparently destroyed Mally’s Beverly Hills home last night after breaking up for the millionth time (these two are like the ugly version of Draya and Orlando). Nikki entered the house and smashed $30K worth of fine china. The reality star was heated after Mally allegedly broke her custom made iPhone a few days earlier. Nikki told cops she bought the dishes, so she had the right to smash them!

Nikki Mudarris Destroys Mally Mall's Home

Nikki Mudarris Destroys Mally Mall's Home

Neighbors called 9-1-1, and after cops arrived, Mally didn’t want to press charges so Nikki and her concrete booty left the scene. Peep the full video on TMZ.

These two are always fighting and showing their asses. Instead of slanging dishes over Uncle Fester, isn’t there a death Nikki should be mourning?


  1. She doing this for “Love and Hip Hop La” either Their filming it or it’s to drum up publicty for the show

    • co-sign…definitely for the show.

      Mally’s Serbia Cats should have been “wild life” attacking her azzzzz. Shiiiiiit they’re better than pits! lol

  2. isn’t this a distraction to cover up that ffact that his name popped up in Tyga’s trans’s texts? she said he’s been blowing up her phone trying to get with her. Maybe they figured they put his name in the news today to overcast his transness? i dunno

  3. Now if a man would’ve done what she did and was on tv shows day time shows he’d be looking at serious trouble but these hoochy mamas never get penalized at all for their actions wtf !
    Not fair she shou be booted from day time tv dirty lame ass chicks !!
    Lay with dogs wake up with fleas !

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