2 Chainz Sued For $5M For Exposing THOT

2 chainz thot sued

2 Chainz is facing a large lawsuit for putting a THOT on blast in the viral #IsThisYoTHOT video.

The video is a backstage look at a groupie, Christine Chisolm, trying to lean up on some rappers at a 2 Chainz show.   Seeing what she’s up to, the ATL rapper exposes her and continually asks everyone around him “is this yo THOT?”

Everyone starts to clown her, asking her to turn around and show off her cakes.  To be fair, Tittyboi even warns her to leave before she gets put on blast by not just the people backstage, “You should go that way.  Cause when you back here you in a blog territory.”

She didn’t listen, the video went viral and now she’s suing 2 Chainz for $5,000,000.  Chisholm claims that days after the video was released she was fired from her job at a barbershop because the owner didn’t want any negative publicity from the incident.

Apparently this backstage THOT thinks her reputation, or whatever’s left of it, is worth $5 million.


  1. What is wrong with women these day, they want attention from rappers, but when rappers give them attention these women will sue them, either their plotting and scheming before hand or their sensitive because rappers are blasting them, for going dick crazy.

  2. He should’ve kept his mouth shut stop showing off for the cameras !
    Theses male rappers need a class in how to be gentleman at all times !
    Wouldn’t have so many thots around them ! Where was security??.

  3. Both of them is dumb as hell! Titty Boi knows better and that young lady set herself up foir that.

  4. The first person I heard using the phrase thot was 2 Chainz . He invented the word.

  5. Probably looking for boys not girls..Why clown? Insecure azz negros….back in the dayz a real nig would have bang it out and not clown on this girl….can we say downlo

  6. real nig would have banged it out and stfu. That’s what groupies do is get pucked by rappers, singers ie. These negros are telling on themselves because she’s pretty and banging. Whats happening to black men

  7. They’re laughing because they know whats up. They don’t want no puzzy girl

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