K. Michelle Reveals Her New London Boo

k michelle boyfriend rudimental

After hinting at it, K. Michelle reveals she’s getting the pipe from a musician in London, and is letting everyone know this is her man now.

The singer has been talking about having a new bae, and also made comments about possibly up and moving across the pond to England.  Turns out she’s thinking about moving to London to be closer to her boyfriend, the artist Locksmith Rudimental.

k michelle boyfriend rudimental 4

He made a cutesy post on Instagram that K. Michelle reposted with the caption “He’s just so romantic! Only he can get away with this.  My best friend, my heart. He’s BAE.”

k michelle boyfriend rudimental 2

k michelle boyfriend rudimental 3

Locksmith is a producer for the group Rudimental UK.    The two met last October, and at the time Rudimental was just a big fan gushing over meeting  K. Michelle.

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      • @CrazyChris

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  2. What’s cute about being called a crazy bitch? Boy I tell you, the things hood rats like. Don’t take your tail over there for that.

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  3. Damn, how desperate can these females get? She could have kept that to herself but who am I kidding, we all know who she to see that shit.


  4. This poor lady has a new lover every other month. I mean damn K! What kind of boxx do you have? I love your music and your pain brings forth great songs, but slow down and get to know yourself. It’s ok to be alone sometime and wait on the right person.

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