Super THOT Khloe Now With James Harden Too

khloe kardashian james harden dating rick fox married

Khloe Kardashian and NBA star, James Harden, are officially dating, but don’t tell her husband.

The two were spotted in Hawaii together, in a trip where Khloe used her friend, Malika, as a cover to make it look like she was going on a girl’s weekend.  When she got to Hawaii she ditched her friend for James.

Harden was spending $8,500 a night on the suite in Honolulu.

khloe kardashian james harden dating rick fox cheating

The Kardashian may be on some super THOT movements though.  She is still legally married to Lamar Odom, whom she was consoling earlier this week as another one of his close friends died from drug use.  On top of being married, but spending a vacation with the Rockets’ star two guard, Khloe was seen recently out on dates with former Laker, Rick Fox.

This means Khloe has a shooting guard, small forward, and power forward in her stable.  Next up she’ll be eyeing a center.

[h/t Blacksportsonline]


    • Ill just nasty I don’t have half of hardens income but I can never ever lie with trash no matter
      What it looked like !?!
      No originality same ol hoes swap !!!

  1. Well if the Lakers draft Ja Okafor today, maybe he can be the center in her personal starting five.

  2. If Khloe were a man, and not a Khardashian, dating more than one man wouldn’t even be news. Just cause she’s dating a bunch of men with money, doesn’t mean she’s screwing them! She’s got her own money. I’m seeing at least 3 guys myself but haven’t slept with any one of em! So good for her for not crying over Lamar anymore and putting herself back out there again.

  3. She’s nothing to look at, these sellout bummy black men are only with her because of her name.

    There are plenty of good looking Black Women out there in Hollywood, but these sellout black men only date ugly white women.

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