Coach Says Diddy’s Son Only Made UCLA Team Because Of His Dad

diddy son justin ucla fight
Diddy’s campaigning is why Justin made the team.

More information is surfacing about Diddy and the fight at UCLA.  Turns out Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, is only on the squad because of who his dad is.

In an interview on SiriusXM College Sports Nation, former UCLA coach, Rick Neuheisel, who was the coach who recruited Justin back in 2011, gave some background information about the situation involving Diddy’s throw-down with coach Sal Alosi.

Neuheisel discussed his thought process when “recruiting” Diddy’s son (he was actually recruiting the rap mogul more than he was his son), and said having Sean Combs involved was a big factor.

“When you’re weighing the assets of what a youngster can do for your program, there’s no question (being Diddy’s son) had something to do with it for me.”

The fact his father was an influential guy played into my decision to go ahead and offer him.”

It also turns out that the fight between Diddy and Alosi happened because Justin ran home crying to daddy.  The UCLA defensive end was pulled from practice as he was too out of shape.  Afterwards he went home and told his dad, and after getting this info, Diddy reportedly stormed down to the coaches offices on some Suge Knight ish… where the fight with the kettlebell eventually took place.

“Justin looks a little out of shape, and there was something said. He was actually removed from the workout. (Diddy) got the report from Justin and marched over.”

UCLA was fine with handling the incident internally, but it was when campus security showed up and saw the surveillance footage that charges were placed.

Looks like Justin’s time at UCLA will end how it started: because of his dad.

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  1. Uhhh sorry but that kid couldn’t possibly be a defensive end even for a high school, let alone a big time college football program.
    I’m looking for work if you all need a consultant/editor/proofreader.

  2. Justin is not a defensive end, he is a defensive back. Expect Puff Daddy to donate millions to UCLA’s football program. That is the only way he will stay out of prison! UCLA is expected to soon break ground on a brand new, $50 million dollar football practice facility. Looks like Puff Daddy will help pay for that.

  3. Fact: Puff Daddy’s net worth is $700 million dollars

    Fact: UCLA’s endowment is over 3 billion dollars

    PUff Daddy already got one N***er wake up call in New York City fifteen years ago. Jonnie Cochran isn’t alive to save him again. The demons that Puff Daddy sold his soul to may decide to terminate Puff Daddy’s lifestyle; maybe even his life! Can Puff Daddy pay his way out of this serious problem, we will soon see; I seriously doubt it.

    • If Didy was smart, I would take 80% of his money, hide it to a safe place and a person he can trust. I would leave 20% in the bank, These celebrities can’t get right for pay!

    • Not that serious this will go away with a quick to that million dollar pay day to coach cracker

  4. the elites are going to take these boule assholes one by one it doesn’t matter if they follow suit their time is up. diddy and suge set up pac and biggie for no reason other than to move in the industry.

  5. He wants to be an NCAA football player and I want to have just a few millions, not much, just a few. Somebody needs to tell that kid you can’t always get what you want.

  6. Thats not his son thats his stepson!! Trust a dark skin BM to go caping for a light skin kid thats not even his.



  8. The most amazing thing about this story is Rick Neuheisel admiting that he offered this kid, who’s father is almost a billion dollars, a scholarship because of who his father is. This proves couple of things. Aside from this being proof that its not all about winning for these college programs, its business just like the NFL. But I’m bothered because they could have found a kid with real talent that needed that scholarship who didn’t have the means to pay for a college education.

  9. Lmao Duuuuuuh!!!! Like it’s solely based on true talent and skills. Those celeb kids will never really have to wish, want or hurt for anything. All it takes is one phone call or just knowing such key persons. Not to mention, Justin is or can even be marketed off his looks.

    • We are talking about college sports, college athletes are recruited which means they are looking for kids with talent and skills to give a scholarships to….lol. Name me another kid who got a SPORTS scholarship just because of who their parents are, i will wait. You can do a search and the only name you will find is Combs.

  10. he’s doing everything to please his gay-ass pappy. poor child doesn’t even have a mind of his own. his pappy’s money is thinking for him and making decisions for him in his life. watch…he’s gonna marry a woman, have kids, get a big house, get a plethora of cars like his gay-ass daddy, when in fact i think little Justin wants to be with a man. im starting to see feminism with his lil ass…just like his bi-pappy.

    • He can always get a roll in those dumb Tyler Perry movies as the light skinned guy the girl ends up with after leaving her abusive dark skinned boyfriend / husband

      • i know right @Moi. yah know Ms. Tyler Perry stay scoping out nothing but the extremely cute men, with some being a little ticky-tick in the head and catch feelings for him, to cast in his crappy movies.

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