Sherri Shepherd Files For Divorce

Sherri Shepherd Files for Divorce

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of The View, filed for divorce yesterday in a New Jersey courthouse from her estranged husband Lamar Sally. Shepherd is also asking the judge that the pre-nup be enforced.

Here’s what’s reported:

Lamar Sally filed for a legal separation in LA, with the intention of filing for divorce after meeting residency requirements, asking for full custody of an unborn child due July 28th gestating via surrogate and for his prenuptial agreement to be thrown out.”


  1. Unfunny, untalented, and unprofessional like her comedic standup routine! How in the blue hell did she make it so far?

    • I so agree. And don’t leave out the fact that she is built lie Mrs. Slate from the Flinstones. I’ve never seen anyone with a shape like that. I think Sherri is a token in Hollyweird. She’s a “safe” negro.

    • Damn straight! There’s this dude David Burger and Ive seen him in La comedy clubs for years! He has long red pigtails and this f*cker is funny as hell! And he talks about comics doing things for spots. It seems if you open yourself up, you can be famous, and people who are truly talented will get skipped over.

    • LMFAO she a desperate hoe she’ll be married in two more years , I need to meet this insecure bitch too and give her sum dick and get paid

      • Watch that fool Niecey Nash be next with that retarded jamaican of her’s, then that dumb cynthia. No matter how many black women are victimized by african and jamaican con men, they all keep making the same mistake, because they worried about being prejudice LMAO

      • yes cause this is like the 2nd time she done got scammed.this bitch need to get a grip.

  2. She could really use some hips. The top half of her body does not match the bottom half.

  3. I hope Lamar Sally gets everything he’s asking for sole custody of the child and the whole bit. This bitch Sherri bragged about having several abortions and being a prostitute.

    • Wow, andbeing a prostitute. I know she had the abortions, but was she really trickin’?

  4. The whole story reads this man was just using her for her money, yet ya’ll attack her, umm ok..

    • White people know that it is important to be careful of who you associate with. Certain cultures are haters of other cultures. LisaRaye sounded the alarm, Terry Mcmillan sounded the alarm, but fools decided to ignore their warnings, and so they deserve no sympathy.

  5. I wonder how Spongebob (Sherrie) and Squidward (Lamar) are going to resolve the unborn baby issue. This is some messy shit.

    • she’s bisexual in her old skits when she was fat she made a lesbian joke about her friend coming on to her and not telling her sooner so she could have licked it.

      comicview is the best.

  6. It’s really hard to feel sorry for her. She bragged about this nobody like she was the first person to ever convince a man to marry her. She was rejoicing with Jenny like they’d both won the lottery. Sherry is going to have to pay this man $60,000 and just finished paying the other ex-husband. This square-shaped broad is STOO-PID!

  7. She Got “Eric Benet-Itis” in her stomach. Gigolo Season, the vultures are on the prowl…Sistas Be Aware?

  8. barbara walters put her ass on displasy when she joined the view back when sherri lost the weight and wore that bakini.

    babs was like look at my new black bitch phukk star jones.

  9. the view is just a bunch of lesbos she was even known by white america until sherri joined the view and hung around those lesbos whoopi, babs, joy, rosie they’re all lesbians.

    babs love hiring black women who white america don’t find attractive.

    fat black girls can make it on the view.

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