Rob Kardashian’s Stanky Scalp Has Friends Concerned

rob kardashian stanky scalp

Rob Kardashian has been rocking a fitted cap for the past few months, and apparently, he isn’t taking care of his hair underneath.

According to sources, his hygiene has gotten so bad that his scalp is a sweaty stanky mess!

“His hair absolutely stinks. People have asked him if he sleeps in those damned things because the sweaty stale stench that comes from his scalp on the rare occasions he takes his cap off evacuates rooms!”

People are questioning how Blac Chyna can even deal with the funkiness, but I guess cashing those Kardashian checks has taken away her sense of smell.

“No one knows how Blac can stand it. He’s either really lazy when it comes to washing his hair—or his hats—or he’s got some kind of fungal infection going on up there that’s causing it. It’s totally gross,”


  1. Black America is level orange or red right now if attractive young black women are letting albino walrus gays impregnate them. Someone fix this. SMH.

  2. What's new everything stinks about the kartrashian family. Didn't Ray J say Kim's twat smelled. Let's not forget Rob is mentally ill so he probably doesn't wash his behind.

  3. Well……if Rob stop sipping on Chyna's "bloody mary" juice, he won't be breaking out in all kinds of nasty ass sores

  4. Ugh. This is disgusting. Are we really getting into his BO… I don't care I don't have to smell or sleep with him. But I highly doubt that a sista is going to tolerate any of this regardless of any cash exchanged. Unless…ok is it just me or does she seem like one of those funky weave wearing birds that only washes between changing styles and wears brand new clothes out the store without washing or dry cleaning them..I don't know I can't really speak for all, I don't do wigs or weaves they smell funny to me… And my hubs is grown enough to know that if he's musty then he best get the showering before putting his ass on my good sheets. This kid is the result of being raised by nannies.

  5. Armenians from the Caucas mountains what the fuc# you,d expect.and white China ain't no exception?

  6. Just becasue a girl got money,really pretty,nice shape, expensive cars purses gotta good job dress clean look clean smell clean don't mean the Coochie is clean. Goes for a man to.

  7. That's funny…as in sad because there are Black people on this planet that will publicly align themselves with a non-black with money and a BO?

    Even at my worst, I never put my mouth anywhere that smelled…no matter how much I had to drink or had jims on me. These days, I'd rather have a regular dude with good hygiene.

    However the worst in male hygiene are those that cover the funk/sweat with Joop. I once had a coworker bathed in that stuff after his coke sweats.

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