Khloe Evicts Lamar Odom After Drug Relapse

khloe evicts lamar odom

After Lamar Odom escaped death following a drug overdose in a Nevada brothel, his wife Khloe Kardashian leased him a home in Calabasas so he could be close to her.

But after news broke that Lamar was off the wagon and back to boozing and abusing drugs, Khloe re-filed for divorce and has official cut him off.

According to reports, Khloe is putting her foot down and no longer helping Lamar, and she kicked him out of the home she had leased for him.

In case you forgot, Khloe also stopped paying the rent on Lamar’s dad’s apartment, resulting in him being kicked out of his home, too.

Khlozilla’s on a rampage!


    • Not much. His money has dwindled married to that family. He probably was the one digging in his pocket for the richness, showing wifey he can pay for everything. Look at him now.

  1. Lamar is a grown man. This woman didn't hold a gun to his head. If he doesn't have any to be a grown thats nobodys fault but his

  2. Perhaps his script on the show aint a working' no more. Interracial relationships are not equal relationships according to the 'Compensatory Code'. This relationship was not equal before his overdose.

    • @11:01 PREACH!!!! Compensatory Code & "The Interracial Con Game" spell it out. Interracial relationships are a losing game of roulette for the so called black party. The conquerors/oppressors male and female alike have a systematic strategy of control. And the females are using sex like a mug, cause they see and further exploit a weakness in those black males. Hence, the reason they are called Kryptonite.

      • Interracial relations are loose-loose game whatever the races involved. Except when the joowish bloodlines need some indigenous DNA to sneak their way according to their plans everywhere they settle…
        Bothe races are mutually wiped out…
        Multicultural societies are multi racist societies…
        Apartheid is THE answer

  3. Thats what you get when you marry somebody you've only known 30days!!Chile Cheese.30 days is not long enough to know "What She married "THE MARIJUANA?"in my George Lopez Grandmas voice.

    • If I believed in karma I'd say this is Lamar's he ditched his baby mama and kids to hook up with a Becky he knew for a short time chasing more approval than he already had as a star baller for the LA Lakers…remember back then when he was a bigger star than she? Yes, he got royally played they used his fame and allowed him to tarnish his own reputation, messing with a trans at that whore house and overdoses. Lamar is not a happy man cause he knows he played himself.

  4. Absolutely no pity for him. He should have been spending time with his children. He is of no use to them any longer. So now it's time for his funeral

    • He used it during his courtship and subsequent marriage trying to impress his rich wife. Now he is low low low in money and she wants to rid of him to avoid paying him alimony since she is now the greater earner. When they met, he probably had a little bit more. Now the tables have turned and she is trying to skiddadle on CA laws, as the richer spouse pays alimony. Their prenup was written to heavily favor her, so we will see.

  5. And beside one more thing to say , dont even try to think these bitches aint on drugs , they are …I am not on drugs ..I dont hang around people who are on drugs , you rise or sink to your own level if you marry a drug addict you are not clean and sober cause you cant deal with that lifestyle …that why these hollyweird kids turn out the way they do cause they been around so much isht . Bobby Kristina for example learned about drugs through her parents . She is a typical example. So North West that little girl is growing up in hell as much drugs as Kanye and Kim are on. Scott Disick you know hes a drug addict , you think Kortney is not because she has two kids? Puh LEEEEZ … That girl be sniffing the snow of mt everest . Be for real , so Klohe kickin Lamar out because of drugs is the snow calling the ice cold …. GO AWAY WITH ALL THAT BS. THEY ARE ALL DRUG ADDICTS.

    • I think the same thing. Ain't no way they ain't on drugs! That's just normal to them so they're able to hide it well. I've known alloy of functioning coke heads in my lifetime. I think Courtney used to but changed after she had kids. But her baby daddy didn't get with the program.

    • I am a reformed long time addict, and I can tell you that Kim and Kourtney show none of the signs of being on any street drugs. I know all the signs and tells, and those two don't have any of them.

      I can't vouch for the others, but I wouldn't be surprised if Kylie is doing Oxy. And PMK is probably a coke head.

      • Yes the ALL are on drugs due to their plastic surgery addition -opioids! to ease the pain of the knife and the needle.

      • Who is the porch monkey kike you are refering to ? Becuz the only kike I know of is Scott Disick and he ain't a PMK but more an ashkenazi kike …

  6. I'm sure there will be episodes showing the Karjendiswests clowning Lammy and his daddy all while evicting and emasculating them both. SN: Won't it take several months before she can get Lamar actually out of the home? Doesn't Lamar have accountants who handle his money? *singing* Another one bites the dust.

    • Well, these men know ahead of time they will become fodder and still proceed with a relationship with them. I think those that walked away from Khloe realize she is a user. I don't think she finances her own time with those men. She expects them to pick up the tab. It gets expensive for those guys. She broke Lamar who was already in bad shape as it was. Now she gets to dump him. Whose fault? His, but he had help getting in such a destitute position.

  7. Khloe has way more money than Lamar, and she probably will end up paying him "spousal support" after the divorce. But I can't believe how many of you guys are bashing her for drawing the line.

    You cannot continue to enable a drug addict!! They will spend all their money on drugs as long as they have someone who will keep them from drowning. Same with Lamar's dad. He is an admitted long time heroin junkie, and she really tried to get him clean. She sent him to rehab on her dime three times, but a person has to take responsibility eventually.

    I know that there is no love lost for any of the KKK sisters here, but in this case, Becky is not dumping the black man because he no longer has money. She is doing the best she can to force him to save his own damn life. If she kept on supporting him and three months from now he OD'ed like Prince, y'all be swearing she killed him. She can't win either way.

    Lamar is a really sweet guy, and I can see why they fell for each other so fast, but he is a trouble man. If he is going to live a decent life he is going to need to reach out to the right people, not the Kardashians, and figure out what has made him be so self destructive.

    • The prenup will probably protect her money. We don't give her a pass because these women target weak rich black men then drain them dry legally. It drives you to drink and drugs. This man was better off before getting involved with the allures of these women. During the marriage he became a worse drug addict, drinker, and gambler as his career ended. He probably turned to gambling to recoup money he's been dumping into that relationship. Do you really think Khloe used her own funds to pay for their expensive lifestyle. I'm not giving Lamar an excuse, but I can see how these successful men see their lives in ruin and they go nuts. Even Scott is barely hanging on. He can't run because he has permanent ties to them. Even Kanye can never run. Khloe does not get a pass. She's cut from the same cloth.

  8. I find it odd Courtney had kids with the white broke worthless dude Scott for free..but the blkmen gotta be ballers..kanye/Reggie bush/Lamar/tiger. tiger broke and now kicked to the curb .

    as for Lamar odumb..i feel no mercy for that ugly stickfigure.
    good thing blkchina played their ass..I hope she don't get killed though. all In all no sensible man messing with them trashians…I can sense they desperate now. other men hit and went . yet these SIMPs gotta wife em…as I recal French Montana hit it and left too Justin.. nickcanon..rayj….nick lashey..Kim's body guard…. the list goes on.

    I'm wondering do they pay these dudes to date em..they so trashy to even date.

    • Scott is not that white … He's a multi racial jhoo combining semite-kazari-ashkenazi joowish bloodlines and his family is very very wealthy… In Tel Aviv Scott owns a super condo worth many million dollars …

  9. Why I'm not surprised by them white witches. Khole is nothing special too look out, the reason black men gravitated to her, is because of her money, let's face the fax, Lamar married her because of the fame, but what was his mistake!

    He sold his soul, for some chump change and ugly a white witch, He made his bed, now he was has to lie in it. The only reason why they rushed at the hospital last year for ratings and sympathy!

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