Rob Kardashian Gifts Blac Chyna With a $200K Huracan Lamborghini

blac chyna rob kardashian Huracan Lamborghini

While Tyga’s cars keep getting repo’d, Blac Chyna was just gifted an almost $200K vehicle by her new fiancé, Rob Kardashian.

The purple Huracan Lamborghini was delivered to Chyna’s house yesterday. The car’s price tag is clearly no issue for Rob. Let’s just hope he makes those payments on time.


    • Wow Kris Jenner is that bitch .. Bought her fat lame son s stripper a diamond ring for her hand in marriage a Lamborghini , and a reality show in the works … A mother love is never undenied!

  1. Is about time a black woman used the Kardashians, remember karma doesn't play, that family has ruined black men's careers, sold stories on them, Kanye is next! Blacc Chyna needs to milk that family, for all it's got, pay back is bytch! And their evil family deserves it!

    • Lets face it , a fat, white manic depresive junkie is the best most Black American women can do. Congrats Sisters.

  2. Where are my girls Sasha, DR1, SCS, WWC….
    Come on yall, meet up a time my house. I got the fresh fruit, meat/cheese trays, the finest crackers, assorted popcorn & 12 bottles of Moscato DI Asti. Let the Shit Show begin!!!?

  3. You don't give such a car to someone who knows nothing about cars…
    Those cars are a nightmare when it comes to maintenance…
    There's nothing such like a good old fashioned american muscle…

  4. Woman who cares sound like a woman who hates! Puhleeaze these dudes are not children they get with these chicks knowing full well what they're doing, they are getting a full package deal, $, success, fame and some azz, you might want to take some notes.

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