M.I.A. Comes for Beyonce & Kendrick: “Do Muslim Lives Matter Too?”

beyonce kendrick lamar mia muslim lives matter

In an interview with London’s Evening Standard magazine, rapper/singer/whatever M.I.A. addressed the Black Lives Matter movement, and came for Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar at the same time.

When asked about Beyoncé’s “Formation” Super Bowl performance, M.I.A. had this to say:

“It’s interesting that in America the problem you’re allowed to talk about is Black Lives Matter. It’s not a new thing to me — it’s what Lauryn Hill was saying in the 1990s, or Public Enemy in the 1980s. Is Beyoncé or Kendrick Lamar going to say Muslim Lives Matter? Or Syrian Lives Matter? Or this kid in Pakistan matters? That’s a more interesting question,”

Unsurprisingly, her social media accounts were immediately lit up with people asking her what she has ever done for BLM, and asking her why she couldn’t start her own cause for those groups she feels are not represented.

She answered back on her Twitter saying her criticism wasn’t with Beyoncé, it was with what Americans allow to be broadcasted on national platforms.



Do you agree?


  1. Tell these groups to hold their own nuts. We are not the mascot for other minorities. Since feels that strongly about Muslims create a platform and do something about it. Hold your own nuts!

  2. MIA says she's not Muslim to explain why it's not her responsibility to start a Muslim activist group…but Beyonce and Kendrick aren't Muslim either. If I was a PR rep these days, I would make all my clients sign a contract stating they will not start any Twitter accounts and will not participate in any Twitter discussions.

    • Lol. She should just keep silent in the future. Stick to flipping the bird at SuperBowl and leave the important matters to those that know what they are dealing with –

    • Amen ! BLM endorses the LGBT ideology, and are puppets of the hebrew sionist isra-elites

      • Y'all hate black women and black gay men but expect us to support you. This is why I do not f*ck with black men and your causes when you get shot!

        • I don't hate black women or gays I hate Hippocrates who talk about saving the youth when they really Anna help the whites promote the lgbt lifestyle

            • Its doesn't directly help them. But if black men and women keep particiapting in this activity it will lead to the demise of the race. 2 men can not make a baby just like 2 women can not make a baby. Man and woman need each other so that we can continue to exist. If we cease to exist then we become extinict. This is how you depopulate and destroy a race and whites have been doing that since the first f*cking ship landed from the first kidnapping of Africans.

              • 1. We already have too many babies who aren't well cared for. Those boys abused by afrika are probably the product of two heterosexual parents.
                2. Gay men can have babies via surrogates you fool. And they often do.
                3. You know damn well we've got a higher chance of extinction due to black men fighting to reproduce outside of the race than because of black homosexuals.

  3. So, she's bashing BLM, but she's profiting off black culture! When black people don't comply and defend other races, we get bashed, but still they hate black people!!

      • @Ms Reg Says!!!

        No, both Kendrick and Beyonce are black (even tho Beyonce doesn't want to admit it)
        M.I.A is making shyt of money off black music, she needs to remember, if it wasn't for black people ,she won't be where she is today!
        Let's face it Indian people treat black people like shyt, they see black people as their enemy, they love white people, even tho white people can't stand Indian people!

    • How did she bash BLM? People can't have an opinion today without sensitive folks getting their panties in a bunch over nothing.

  4. maybe she should start a protest and get all her muslim brothers and sisters to follow.. problem solved

  5. What's M.I.A audience? Her career hasn't done too well. She's bitter about something. I agree all lives should matter! Beyonce and Kendrick are all puppets.

  6. Somebody pls tell this woman to stay in her own lane? She's neither black or American, so what would she know?

  7. This bitch is tryin’ to curry favor with Muslims in London. Miss Thang, have several seats, right next to your baby daddy named BRONFMAN!

  8. I hate when black people try to decipher whats black and whats not yall know so much but steady bashing yall own race rather u are black hispanic Asian latina/latino african from syria Kuwait india u are all black. We all got the same blood flowing u go into the deepest part of asia and find some of tue darkest people with big noses and wooly hair. At one point we were all the same race/color until they split us up and formed the conquer and divide movement and it has worked on alot of these lost people who dont know shit about they history dig a lil deeper before and find out who u r and who is apart of us before yall start race bashing. Everybody on here is hypocrites one day yall love a celebrity the next day yall bashing them yall dont know who yall like just confused so sad. Smh!

    • WE do NOT all have the same blood running – that is one of the biggest lies – that's why we don't all look the same Physically! Black people are tired of holding the bag for others. Time they stepped up to the plate for themselves. End of story.

  9. She's just trying to ride their coat tails B come up with your own ideas, causes, etc. don't ride their sh*t, it shows desperation and is not a good look. Go write and perform some freakin music or STFU!!!

  10. Racism gets worse the further east you go. Why do these idiots from other races expect black people to fight for them when we'll know they hate us? I don't think her kind loses sleep when black people get gunned down like dogs. I know for a fact Indians are very racist towards black people. They love white people, ALOT! So f*ck you. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm happy the black people I know, recognize what time it is & that all we got is us. Some idiotic black folks will agree with this bitch & speak for Syrians & help their mandate, but when they're in trouble, those Syrians won't be there to help

  11. First off why should beyonce and Kendrick say Muslim lives matter they aren't Muslim smfh bitch needs to say that to the Muslims that are killing themselves and other ppl. (Not saying all Muslims are terrorists btw…..)MIA needs to sit the f*ck down and go MIA. Anytime black ppl do something to better our cause here comes somebody trying to get on the bandwagon f*ck outta here

  12. Bitch shut up! You made a 1/2 a hit, ain't came back with nothing. Your opinion doesn't count with your three minute of fame seeking wack ass!!!

  13. REFRESH IS A BITCH!!!! Now I can NOT only type without refresh f*cking with me, now I can't read without refresh f*cking with me. #YallGonMakeMeLoseMyMindUpInChea

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