Prince Dead at Age 57

prince dead

The music world has just suffered a great loss. Prince has been confirmed dead at his home in Minnesota. Coroners and authorities are at the mansion after responding to a medical emergency at his Paisley Park studio on Thursday morning.

The Carver County Sheriff’s department confirmed there was a fatality at the estate, and the singer’s next of kin has been notified.

Prince has been suffering from the flu and recently, and his plane had to make an emergency landing mid-flight after he fell ill. He also had to cancel two shows.

His former girlfriend, Vanity, passed away in February after a lengthy illness.

He sold more than 100 million records during his career, and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for Purple Rain in 1985.



    • I was not offended by this broadcast but in this business if one person is offended that's one too many & can cost you your job. At best I feel like the broadcast was pretty slick yet bit long & tad corny. I didn’t find it offensive & saw nothing for Fox station WZTX fire Dan Phillips over. Not sure if there were other underlying circumstances involved. Maybe it was the part about calling Knoxville, TN Erotic City that pissed off some folks. Please share your thoughts.

  1. TMZ and BBC both report His Majesty, His Royal Highness, Lord of the Revolution, His Royal Badness is no longer with us. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. I DON'T BELIEVE IT. Somebody killed him. Maybe I'm just in denial.



      SAME AS MJ.

      • Why would that help "them." "They" don't get the rights to his music now that he's gone. The word is that he ha left most of his money to the Jehovah's Witnesses, so are you accusing "them" of killing him?




    • no they lied and said the flu so we would assume that. with money he has aids will not kill him sorry

    • Bitch do you have solid proof he died from AIDS? If not then stop spreading rumors.

  3. You can blood sacrifice someone with AIDS?

    Jeez you people are unbelievable. Black people do die you know.

    • no they lied and said the flu so we would assume that. with money he has aids will not kill him sorry

  4. Knew somebody was gonna say blood sacrifice let's look at prince lifestyle wild crazy sex life I believe he had HIV all those white women he banged and let's be honest dudes cause we knew prince was gay changing his name to a hermaphrodite symbol

  5. It's official……….. Just saw this on CN N…… Can't believe it……The Prince has died…. May his soul RIP

  6. When I saw the Blind item I knew it was him, I guess I didn't want to believe it. Another great one gone to soon.

    R.I.P Prince

  7. I'm

    If he had AIDS…… Why didn't he call Magic…… I thought they were friends…… I'm sure Magic would have hooked him up with his MD……

    • According to insiders, he did a Steve Jobs thing and didn't continue to take his meds.

      He was declared "cured" by members of Jehovahs Witnesses, and he bought into it.

      People, God doesn't cure AIDS. It has never once happened. Religiosity can be dangerous to your health.

      • I know a guy in Newark NJ who was told he had AIDS back in 1989 and the brother is still here looking healthy as an work ox. He refused to put their meds in his body.

        • sorry but he was misdiagnosed then. What you say i a medical impossibility Cynthia, and if you have proof that it is true, please get in touch with the National Institutes of Health and the CDC so they can study him. He will make a boatload of money and he could unlock the science for a cure or vaccine.

          Of course, you and I both know that it isn't true, and it is wrong to mislead people into thinking that one can shun medication and survive with a depressed immune system caused by a depletion of T cells.

          • No it is not impossible. The are holistic ways to stay healthy. You don't know what you are talking about. Study Dr. Africa and learn something before you post ignorant comments.

            • Yes. I do know what I am talking about. I have two physicians in my immediate family. As I aid, if you are able to prove that someone was HIV+ and is now negative, that person stands make hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development fees.

              It has never happened.

    • no they lied and said the flu so we would assume that. with money he has aids will not kill him sorry

  8. There is absolutely no one left. Michael, Whitney, now Prince. Everyone that really mattered during my childhood is gone 🙁

    • Well, here's the thing: AIDS is not a disease per se, it is a syndrome in which the body has lost all of its immunity. So, if you get the flu, you can die from it. Same with pneumonia and other illnesses which normally are not life threatening.

      Most AIDS deaths are from cancers which attack the body when it ha lost all immune T cells.
      The question is, will the family/friends confirm that he had AIDS? I doubt it.

    • It includes pneumonia which used to be called pneumocystic carinii, a type of pneumonia found in people with AIDS.

  9. Stevie wonder
    Bootsy Collins
    George Clinton
    Tina turner
    Dionne Warwick
    Diana Ross
    Morris day
    Howard Hewitt
    All green
    They're still here

    • Not for too much longer because the Illuminati is taking all the legends out.

  10. Bernie worrell is battling stage 4 cancer he's doing gigs now to pay his medical bills plus he s selling his processions just to get money to pay His medical fines

  11. Dedicating Supertramp's Goodbye Stranger to Prince, S, & that silly bitch Sassey (stomach cancer). Long LIVE Jacky Jasper!!

  12. If he died of aids who did he get from? He dated Vanity, Appolonia, Sheila E , and was married to Mayte Garcia. So who gave it to him?

    • That's a good question. I wonder how all of them (Vanity RIP) are taking the news especially Mayte who I believe was still in love with him after all these years. I always thought it was sad that the didn't get a chance to have another child together.

      • BE, I have emails from where me and Mayté have talked about her and Prince. And to be honest, she was going to actually meet with him and talk about reconciliation. But apparently it won't happen now.

        • Really? Wow I cant imagine what she is going through. We need to tell the people in our lives that we love them every day because you never know when they will be taken away.

    • You're an idiot if you think you can name all of his sexual partners. Prolly banged random no name chicks and dudes nightly. Sheesh. Some people.

  13. Prince like Michael Jackson left no biological heirs but at least prince actually had sex with women

  14. Matte is bisexual just like vanity was, Nona gaye, Carmen Electra, cat glover. Diamonds and pearls, sinead o Connor married a woman and we know Wendy and Lisa married each other

  15. *Tears* I doesn't matter what or who caused his death. I will pray for his soul. Much love to him. RIP

  16. No one rich simply just dies from the flu. Prince had the package and likely stopped receiving treatmet for it. How funny today is the queens birthday, yet we lose a prince…

  17. Oh yeah by the way people, prince was indeed bisexual. Unbeknownst to many, he actually used to swing with trannies back in the day. One of my brothers former girlfriends had a friend who used to do security for prince, and she told of some really interesting stories…

  18. He was 1 of my "idols" & I hate 2 speculate but if the rumor is tru. I was just thinking about this. How ironic r these lyrics? … In France, a skinny man died of a big disease with a little name

  19. jehovahs witnesses did not tell him to stop taking his medication, there are no rules in their religion against medical treatment, they take vaccines they dont accept blood transfusions . there are jw drs, stop making up shit.

    • Nobody said that the JW told him to stop taking his Truvada.

      He was told that he had been miraculously CURED by god and to show his faith he stopped taking the anti-viral which would have kept him alive.,

      Steve Jobs of Apple could have bought and sold Prince 20 times over and HE decided to forego traditional cancer treatment and use "natural alternative medicines." He died quickly.
      So miss me with that "Prince had money so he didn't die of flu or AIDS" bullshit. And it's not the J ew doctors either. We all have free will and we make choices. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

      • Natural herbs are way better than those prescription drugs. Doctors and big Pharma are only in the medical business to make money, not to cure or even treat illness or disease. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!

        • You and Cynthia need to get a room. You two are the dumbest f*cks ever to type a word.

          The only thing keeping people alive with HIV are the retroviral drugs you idiot.

  20. Well we didn't come here to stay. God bless him and his family. He is in a better place.

  21. Wow, both him and Vanity died within months, of each other. Prince spoke out about the entertainment industry, just like M.J.

    • Whitney Houston was murdered on February 12, 2012. Around the same time, the Queen of England was celebrating the 60th anniversary diamond jubilee of her rule over the UK. Prince was murdered on April 21, the same day as the Queen of England’s 90th birthday. By the way on April 21st, Barack and Michelle Obama visited Queen Elizabeth for dinner. Think about this my fellow brothers and sistas. This is not coincidence; THE ILLUMINATI MURDERED PRINCE!

  22. PRINCE WAS MURDERED! I don’t believe in coincidences and I don’t believe what white people in the media tell me. Jimi Hendrix, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Tupac, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Johnnie Cochran, Michael Jackson, Steve Coakley and Prince died under mysterious and controversial circumstances. Amerikkka is murdering our strongest, most talented and most intelligent black men and women! The black men I just mentioned were extremely strong, talented geniuses who spoke out against white supremacy! At the same time, they’re enslaving and murdering the rest of us. The wealthy white people who own Warner Brothers are going to make BILLIONS of dollars now that Prince is dead. Amerikkka’s ongoing war against black people is real! What makes this even worse is that this war is currently happening under the jurisdiction of a cowardly black President. Any black person who doesn’t believe Amerikkka’s war against black people, they better believe it now!

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