Kim & Kanye Show Their Ignorant Azzes in Iceland

kim kanye ignorant iceland

Kim and Kanye have managed to tick off an entire country during a recent trip to Iceland. The couple hired a driver to show them around the island. In a video posted to her Snapchat, Kim accuses the driver of farting in the car, while Kanye is shown laughing and covering his nose.

What Kim and Kanye didn’t realize is that they were traveling on a volcanic island, and the “fart” smell they were laughing about was actually sulfurous fumes.

Once the locals caught wind of Kim and Kanye’s antics, they labeled them ignorant and advise them to pick up a guidebook to educate themselves.

“Locals have since explained the smell is actually down to the sulfurous fumes from Iceland’s volcanic springs. One local explained: ‘They would have seen that in the guidebooks if they’d read them. Most people would know that Iceland is volcanic,'”


  1. What are they doing out there in Iceland ?
    The locals are among the less corrupt indigenous people in the world … Kim and Kanye are like flies taking a bath in the world's most delicious soup…

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  3. This is why I have no interest in travelling to places where there's no soul; just a bunch of dry, bitter people… I'll travel to Jamaica, Mexico, etc. any day before I go where no one has a sense a humor or knows how to have fun!!!

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