Kobe Cuts Parents Off Financially, But Bankrolls Vanessa’s Family!

kobe bryant cuts off parents

Kobe Bryant has had a strained relationship with his parents, and it all started when he went behind their backs and married his wife, Vanessa, without a prenup.

If you didn’t notice, his parents were nowhere in sight for his final game against the Utah Jazz in which he scored 60 points – closing out his career as one of the best players of the NBA.

In an interview with ESPN, Kobe admits he hasn’t even spoken to his parents in three years!

Their last conversation went down in 2013 after his parents refused to accept a home from him that they thought was anything but luxurious. Later, they tried to auction off some of his high school memorabilia without his consent to make money off of him.

“Our relationship is s***. I say [to them], ‘I’m going to buy you a very nice home, and the response is ‘That’s not good enough’? Then you’re selling my shit?” ~ Kobe Bryant

After some back and forth, his parents were allowed to sell 6 items at auction, totaling $500,000. They later released a short statement thanking Kobe for his financial support throughout the years.

“We regret our actions and statements related to the Kobe Bryant auction memorabilia. We apologize for any misunderstanding and unintended pain we may have caused our son and appreciate the financial support that he has provided to us over the years,” ~ Joe & Pam Bryant

But Kobe doesn’t plan on helping his parents out financially ever again even though he’s worth an estimated $366 million. Even his sisters have been cut off from the money train, but Kobe doesn’t think they will have any issues gaining financial success of their own.

“[My sisters are] very smart, college-educated [women]. I’m really proud of them. They were able to get their own jobs, get their own lives, take care of themselves. Now they have a better sense of self, of who they are as people, instead of being resentful because they were relying on me,” ~ Kobe Bryant

Kobe said cutting of his family was “tough” for him to do, but it was something he felt forced into. Meanwhile, he continues to bankroll Vanessa’s family!

Back to that incident in 2013… Kobe tried giving his parents a home in Vegas that was worth less than a million dollars. His mom refused to accept the home, because Kobe had just spent $3.2 million on a mansion in Newport Beach, CA for Vanessa’s mom, Sofia Lane! Sofia ended up selling that home, and Kobe bought her another multi-million dollar mansion nearby!

Did Kobe’s parents have the right to be upset? Do you think Kobe is wrong for cutting off his family?



  1. His folks can't auction off some memorabilia but he gave Vanessa HALF his assets happily in the divorce. Can't say I'm surprised.

  2. Nope. He owes them NOTHING. They have the same 24 hours in a day he does. If they were about their own bread, they would've started their own hustle by themselves.




    • @Kiki he also owes the Mexican in-laws NOTHING yet gives them EVERYTHING while dissing his blood are you, too, an unloyal asshole??

    • Have you been smoking? He owes them nothing? He owes them his LIFE! These aren't strangers. They're his PARENTS.

      How would you feel if your son that you love, nurtured, raised AND taught the game of basketball from which he makes his living, treated IN-LAWS better than you?

      • I wouldn't care tbh. You don't know his relationship with his family. Maybe his in laws aren't as self-entitled and don't ask him shit, which in turn makes him WANT to help them? I have personally experienced what its like to have family f*ck with you when you're financially doing for them, and then the minute you start doing you, they forgot you ever said Yes.
        To the other commenters i'm black not Mexican (not that my race is a factor here anyway ?) And when you stop letting your FAMILY manipulate you for their own gain, you'll understand my attitude.

        • One thing we DO KNOW is that them Mexicans haven't turned down one gift yet, whether they feel entitled to it or not!

        • But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’
          7 ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,
          8 and the two will become one flesh.’So they are no longer two, but one flesh.
          9 Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”
          Mark 10:6-9 NIV

          He owes them shit!!!

          • “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you." Exodus 20:12 ESV

            “Whoever curses his father or his mother shall be put to death." Exodus 21:17 ESV

            His PARENTS gave him life and he owes them respect. He should also do what any loving son would do and that is to take care of them as he has the means to do so.

            No one is saying to disrespect his wife.

            And if providing something for his parents would cause her to separate from him he doesn't have much of a wife to begin with.

          • God's word does not read….Cling to her parents….with his Uncle Tom self….God's word also reads to Honor your parents…and as a son to parents who brought him into this world you would think that he would make sure they are OK~ BTW God's word also states to Honor Your mother and Father…..Since his Rape issue…she and her family own his dumb azz!

    • Wasn't Jelly Bean Bryant with him when he was shooting in the gym as a kid? Fu*k yeah he owes them something…y'all mofos ain't loyal.

    • Kobe is their "hustle." That faggot wouldn't have a dollar to his name if not for his parents. He was blessed to earn enough to provide a comfortable lifestyle for his mother and father, if not his sisters, and he opted to do the bare minimum. What he reaps is what he will sow.

      His day is coming. When it comes, his parents need to leave him in the lurch.

      • That is like Dwayne Wade, his parents didn't do jack, & he treats them like gold….But his ex-wife's family put him up, so he wouldn't be homeless, & look how he treated them. The people who didn't do anything for Dwayne growing up he treats like king/queens, the people who were there for him,making sure he wasn't homeless, he treated like crap.

    • Didn’t they feed him, provide for him, I believe is father was a big part of his development and who drove him yo practice and games for 18 years. Made sure he had what he needed to be successful..He is whipped by that young girl from day one. You have 2 sister’s and parents but you provide for your in-laws because they allowed or should I say pimped out their daughter at 17 while she was still in high school. Who’s needs an education when the gravy train arrived. He is a loser and will have to good come to him but when he was in trouble for the alleged rape, both his parents were there. How does someone turn their back on their parents? You are heartless. Never liked his ass anyway, after he said he would not play in Philadelphia.

  3. My parents or siblings wouldn't have to work another day in life if I was worth $366 million. Especially if I'm bankrolling my wife family.

    • He will need them one day..especially when Vanessa actually decides to divorce him.but with that money she secured for life!

    • Thank you. But you're a decent human being. That's the difference between you and Kobe and you and Kiki.

  4. Kobe has talent and money, but it still ain’t enough. He wants to be white so badly. He is angry at his parents for birthing a black child — HIM

  5. kobe the rapist will get his. i don't care if you bought your parents a shack but if you bout your wife's mom a mansion i would be pissed also because they deserve a mansion also and a better one because they gave you life and helped you to become a good basketball player. what a looser and he will get what's coming to him. that's why he has no friends, no one likes him.

  6. Kobe is a damn coon and he'll learn his lesson if he gets ill and the Mexican, whom he cheats on has to care for his ass, he'll be abused as Richard Pyor was by the WW he abused and ended up having to take care of his ass. I never could stand Kobe and this proves he's a self hating chump!!

  7. Kobe wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for his Black parents, i.e. raising him, putting a roof over his head, supporting him, traveling the world with him, etc., etc. Kobe wouldn't be with the latino chick if it wasn't for the latino in-laws threaten him with statutory rape. Kobe prefers white & latino females, which, did accuse him (white) or would have accused him (latino) of rape. Kobe will lose all of his fortune & when he does, he will come running back to his Black parents. I promise you Kobe is not only taking care of the latino in-laws, he is taking care of his latino wife's relatives as well. After living in s. cali for 17 years, this is what black men do who marry non-black women. Kobe either has done it directly or indirectly, the latino wife taking the money to buy her illegal/legal relatives homes, etc. I worked in social services/family law, so I have seen the divorce decrees, & cases regarding child support, family support, alimony, etc. regarding interracial marriages. When these nonblack women leave their marriages/relationships with black men, they take everything; move their people into their homes; which also includes the new boyfriend, which is a nonblack man. I used to have black dudes call me upset because the nonblack female told them they were on birth control, they didn't want a child, blah, blah, blah, blah. I used to laugh to myself. But Kobe will reap everything he has sown……..I always thought he was overrated. But if he keeps his millions only in US dollars, he may lose it sooner, rather than later. OHHHHHHHH WELLLLLLLLLL………………..

    • Legacy money, wasted. The Mexicans will be getting it and many of them don't even like Blacks. He's a typical self hating sell out. Swirl all you want, but don't diss or dog your blood.

    • @DLB Thank you so much for sharing that. Hmmm, the gas face many-a-coon get worshiping that non-black coochie. LOL "Chickens coming home to roost", "Poetic Justice", "Irony" or whatever… It's nice to know that there is a God and the "Triple Black Universe Mother" or whoever is watching and keeping tabs. Funny how none of these sell outs like to come back and confess their cosmic ass kickings on comment boards like they love to diss black women on them! They sing the praises of the filthy neanderthal and non-black female all day but get dogged out the worse by them. Ain't that about a bitch! LOL – Anyway, DLB, thanks for shedding some much needed light on the issue. – When keeping it real goes wrong. lmao

    • You don’t see these black men and women together in their old age. She took off with half his fortune or more and ended up marrying her kind, sharing her ex-husband’s money with the new guy. Their kids end up screwed because of their divided loyalty specially, self-loathing knowing mom needed them for the 18 year check. It’s disgusting. It’s worse these black dudes don’t see it. What makes Kobe think this woman will retire with his cheating ass next to her. She will retire with some other man. That also means his money will subsidize that new life.

    • Jimmy Butler was kicked out by his black Mom when she said " I dont like the look of you " He was taken in by Whites > Does he owe his Mom?

      • The Bible didn't say to honor your PERFECT mother or father. It said to honor your parents. PERIOD. And we don't know the FULL STORY of what was happening with Jimmy Butler's mom.

    • Would it make it better if the in laws were black and doing the same thing? An opportunist is just that. Yes many of these pro athletes and celebs do seem to have a thing for non black, bi racial women but that's some not all. Her family obviously will take advantage because he allows it. He determines what he will or won't give to his own parents. If he's going to care for his in laws in that manner than he should do the same for his parents… even if he isn't that close t them!

  8. Wow he's really angry with the people that helped made him a selfish superstar.. I've never been a fan of his, at all, he's a selfish player and he's a selfish son.. He's also a rapist, that tried to include Shack in his wrong during, he slept with poor white trash and had to pay a fortune for it.. He's just another coon, that don't like his own skin color.. He will be running back to his parents with his head in his hands, on day soon..

    • Right! He tried to drop dimes on Shaq, like a punk , after he got caught and accused of rape after he bare backed that white slut in the ass.

  9. Honoring your father and mother is being respectful in word and action and having an inward attitude of esteem for their position.

    Obviously, we are commanded to honor our parents, but how? Honor them with both actions and attitudes (Mark 7:6). Honor their unspoken as well as spoken wishes. “A wise son heeds his father's instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke” (Proverbs 13:1)

  10. Coon playbook Rule #1 – Diss the shit out of black people then when your luck runs out with non-blacks, come sulking back to the black community for help (and preferably hire the same type of strong black woman attorney as the women you hated so much).

    The End.

    • Hell Kobe even hired a white woman attorney to defend him in his rape case in Colorado.

      • @Mama, It aint hard to tell, girlllll. Just watch and keep note. They ALWAYS do this. Damn, @Miss Tony Stark I didn't remember that fact. Thanks for the tidbit. I guess when we see a variation from the playbook like that, we can tell just how deep that stockholm syndrome runs.

  11. Really Kobe, so your parents made you, yo owe them. Black people damn, stop lavishing other races, they only use black people for money. As for his wife, Mexican people hate black people, because they wanna be in white people's good books.

    Nah, you dumb black men, stop replacing a sexy black women with a dried up wrinkly women!

  12. Kobe is a illuminated evil monkey, his girls will treat him the same way he has treated his parents. They will talk trash to him and about him behind his back. They will air out all his dirty little secrets while enjoying the mansions he has bought them and their spouses. Every thing he has done to his parents will smack him in the face as soon as they get a little bit older. Oh, and his girls will choose outsiders to love over him.☺

  13. I never had much repsect for Kobe, he seems like the type to shit on his black parents for some beans and rice.

  14. She will bleed him dry. He is retired, no longer the center of Laker attention and she no longer the queen. She will move on after years he cheated on her. She will take half his fortune. His kids will hit 18 soon enough and that will help him. This will be the outcome considering he married her after her parents extorted him for having sex with her as a minor. How is he possibly in love and with family that blackmailed him. He will go leave enough. Maybe then he will think about his parents.

  15. You don't know what the in-laws do to support his family, they may've helped raise his daughters, given them advice, bailed his azz out. You don't know maybe they didn't have their hands out and he was able to CHOOSE to give them something instead of being EXPECTED to. As for his wife they've been married longer than most of you or anyone you know so Arriba y Arriba!!!

    • The latino ain't working, she can raise her own freak'in kids. If his latino in-laws were doing what you stated, he would have blasted it for the world to see…….THE REALITY IS THAT……..His latino in-laws blackmailed him with statutory rape or marry their daughter & heaven knows what else they are blackmailing him on. You see the latino wife didn't leave him after the rape allegations…….This gives her more time to solidify their time together being married & the payout after the divorce, i.e. spousal support (5-10yrs+), child support, bifurcation of property/assets, lump sum payments, etc.

  16. Honestly…let's put this in perspective. Do you really think if the situation were reversed that Vanessa would take care of Kobe's black ass family?! Have all them unemployed kneegrows living in the house or houses that she bought?! Just living off her?! Hello no! Would she not speak to or help care for her Latino parents, siblings, cousins, abuelas, etc…?Hell no cuz even in the most dysfunctional family units these Latinos stick together. I have 9 siblings and a couple that I love FROM A DISTANCE! However, with $365M trust n believe I would give them all something so that their children could have a better future. Kobe long headed ass gets on my nerves!

  17. Kobe mad as his parents because they sold his ass to them white, gay ass NBA owners. Kobe is really a gay ass slut. Ask Donald Sterling, I bet he had a piece of Kobe funky black ass.

  18. Kobe f*cked that lil white whore in the ass because them white men were f*cking him in his ass. Kobe is a mo and he mad at his parents because they let them whities have their way with him.

  19. Kobe is a coon. I'm glad Jim Brown called his ass out. Sistas you should hate Kobe. His entire nine figure fortune is going to his mexican wife and her family. Fuck him!

    • Lamar Odom had 200+ Blacks on his payroll, spending Milions, but zero blacks paying to get to his hospital bedside. Thats a low ROI in my books

      • With the Kardashian's in control Lamar couldn't hire 200+ blacks if somebody put a gun to his head.

        And when he OD'd and NEEDED HIS FAMILY his hoeish, so-called "wife" — that has slept with half his NBA colleagues — kept them away…didn't want to risk them talking some sense into his dumb ass.

  20. FYI, that final Lakers game against Utah was fixed. The Jazz were not paying any defense in the second half. I'm sure the high level NBA executives told them to do so. They wanted Kobe to have his final moment in the spotlight.

  21. At the end of the day they ate his parents if he can take care of his inlaws iam sure he can take care of his parents.kobie grow up

  22. That's Awful then Mexican are Mean and racist. They are a walking Mess.

    Kobe is emotional deep inside.

    Plus them Mexican put Evil Spells on You. I believe Kobe has…. They practice that shot they Dirty.

  23. His family should be grateful for whatever he does for them, but it does seem odd that he would continue to finance a luxury lifestyle for his mother in law while cutting off his own family. He bought his mother in law a total of 2 mansions, and this is after she sold the first one. It does seem like preferential treatment but that's ,my opinion. I don't agree with his parents selling his stuff or turning their nose up at a free home offered but they are right to express concern early on when he married Vanessa without a prenup. That was a big mistake.

  24. Thats sad. Who raised kobe? Who nursed him back to health when he was sick sometimes as a child? Who clothed him? Who took him to the Doctor? Who fed him? He might just be a selfish person. If our children did that to us how would we feel? Sad…smh

  25. why are people here so bitter about him giving his in laws money?…maybe because they treat him well….? maybe because they don't ask for the money or obligate him to give them money that's why he offers it himself…? why would you auction off your son's memorabilia or tell him something's not good enough…? just say…thank you very much son, we appreciate it. and take care of his kids ones in a while….

  26. These are some of the most ignorant, judgmental comments I've ever seen. None of us know the true story behind any of this but it is so comical how quick we are to judge. Imagine if a piece of your life was sitting in print for people to judge. One thing is certain, many prefer to assume the worse and judge harshly.
    Sad state of affairs

  27. I really wish someone could investigate if Kobe was forced or pressured to marry Vanessa. They got engaged on her 18th bday. Married not long after. Very fishy. Her folks pulled the ultimate blackmail/extortion and it worked out for them exceptionally well. I don’t understand why Kobe didn’t sign a prenup or give Vanessa hush money to go away. Now she’s entitled to half his fortune. Makes me sick.

  28. Wow! Obviously, everyone who commented must have had really shitty parents to think that Kobe is the one at fault here. Even when a parent believes a child is making a huge mistake, they support them. They don’t boycott their child’s wedding bc they don’t like the bride. They suck up their selfish thoughts and show up to support their kid. How would you feel if your dad didn’t come to your wedding bc he didn’t like your spouse? I don’t blame Kobe one bit for being hurt by their choices and treatment of him. And then they have the nerve to sell his belongings. I mean, these parents sound like some of the worst parents in the country, but you guys think they’re owed money simply because. My parents don’t expect a single penny from me. And they are thankful for anything I do give. Sounds like his parents want to live the good life off their son, but just blow through any pennies they get their hands on. If they weren’t such greedy assholes, they’d have everything they could want in life.

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