More Proof Tyga Was Cheating With a Trans

More Proof Tyga Was Cheating With a Trans
Instagram account @gingerspeaking is the real MVP. This anonymous internet sleuth has dug up even more dirt on Tyga and transgender porn actress Mia Isabella’s relationship. Even though Tyga is now getting the FBI involved and claiming his phone was hacked, there’s just too much evidence that proves he not only knows Mia, but he was definitely cheating on Blac Chyna and tiny tot Kylie.

We already mentioned that Tyga was having threesomes with Mia and her friend Capri, but now there’s a tweet from 2013 where some random guy claims Capri told him that Tyga was smashing Mia raw!

Here’s the proof of Tyga’s trans cheating:

Tyga claims his phone was hacked, but a lot of the text messages between him and Mia add up to real life facts. All the dots are connecting:


Here’s Mia calling herself the “Last Kings’ Queen” over a year ago. Last Kings is the name of Tyga’s clothing line.

And here’s the dagger in Tyga’s bussy. Mia’s “friendship” with Tyga caused drama with other groupies!

Tyga might want to go ahead and call off that FBI investigation before they dig up some more dirt confirming his love for T-girls!


  1. Wow, I honestly thought Kris paid those shemale to lie, but looking at those tweet dated 2 years ago it appears Tyga did cheat on Black Chyna and Kyile. Kris Jenner is probably upset about this how sex scandal, knowing how she rolls she will get Tyga into trouble.

    It so sad how black man can stood so low, I’ve lost all my respect for sellout black men!

      • @Sasha R.

        So true, Kris did the same thing to Lamar (it serves him right) he shouldn’t of ditched his ex for big foot (khole) I haven’t got no respect for sellout black men who mixes themselves with the k-klan, they know what their getting themselves into
        all they think about is money and fame, not aftermath Kris was nice to Lamar when he was with khole, but now that he’s not with her, Kris will be mean to him. He told her all of his secrets, and kris exposed them!!

    • I always thought it was Kris herself who is making this happen. She may feel it’s time for Kylie to move on and she may be refusing to do so. So Kris is working behind the scenes to expose Tyga.

    • http :// www .blogtalkradio. com/shiloah/2014/10/01/race-war-propaganda-and-why-blacks-just-dont-get-it

      http :// www .blogtalkradio. com/shiloah/2014/10/01/race-war-propaganda-and-why-blacks-just-dont-get-it-part-2

    • No Kris got some PI’s on the job after Tyga was caught with the blonde. Kris pimp hand is strong crushing men daily.

    • Kris probably paid to dig tyga’s dirt up to prevent Kylie from eloping when she turns 18. That’s what she get for laughing in black chyna face and plotting to hook Kylie up with tyga for money to secure her a future. She can’t come back and yell underage on a relationship that she-kris fostered and approved. Its going to happen to kris her boyfriend is gay too!

  2. A black man dating a Kardashian is about as bad as a black man coming in contact with a bigoted cop

    • At this point in time…It’s Embarrassing! We’re the suckers of the planet. Any woman wants to come-up overnight…Get A Baller/Rapper! Giving money to hood niccas was a big mistake for us. Amazing how these white dudes flipped the script on everybody…He Still Winning!

  3. Woman on YouTube did a video about “Kardashian” it was really interesting. She said that the original Kardashian were witches, who would do rituals and spells on men, and use them.

  4. @RoseWood

    So true, She even said, Kris gave up Robert for fame and money!

    • don’t know bout that they was already divorced at the time of his death.

      the kardashian family got famous iff kims sex tape and kim playing the ho role not because rob senior died of cancer I believe a few years before.

    • @crazychris

      If you watched one of their documentaries, you would know Robert was alive when Kim’s sex tape dropped. He even helped Kim with the sex tape scandal.

  5. the kardashian and jenner girls must got some good p*ssy.

    wonder will they expose scott since him and kourtney broke up.

    time for tyga to leave kylie alone glad he didn’t marry her or gewt her pregnant.

    • not at all. that’s called certain blk maale who don’t want to face their own failure in the blk community so they would rather go play in someone else’s world where the nonblack men there have already done all of the work. that’s lazy niygga sambo syndrome [not good p*ssy]. we know these males. we birth them.

  6. Black women, we need to start disrespecting black men. If we show them we mean business, then they won’t talk chit about us.

    I love black dick, as much as the next guy but. sellout black men are dangerous for pro black women.

    • @Woman Who Cares -f*ck sellout BM they on their own have you listened to rap for the last 30 years its ‘hate BW’ “music” so f*ck dem sellouts! Of course dem BW hating men are on the down low.

    • @Kary

      I don’t need to mind my own business, when black men are parading their white women, like a phucking dog woof! woof!

      sex is sex, love is love. Sellout black men are the devil!

    • Disrespect is the NOT the option. Disrespect of each other is what has already torn black men and women apart. We need to love our men for them to be the men that we need. As for sell outs they are already sold, so there is nothing we can do about that. Just grab the popcorn and watch the train wreck.

      • @Sunni FUCK BM!! I take them on a person to person basis. Rap has killed the repuation of BW and no BM was talking about saving the rep of BW yall mammys need to go raise your kids ALONE.

      • I don’t care what some of you say, sellout black men are demonic

        I remember when I was in high school, sellout black teenager (who was older than me) put a chair near my throat. In front of white students as well
        he was crushing on some wrinkly white bytch.

  7. woman who cares is always trying to start a war. women against men. are you gay? why do you hate black men so much? do you have b.o? breath stink? little tiddays? what? all you ever say is how weak black men are. do you know anything else????

    • woman who cares doesnt have to start a war…the war against indigenous black north americans is what feeds all who wants to eat off of america.

    • I’m not starting no race war! I’m giving my honest opinion about black men in general 🙁

  8. most people try to spread love thru words. you are spreading evil. talk about this gay man and how disgusting he is. not black men. i am offended that you keep trying to blast us. do you work for the gov???

  9. all the articles about black women making porn tapes. do you see the brothers coming here to call those women sell outs to the cause? no, they just make mistakes for which god is the judge, not you.

    • @i don’t have a name

      Black men have clowned black women for doing porn, Asap Rocky clowned black women for wearing red lips!

      Black men have publicly embarrassed black women, for just being themselves.

      Tyrese said the reason why he doesn’t date black women, because black women are too independent. he wrote that on tweet for everyone to see including his white fans.

      black men aren’t innocent, like I said i love black men, but sometime they don’t think what they say about black women.

      • If I don’t like what a Black man is saying about Black women then I don’t support anything he does. I don’t listen to their music, go see their movies, etc. Hit them where it really hurts. Their wallets.

        • @Kary

          I’m not a Tyrese fan, he’s color-struck coon!, he hypes up white women and tear down black women. Black men must do better
          either Tyrese is hired to belittles black women or he’s a sellout coon.

          • Boy, a black man must have REALLY did a number on you. You’re always talking about how BM hate BW, blah, blah, blah. You sound like a f*ckin’ broken record. There are thoughtless, hateful people in every race. There are Devils in the black race, latin race, white race, etc…And btw, I never heard of a pure breed black men. All their great, great, great grandparents were raped by white masters, which makes NO ONE “full breed” GTFOH

          • Chris Rock definitely fits the bill…hypes ytee and clowns black women. A Coon that soldout a long time ago.

      • i wear red lipstick….f*cks what a weak nigro thinks ,most likely theyre not men anyway. now tyrese need tstfu….cause they b the main one promoting black strong independent woman shit….black women need men period

  10. Why am I not surprised. I just saw the video with Tyga,Mally Mal, some other rapper and the transgender lady in the video with them. Tyga should just come out of the closet, admit he is trisexual and face his truth like Bruce did. Poor Kylie, Karma is a mutha.

    • aint no poor kylie.her mom knew what was up trust….they pray on weak azz negros..
      aint selling records. that’s whats up

    • aint no man no danm TRIsexual what is wrong with you…go sit in a corner and think about what the he11 you just said

  11. he”s (the trannie) got two dogs in bed with him. need i say more. no telling …never mind tells the story. tyga is one nasty turned out shit

    • oh yeah he a white man too so u know bestiality is involved. and tyga aint really blk someone in his bloodline just sold off a lil dna so now he’s promoting that white homo agenda under the guise of being blk…that’s why we shouldnt mix because they place them in positions to pretend they are us [when they do not have that mitochondrial dna amongst other things], in order to push them nasty agendas to keep indigenous black north americans bottom feeders

  12. yeah only a real man [mia] would sleep with 2 big asz dogs like that LOL!!!!!!

  13. them girls BETTER NOT fight mia over tyga they gonna find themselves in ICU with that man!!

    see how tyga aint doggin out mia? it’s cause he knows he’ll beat him down LOL and got plenty homeboys to jump in lol

  14. Most people support gay marriages because they think it’s the political thing to do (At least that’s what the media wants the masses to believe). After all, it’s not the masses that made it legal. This is the lower vibration reality men having sex with men. Black women in particular, please be careful out there. Stop having sex with dudes who where pink, wear their pants below their butts, skinny jeans, Mohawks, i.e. Love yourself and keep your legs closed. No babies from nasty down-low trifling men. It takes the heat of them. Look at this punk. Even if he has a son, he wants to pretend to be a bitch by having bestiality LIKE SEX with a white man. Black .chyna (or whatever your real name is) please go get your vagina check AND STOP BEING SO lazy because it the end of the day your health is the most important thing in the world.

  15. Just respect black women, that all we need you to do, throughout history black women have been the glue that kept things together, but still we get called name, mocked

    • Shoot. Move on sista billions of men on the planet. Don’t ask for respect it should be given so leave scrubs where they stand.

    • All we can do is strive to be our best & move ourselves ahead through, i.e. education, career, owning businesses, owning properties, investing (forex, precious metals, etc.), traveling, connecting with others globally, living globally, etc. We can use the name calling, mocking, etc. as motivation. Peace.

  16. @wwc…. that’s exactly what i mean. you take what one person says and claim all black men feel that way. does stacey dash speak for all black women? i think not!!!

  17. Tyga is not too bright. Everybody wants to put their dirt online…Hackers Everywhere!

  18. Sydney starr said he wanna eat tygas ass like groceries.


  19. Yash from Youtube made an enteresting ccomment about men that get tatted all over their body. He says that they are trying to regain some level of manhood after being violated by another man or men. Take note: Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross,Travis Barker and the list goes on.

  20. Tyga is just gay. You guys are always making excuses for black males. Tyga is a grown ass man, this isn’t some Kardashian curse. If anything he used Kylie by dating her in an attempt to distract everyone from the gay rumors. On Mia’s instagram page he was talking about how much Tyga enjoyed sucking him off and how his dick has been all up and down Tygas throat. Let these two love birds be. I just feel bad for the kid thatch has Black Chyna. As it is the mother is an ex stripper, now his dad is a gay guy that likes getting f*cked by men in drag.

    • You’re comparing an ex exotic dancer to a homosexual? Lol you a DUMBASS.

  21. In conclusion, Tyga got caught and he has no choice but to own up to his undeniable truth: he’s gay.

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