Claudia Jordan Gets Fired from Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Claudia Jordan keeps taking L’s. Not only did she just get fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta back in June, but now she has lost her gig with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Claudia left a long note on her Facebook page, confirming she is no longer a part of the cast and is focusing on other projects.

Claudia Jordan Fired from Rickey Smiley Morning Show


The Rickey Smiley show is currently on a week long break, and Claudia is out in Miami (probably drinking her sorrows away). At least she has that low budget film to fall back on.

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  1. I know Porsha is having a ball with this because both Porsha and Nene couldn’t stand Claudia. I agree she was boring but what about Cynthia and Phaedra. Majority of these women don’t have a story line on the show. ‘

  2. @anonymous

    Most of realty tv is a lie, people will create “fake” story just because they don’t want to get axed from the show. Most realty star have to create fake drama just to get higher ratings, Cynthia is boring but her relationship with Peter is worth watching.
    As for Pheadra, she did have some interesting story line with her ex husband.

  3. I dunno. I thought Claudia brought a bit of outward appearing class to the show. She isn’t stupid and she talks like she has had a decent education. She was a good balance for some in the cast who are more “raw.” hi Nene!! Now they’re both gone…weird.

  4. Claudia Jordan has worn out her welcome in black hollywood! Three things left for Claudia Jordan to do; One, she can suck Donald Trumps’s dick again and pray he lets her judge one of his beauty pageants. Two, she can suck Cory Holcomb’s dick and pray that he lets her work on his internet show. Three, she hops on a plane trip to Dubai and starts selling that raggedy p*ssy. Either way, the bitch with the grey pubic hairs and hammer toes is washed up and tired!

  5. Claudia Jordan has pissed off so many people, if she ever caught a Kat Stacks size ass whoopin, it wouldn’t surprise me. This bitch insulted Tiny, called a plus size woman a gorilla, stole money from Tom Joyner’s Foundation, stole money from a Australian businessman, Claudia has alot of enemies. If somebody beats up Claudia Jordan, I would probably start laughing!

  6. …Raggedy old p*ssy…Yeah, her “clit” has left her body….I am led to believe???…

  7. The fact that Claudia did not have a man or a show called HOUSEWIVES from Atlanta let me know that she was only there to spread chaos and pettiness. Unfortunately, she did not do a good job at being the scandalous bully they hoped for. Good luck to her tho. Classy letter.

  8. The fact that Claudia did not have a man *on* a show called HOUSEWIVES from Atlanta let me know that she was only there to start trouble….

  9. Today I was reading Snitch’s site and saw the story about Claudia Jordan’s interview on the breakfast club. I think Claudia logged onto Snitch under Anonymous and called Porsha Williams a Porch monkey. I could be wrong, but Claudia is known for blatant, racist insults. Remember, she once called a plus size woman a gorilla! She also said Tiny was a waste of light skin.

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