Peter Rosenberg Details Amber Rose Catching Wiz Sexing Down Twins


Groupie Love!

Amber Rose has a good friend in radio DJ, Peter Rosenberg. Rosenberg showed his love by defending Amber, while throwing Wiz right under the bus.

In the clip, Rosenberg details how Amber Rose caught her husband, Wiz, in the throws of sex with a couple of twin groupies.

“Amber walked in on him with two women at the same time,” he said. “Twins, twin sisters, twin biological sisters.” Rosenberg also showed a since-deleted Instagram post of the rapper with the twins, fashion designers Jas and Ness Rose.”

“Rosenberg also contradicted claims that Amber Rose stumbled across the infidelity at a residence that Khalifa acquired after moving out of the couple’s house.

It was a home. It wasn’t some new home that was just his,” he said. “It was a home that he had. That she slept in. That’s how she got in. She had a key. This wasn’t some separate thing. It’s a place she goes to.”

Check the clip below:




    • and they ugly. look like two alcohol babies. incestuous dykes..yuck at them all. He like gay ass women ’cause he gay.

    • I’m pretty sure wiz paid for that house that Amber was sleeping in,so he can do what he wants with it.Fuck Amber.Wasn’t she cheating on kanye anyway??karma is a bitch….Twin bitches to be exact.

  1. So…. we just gonna bypass the whole incest part of the story. This is gross and the women’s behalf, how you having sex in the same bed with the same man as your biological identical twin. #mouthvomit

      • perhaps this story is a cover up for the fact he really gets his dookey box pumped..and he looks AIDS infested. doubt that baby is his anyway

    • You beat me to it. That’s why this story is hard to believe. Very rarely do those type of threesomes happen and when they do they’re probably paid for.

    • nothing new.

      rick james said he had mothers and daughters tag team him in the bedroom.

      lots of entertainers said they phukked groupies and their family members including sisters, moms, grandmoms,.

      willie d made a song back in 94 telling his girlfriend he wanted to phukk her mom.

      • Daily Mail had a report about 2 twin women dating a phucking the same man. They say they do everything together

        *shrug shoulders*

        To each its own

        • Two chicks I went to school with made a porn tape of them eating each other out, they were twins. Hot too.

        • jay’s living it up ugly as he is he has the hottest women.

          aaliyash, free, Rosario dawson, amil, eve, foxy brown, blu cantrrell, mya, ananda lewis, yes jays been to the mountain top.

  2. That what you get with an open marriage. the freak mad because she wasn’t there. This moron really thinks somebody cares.

  3. Riiiiiggggggght… sexing down not one but two female groupies. Hay lets heighten the situation by adding twins as to give the illusion of masculinity. He’s the man and he really love vagina ha-ha…try again.
    That baby doesn’t even look like his. It’s so obvious that this looser drug addict loves dicks

  4. Two “5’s” make a solid dime I guess. .

    Of course he paid for it. They probably didn’t even know who he is.. right now he’s a tabloid star. I know one song.. Black and Yellow.

    The full body tats let me know he is an industry pass around. I don’t know if he’s gay everywhere else though.

  5. Something about those girls look a lil off. Four digit short bus/Special Ed/a touch of Downs Syndrom-ishness

    • I dont think Amber would be suprised if she walked in on Wiz and a guy cuz I heard she use strap ons with Wiz all the time
      I heard mostly every industry couple and even some sports star couples be using dildos on their men in order to keep them satisfied and to have secrets on them

  6. They set this up, we all know Wiz gay as hell. Her beard time was up. They think they succeeded trying to make us believe their relationship was real. “We don’t believe you, you need more people”.

    • chile yeah… malnourished-ass, Feed the Children candidate-ass Wiz been gay, and one who smokes weed 7 days a damn week. sad life.

  7. ima need bald-head ass Amber Rose to grow her hair out. maybe she can then keep a man. heffa going to get edge-ups and faded-out alongside of her man aint the business. smh

    • that’s a gesture that is used to identify he’s in a certain circle of guys who mess around with other guys. that’s old news though suga. you’re late.

  8. He recently posted a pic of his ass on IG with the caption “little booty”. The jigg is up and I don’t understand why he won’t admit to what a blind man can see. He’s so depressed walking around looking like a bag of empty potato sacks and dirty towels. Or a gay pirate or something. He fell offfff!!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she did walk in on him in a full fledge nuthouse..

  9. nicca’s stop shoving your dicks in these fugly wugly women black women are better. i follow a rule called sex and black women
    dicking down a black women is like chocolate cake and ice cream take it slowly is very enjoyable

  10. Word is, he was getting served “De La Hoya Style” by them two. She was going to leave him anyway (She’s been plotting this for years and told friends because all he does is get high and go to parties. Folks will tell you the Kid doesn’t even really want to do music anymore. Ain’t got it in him. Why everyone’s jumping on her side and not his. 5 years ago, it would have been flipped. She’s hot again and he ain’t). But now if this becomes a custody battle, get ready for some serious allegations being spilled by both. Main reason she got with Nick’s company was to show the courts she can support their child better than him (we all know emotionally, but financially as well). Everyone’s just making sure THEIR name doesn’t drop in court (both haven’t been completely loyal to each other).

  11. Off Topic. I just saw the Bone Thugs N Harmony unsung. It was real deep. They were truely real rappers unlike todays bull.

    • But my baby BUZY BONE kept going in on Easy E. Wife for unpaid money and the way the group was handled after Easy passed.

      • if eazy would have lived he would have phukked them to l.ike he did everybody else on his label.

        krazie bone said eazy signed them to a phukked up record deal.

        who benefitted tomeika and jerry heller.

  12. Those twins are dirty incest having low life scums of the earth. Amber looks way better than these hoes. I wish how’s get a dream and morals. Oops I forgot their dreams are to be a side hoe.

    • know how dudes are over white girls they love white girls thasts what wiz wanted anyway amber’s half white and whites are the next step for him.

      just like kanye, nick cannon, and damn near the resat of these black celebs who go crazy over white girls.

  13. Skinny ass gotta prove something. Look at me, Look at them… I Did That! Applause for Wiz and the weed heads. Amber ain’t shocked, this was bound to happen… Rapper Guys!

  14. Wiz looks like a damn mule!
    Those twins are busted & are disgusting!
    Wiz is gay!
    Amber is beautiful & will bounce back quickly! I’m sure she will have no problem finding a new man!! 😉

  15. I’m sorry but if you engage in group sex with a blood relative then you probably have incestuous sex as well. I don’t even like to see my family members naked so I just don’t get relatives kissing intimately (Kendall and Kylie in a hot tub etc etc) or moms, daughters, and sisters having group sex…… YUCK YUCK AND FUCKING YUCK!!!!!

  16. Lies….those are two of Ambers friends who are trying to get on.
    Stop being bamboozled by phuckery.

  17. Lol….mental vampires. If you’re going to drop knowledge you must explain lest people label you a hater.

  18. amber’s a dyke shes going on bad girls club ofd all shows to get drunk, fight and dyke with the other lesbians on there.

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