Lauren London & Cassie Send Message to Khloe: “We Hate Fake B*tches!”

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When will black women realize the Kardashians are NOT their friends? This story has happened one too many times already…Kylie went behind Blac Chyna’s back and started smashing Tyga…Khloe went behind her friend Trina’s back and started dating French Montana…Kim was friends with Kanye’s ex-fiancée Alexis Phifer before she swooped in and sank her teeth into Yeezy…

And now the story continues…

This time, Khloe is getting called out by her ex-friends Cassie and Lauren London for being a “fake b*tch.” In case you forgot, Khloe is now dating Trey Songz who just so happens to be Lauren’s ex-boyfriend. Even though Lauren has since moved on and is reportedly pregnant by Nispey Hussle, shouldn’t her ex-boyfriend be off limits?

They didn’t call out Khloe directly, but you know this was directed towards her. Peep the video:

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Khloe and Lauren have been friends for years, and Lauren was even a bridesmaid in Khloe and Lamar’s wedding.

lauren london khloe wedding lamar odom

But clearly Khlozilla doesn’t care about maintaining a friendship, she’s just desperate to have any black man claim her at this point.


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  1. Didn't see any black women in the Instagram video… Just two FAKE black bishes… One is the seed of a khazarian j00 the other is another hybrid. They should know all about perpetrating fraud.

  2. They all need nasty Lauren London was f*cking Wayne who was f*cking nivea and they was both pregnant by him at the same MN e time also trina f*cked trick daddy and his brother and trina f*cked Wayne and baby so everybody nasty and Cassie has to share puffy with other womennd really why get mad Lauren is pregnant by another malewhorr and Trey and Khloé won't last long

  3. Tbqh black women worship the Kardashians. When news of kims forbes cover hit twitter I just saw black "feminists" hailing her as a hero, so happy for her. Then they'll turn around and scream "she's appropriating our culture/body parts!". I honestly just observe with a cup of tea now. Kim and her people wouldn't be a thing of black men and women weren't interested in her

  4. 1. The Kardashians look like males.
    2. Lauren London smashed all of DC, half of hip hop, and a good chunk of the NBA/NFL. It's hard for one of her friends to *not* date an ex. Johnny Applep*ssy ass bitch.
    3. Cassie "Nipple and Cooch Rings" Blackaneezsuarez is a pro. She should sit down, forever.
    4. I think Trey Songz is full-on gay, like 100% gay. He probably uses panty liners.
    5. If you use Kardashians for anything other than promo or a tip drill, you lawst.

    • Welp, for a bunch of man looking women, they've done the most with what they've got.

      • More like the least. Klodzilla's ass is warped and her sister's looks like a science experiment gone wrong.

        Sometimes when it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is just a chickenhead clucking.

        • No. I'd say they've monetized being a chickenhead flock of ducklings to the max. Somebody out there is buying what they are selling.

          There are more beautiful and sexier women falling out of the trees in LA than the Kardashians, and yet they manage to stay winning. It is an unbelievable feat of marketing and branding.

          • They were at the right place at the right time, and bending over for the right people. Their dad also has connections and loot. However, the biggest reason they're visible is they were/are f*cking high profile black men, and they're white.

            Their success is fueled by racism, white women's desire to be black women, and white women's creepy, sexual obsession with black men.

            If high profile black men stopped f*cking them tomorrow, they would disappear.

            • Thank you. The world's desire to "replace" black women is what keeps this mess alive. Using the Kardashians to even rename classic black hairstyles and shit. Worse, a lot of black women are cosigning this under "feminism"

            • White people are also using Kardashians to promote genocide. Whites try to keep rich black men away from black women, so that their money goes to white people. The Kardashian promo is partly an attempt at normalizing and encouraging genocide.

  5. Let's not typecast all black women idolizing these hoes. If your ignorant, ghetto, and have low self esteem then you might idolized them, but intelligent women know better. All these birds in Hollywood run in the same circle so I don't feel sorry for Lauren.

  6. How is she calling whoever a fake bitch, not sure if it was directly towards Khloe which I know that the rumors aren't true or Christina, remember she dated Wayne and was married to The Dream who has a child with Nieva who also Nieva has a child by Wayne the list goes on. So you can't point fingers on a rumored relationship.

  7. Khloe fired a DASH employee who was also a model…
    Then Khloe copied her haircut and her hair color…
    Khloe steals your cool and then dumps you…

    • Kim did the same with Black Chyna
      I read on another blog that the only reason Kim only hanged with Chyna was to get her butt plastic surgeon on speed dial and to hook Kylie up with Tyga

  8. Caucasian women only want what you have! They want your physical attributes, your mannerisms, and your style, so that they can swoop in and get your men. This isn't new. It's all by design, and because so many of us are hateful, and treacherous towards each other, it makes it easy for a race of woman, who are "historically" known to be used as a (war tactic) to distract, and seduce sick black men, so that what's left of our black race can be breeder out…you can take that, or leave it alone, but we don't need to have alliances with Caucasians. Leave that to the stupid celebrities…The kardasdhians are worshipped for some reason. They are being used to bring forth the race mixing agenda! We never needed to integrate our resources, education, genetics, or our social situations, and because we have, we're pretty much f*cked now! Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King! Even he realized he was wrong, that's why they popped him! "ponder"

    • I didn't either. I'm not sure how the article came to that conclusion. N E 1 care to explain?

  9. A lot of backlash on The Kardashians lately makes me think they're 15 minutes is almost up (which is a good thing). Khloe's talking out the side of her neck and Kim's getting extremely thirsty/desperate than ever before to stay in the spotlight and not be upstaged by her younger sister..but making crucial mistakes and getting blasted on Social Media. I expect a Kylie/Tyga tape any day now or Khloe being OJ's daughter being revealed on their show. They see the writing on the wall and it's the last 2 cards they have left that have not been played.

  10. Yes @11:58 (Brooklyn Queen) Thank u for the reminder to keep ALL white bitches far far away from my family man xoxo

  11. I didn't see or hear any shade thrown at Khloe. they said "Dynamic Duo" ….is that shade for fake bitch? I'm lost, sorry

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