Follower Drags Lil Kim for Not Fixing Her Daughter’s Eye, Cardi B Claps Back!

lil kim daughter eye cardi b

One of Lil Kim’s followers decided to throw in her 2 cents about The Queen Bee’s daughter’s eye…and a reality tv. star stepped in to clap back!

The “concerned” follower left a comment under a picture of Lil Kim and her daughter, Royal Reign, at the Hip Hop Honors show.

In the picture, you can clearly see Kim’s daughter has some sort of eye condition (or as the dumb azz follower called it, a “cocktail eye”,) and she demanded the rapper get the baby’s eye fixed ASAP!

Love & Hip Hop New York’s Cardi B saw the comment and decided to step in. Peep the exchange below.

Do you think Cardi did the right thing by clapping back?


  1. It's unfortunate that followers would be so insensitive to make such comments. I am sure that every and anything that can be done has been done and will be done as she gets older. No follower would care more about her daughter's health than her mother. Get a life and grow the hell up.

    • Age doesn't matter here. This is why pediatric ophthalmologists exist. You fix stuff like this as early as possible. Time actually makes these things harder to correct. Kim's walking around bleached and weaved up to the gods, but her baby's eyes are going all different directions? That's that hood parenting. Like when the power bill hasn't been paid and the kids haven't been fed but mama's out walking around in nice clothes with hair and nails freshly done. Not cool.

      • My son was born with the same condition. We patched his eye when younger and he wears glasses now. Surgery was not an option because we felt it would be mainly for cosmetic reasons. Having a lazy eye lid has never bothered my son and over the years as he's got older the eyelid has raised up itself and is a lot less noticeable now he is 16.

      • We live in a sick society- NO ONE KNOWS WHY!!!!!! She has not put her child in the position of having surgery to her eye- you have no idea what the doctors have said. I have a cousin who had this issue because he inherited from my awesome uncle who has evidently lived fine with his wondering eye and the never had issues with the ladies besides them fighting over him- durty dog him! lol. My little cousin wore a patch then thick glasses when he was a toddler – he did not get the operation until he was in grade school now he is a male model on the runway honey! not just a male model- this dude is on the runway in milan! He is beautiful. So I understand she may have to wait like my uncle and wife did.

        • Exactly I suffered from a lazy eye and getting surgery very young actually scared my tissue, also being too young your muscles are not strong enough anyway. Im still beautiful so who cares.

      • You’re wrong her eye condition cannot be corrected until she’s 4 or 5 years old.

        • My son was born with the same thing and had his lid lifted at two. If it isn’t affecting their vision, its better to wait till they’re older tho. My son is now seven and you’d never know he was born with nerve and muscle damage to the muscle that was supposed to hold it up and make it function to begin with. Super thankful for the Docs my son had and still has.

    • RIGHT!!!!! And just like Card I B said… What's wrong with having a lazy eye anyway??? She's still gorgeous. Her lazy eye looks betta than this dummy's face too.???????

  2. Cardi b teeth were jacked up but when she got money she got them fixed. Why? Because she has low self esteem and she's in the industry. She's a cracked head looking Nikki Minaj. She needs to stay in her lane.

  3. Lil Kim's daughter is a cutie but kids can be cruel. I know Kim is vain but I hope this isn't karma.

    • It's called strabimus. My son had it but it is usually treated initially with eye strengthening exercises. If that's ineffective the child can have corrective surgery. My son had the surgery and is great. He usually wears contacts and his strabismus is unnoticeable. To suggest the child has a genetic eye condition due to karma is insensitive and immature.

  4. I read what the woman said and it was not offensive. It was informative and she was empathizing. Cardi b is the problem. She's trying to be the next Lil Kim or Nikki and she's a reality star joke.

    • This reply is to anonymous 10:26. Having a son that suffered from strabismus I know before any surgery is done the child will have eye strengthening exercises. How does this person know whether or not she's getting treatment? Strengthening the eye is not an overnight process and my son wasn't referred for surgery until about 8. In the interim, my son wore glasses which controlled the strabimus but initially he just used an eye patch. This woman is making assumptions about someone's else's child based on two pictures. It's very possible that the child doesn't have strabismus and just took a bad pic. Even if she has it, no one would know she's being treated because as she stated the child would wear a patch for a few hours preferably at home. She should get a life.

  5. Gotta respeck Kim for not hiding her child tho, because as vein as she seems regarding her own looks, she loves and is proud of her baby.

  6. Cockeyed is probably what the 'helpful' poster was trying to say. Personally I feel that she should have kept her opinions to herself. How incredibly insulting and insensitive to suggest that Lil Kim is negligent to her daughter's care / needs. Some people!

  7. I think the little girl is such a cutey
    But y do lil kim got her hair cut in a caesar like a little boy haircut and y do she have the baby dressed in leopard print?
    I already know most folks are in denial about these things, but it is trend in hollyweird to do these type of things

    • The baby is innocent, but parents in hollyweird will sacrifice their child just for a promotion for fame and riches
      It seem like trangender is the sacrifice nowadays
      I know some people allegedly are born that way, but dam at least let the child be 13 and older to expiriment with opposite sex clothing and hairdos

  8. My child had a lazy eye and at that age we patched Your child is only suppose to wear a patch of a few hours and it's not an overnight fix it takes a while. My child ended up needing surgery but they didn't know till she was older. I'm sure Kim doing what needs to be done.

    • I had the same situation with my son Jenny. First he used a patch and glasses. He ultimately got the surgery and all is well. He's actually a handsome young man and his strabismus is unnoticeable. People are insensitive and ignorant. I hope all is well with your daughter. Lil Kims daughter will be just fine.

      • Its people like her that made me insecure as a child about mine, I salute kim cuz my mom made me wear shades to hide it. I love you Kim

  9. Someone needs to tell Lil Kim what to do, her azz sure didn't listen to nobody about the plastic surgery OD she had.

    The woman was sincere and although she used some slang — what if she had used the actual medical term, strabismus

    You think Lil Kim's dumb, "I lost my identity and I can't get my ID" azz would know what that is?

    • Well you may know the term but it can’t be fixed until shes 5 or older. They do eye exercises first.

  10. That child does not have strabismus. Her condition is something more than being "cockeyed."

    I think surgery will be required, and Kim's doctor has probably told her that they need to wait until the baby's skull is more developed. I don't blame her for not giving a detailed description about her condition. It is no one's business but hers and the family.

    • And, of course you know that it is not strabismus. I only used that medical term to explain the slang, "cocktail eye". But of course, you know what it is!

      Well, I wish your daughter good luck and blessings for the surgery when it happens, Ms. Kimberly Denise Jones

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  12. Poor child. Obviously the child is MK ultra. Getting electric shock therapy hence the eye problem and wearing animal print. Wow these sick bastards start them so young its a shame!

    • O hopthis osntisn't the case with this precious one. I know all about what you are saying. Sick sick sick I hope this is not the case with these precious baby I don't event want to imagine that.

    • I wouldnt trust any of these money hungry , fame chasing hollyweird parents
      They get away with stuff that the regular working joe would never get away with
      Its like they r above regular laws

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  18. I read that the condition can fix itself or she can have the surgery but the surgery can cause blindness. Just because her beauty standard is not the same as some does not make her ugly.

  19. First off my daughter jas the same condition and unless it affects her vision they will not fix it until the age of 5 if she was to have surgery now ahe will have to get the same surgery again at 5 years of age

  20. Bottom line is She’s Kim’s little Princess? & Kim loves her daughter, so anything else is irrelevant. #THATISALL I WONDER WHAT THE WORLD WOULD BE LIKE WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA✌

  21. The reality is that the child needs her eye fixed regardless of who says it. The fans, her doctor, whoever. Without knowing her situation, she might need to wear a patch over her left eye to force the orbital muscles of the right eye to work. Generally you wear the patch all day except for bathing. This should have started when she was an infant. It’s getting late. Also, what does race have to do with any of this. I would hope Kim is doing the right thing by her child but to this date, it shows the kid will grow up with a lazy right eye.

  22. I agree with the one poster who said that the child does not have strabismus. This is something worse, and I fear it may be neurological. It’s a shame because you can see how cute she could be.

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