Child Actress Rae’ven Kelly Allegedly Brutalized by Law Enforcement

raeven kelly police assault

Rae’Ven Kelly, the young actress who has appeared in “A Time to Kill,” “Vampire Slayer,” “Hannah Montana,” and she also played the young Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” has just revealed a traumatic story involving law enforcement.

The actress is accusing Los Angeles sheriffs officers of brutality in a lengthy open letter posted by the website I Love Old School Music.

In the letter, Rae’Ven said she was riding the train in South Pasadena, CA when an LA County sheriff officer asked to see her train ticket. She produced two tickets with the time and date stamped, but the sheriff accused her of attempting to ride the train for free.

She began videotaping as the cop began to berate her, and he told her she could tape all she wanted because “it wouldn’t matter.” Six officers then approached her, she was handcuffed, slammed into a metal bench, groped during a search, and her shoulder and wrist were injured while they put her in the sheriff’s car.

The cops allegedly laughed during the whole ordeal and called her “girl,” and made comments such as, “well, you know how these people are…”

She was taken to the police station where she was physically abused, denied feminine products and was forced to sit in her bloody and soiled clothes, ridiculed and roughed up.

When it came time to release her, they asked her to sign a form saying she wasn’t harmed by any of the sheriffs, but she refused to sign.

That’s when one of the officers recognized her from “Hannah Montana” and “A Time to Kill.” That’s when they totally flipped the script!

They began calling her “Miss Kelly” and said they would release her with no charges if she lied and said she wasn’t harmed. She refused to comply so they booked her, and waited hours to release her so the swelling and bruises would fade away.

You can read her full story here.


  1. Maybe there should be a book created to contain all the stories like this. I have one. And so many commenters do too. But until white folks 'get it' they won't. America has always had a police brutality problem including deadly force but the media decides what to reveal and when.

  2. All I know is these Metro police in La are out of their minds. They sit around and just wait sometimes to berate or attack passengers. A lot of shit pops off on the train but instead of attending to that they are harassing and investigating people about tickets. Funny because come nightfall these same f*cks are nowhere to be found cause that's when it really goes down.

    • It isn't getting, it has been out of hand. You would know that if you actually were informed about the issues surrounding "your people."

  3. I don't know how anyone can stomach living in America. As a black person I feel extremely safe here in the UK.

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  9. I need to see video or some kind of hard evidence before I make any serious judgement's here. Not saying it couldn't have happened, but because I know this is a real opportune time for celebrities of any degree to try and push this BLM/police brutality/ race war narrative to bring about martial law.

    • Who the f*ck are you, that anyone has to prove their experience to? Bitch Please.

      • Simple. Anyone making large claims should have empirical proof of evidence that shows wrongdoing.

        • The Truman Show,
          How you maintain such a cool calm demeanor in spite of the BS you're well aware of going on amazes the hell out of me. You're good!!!???

          • I'm with Truman Show. Something doesn't sound right. If she showed them a valid ticket, they could not have taken her in an arrested her. If she had said that they roughed her up and acted like assholes on the train I would have believed her. But anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that with all the shit going on now, a cop isn't going to arrest some
            innocent young girl having a paid for ticket. Harass? Yes. But not arrest and book.

              • There is no rationalizing with the afflicted on this site. They cannot see past the nose on their face.

              • Sarah What I do believe is that cos are under a microscope now(as they should be,) It's unusual that a cop would arrest someone with a valid ticket knowing that it would be put out on Twitter and other social media. Sorry that I am not as cynical as you, but that's how I feel.

            • Here's the thing. The train in La is patrolled by the La County Sherriff's and if you know anything about them then this story is possible. Now, the fact that this girl had two tickets is suspect because people pass tickets with time left on them all the time. If that's the case then the officers would have had to actually see her take an already used ticket from someone as opposed to her paying a separate fair for one herself. I think the officer suspected she didn't purchase her own and came at her. I suspect she knew she was busted but knew that nothing could be proved and that's probably why the cops were mad. She took out her phone and it all went down from there. The Sherriff's mess with people for less every damm day. It seems like they get off on harassing black women and black teenagers but let the real thugs that will shoot back alone. I see them all the time at the train station chilling right in front of their station while people are smoking BIG weed ( although legal here is so much and so strong you can taste it in the air ugh) people are gambling and running lights ALL the time but the focus never seems to be on them…just kids and women.

            • I'm not sure that is true. There is a story circulating about these 2 Savannah, Ga. cops who arrested someone with full knowledge that he was not the person they were looking for. He was sitting in his driveway when the cops roll up and ask who he is. He is confused and clearly frightened so it takes him a minute to respond, but he very clearly says his name is "Patrick". The police were looking for someone else but continuously harass this guy in front of witnesses. They accost him and get his id which confirms he is not who they are after, but he gets arrested anyway and charged with obstruction. The police do these things so that their authority is not questioned, even if they are wrong. If they harass you about a trumped up charge and when you prove you are not guilty of what is being accused, the cops cannot be seen to be fallible. That is why they create another circumstance to arrest you, escalating the confrontation so that you can be charged with resisting or whatever. It is a very familiar tactic. You may mean well, but you are incredibly naive if you believe that officers will not retroactively create a dangerous situation in order to cover up their overzealous treatment of black citizens, male and female.

          • lol I know this post is like a week old, but I just know that these anons-a lot, not all) are nothing more than trolls who are just hardpressed, and looking for a reaction. If they can't bring anything to the discussion, then they aren't even worth addressing.

            • Bitch you constantly address because you are a weak punk ass motherf*cker…and you are anon too…having a BS screenname means jack shit.

    • I'm with you. Not saying it can't happen but I'm not going to jump to conclusions.

  10. @TheTrumanShow your response is why millions of usa black females have opted out of fake black unity. one sided loyalty is for suckas. You need proof that a bw was mistreated??? Thats my I stay my black female ass at home not marching to protest any police brutaily against a black male.


    • Uh yeah you read correctly. I need some actual proof before I jump on anyone's bandwagon. The George Soro's, BLM agenda is pushing the race war that ignorant negroes like you get baited to, and follow hook, link and sinker. Im not just going to take someone's word in any case without seeing definitive proof, especially when a lot of women will lie for material gains or revenge- ex false rape claims.

      Oh and by the way, I am a woman.

      • So you are a woman-hating, black-hating wack job. Got it.

        Self-hate must be the only thing that keeps you breathing. You spew enough of it to suck the oxygen out of a building.

      • I remember that actress who accused the cops of harassing her and her boyfriend for having sex in the open in her car. She complained to the media and carried on and then the truth came out.
        Just like Truman says, what's wrong with wanting to hear the whole story before making a judgment? If what she says is accurate, she'll be able to sue and she won't have to ride the train any longer. And good for her. But I want to see the receipts.

        • No one has the obligation to show you shit! That is her experience and if it happened to her, it will work out the way it is supposed to. Who the f*ck are you people, who believe they are owed something? Pfffft FOH…

          • Even when they see the proof, they'll conclude that the CIA has something to do with it

            • No that is not it. It's like that young Ga Tech student who was found hanged in Piedmont Park recently. Everyone including Black Twitter jumped to the conclusion that he was lynched. It was later that it was learned he was a gay man who was suffering from all the judgment and isolation from his church family. He committed suicide.

              That's why I like to hear the full story before jumping to conclusions.

              • Just because that situation happened doe not mean there aren't people in ga killed for walking while black. If you watched the special about the atl child murders they were still going on even after they caught ww and a white man who had infiltrated the kkk said they would go out and kill random blk people so one time it didn't happen does not mean it does not.

      • The Truman Show: Is it really fair to say that the BLM movement is "pushing us towards a race war"? That seems to be counter-intuitive. The BLM is a symptom of the disease that is systemic, institutional racism in this country. The movement is a response, a reaction to it. If BLM did not exist, the racism we experience still would. So in light of that fact, it cannot be the end sum reason we are nearing a breaking point of violence. According to my study, I have not seen one BLM leader ever promote violence or incite conflict. I don't understand ppl like you who have the opinion that reacting to evil then makes you responsible for the evil you are reacting to. I do believe you should have all the facts before forming an opinion. I applaud ppl with that viewpoint. I just can't support your stance on BLM. It's like the people that speak against those who advocate against police BRUTALITY and say they are anti police. How is that the same thing?

        • "That seems to be counter-intuitive. The BLM is a symptom of the disease that is systemic, institutional racism in this country. The movement is a response, a reaction to it. If BLM did not exist, the racism we experience still would"- And to that I would ask, what exactly has BLM accomplished? Name a single accomplishment they have made that has ACTUALLY had a impact in the REAL, tangible world? "If BLM did not exist, the racism we experience still would"- Are we still not experiencing racism as we speak? Racism has and always will exist, and no matter what you do, those who hate you will forever continue to do so simply because. Black people need to stop looking for f*cking white acceptance, and start learning our rights and empowering ourselves. We are the only group of people here in the US that looks for handouts and acceptance from whitey, while other groups are starting businesses and putting money back into their communities. Black lives matter is not even FUNDED by black people, but by George Soros, a jew who is aligned with many in the democratic party. BLM is complete and utter bullshit just by the fact that they they gripe and complain about cops killing us- which is actually a minority), yet remain completely silent when it comes to the fact that WE are terrorizing out OWN communities by large. BLM is helping to push the police state/martial law agenda, and it's main member, Derail Mckes- I mean Deray Mckesson has been found guilty along with Loretta Lynch of trying to help bring martial law into fruition.

          Trying thinking for yourself would you please.

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    • @Uncletruth – Only westernized Black men despise Black women and vice versa. Blacks with COHESIVE and CLANNISH cultures deal with priorities that don't include 3rd party manufactured gender conflict. They are more concerned about the quality of life for their future generations.

      Blacks who embrace the pathological acculturisms of Caucasians will surely bring about their own demise. Ancestrally-connected Blacks will survive.

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  27. Thanks to the poster who let us know what the deal is on LA Rapid Transit. I do believe this girl. How humiliating and denigrating to sit in your own menstrual flow; but, that is the point: to denigrate black people. Notice how they wanted her to “cosign” her own abuse. I am glad she stood up to them.

    But to the folks on here who somehow believe that black on black crime and family dysfunction is a cause of police brutality, I have two words for you: Stockholm Syndrome.
    Stockholm Syndrome: or “capture-bonding”, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

    Please study your history. Tulsa, OK, 1921, Chicago 1923 and Rosewood, FL 1919. These were thriving black communities. Tulsa was known as the Black Wall Street. White terrorism destroyed black communities in those aforementioned cities and elsewhere. No remorse, investigation or restitution. And Black folks then were trying to survive and strive; there was no time to act da fool. There was never the requisite of a “reason” for Black people to be brutalized by the larger society.

    White folks in America were bestowed a society not seen before in history: the guarantee of sustainability based solely on the color of one’s skin. No competition from Blacks, Asians and Latinos – their unions, schools, sports and jobs were exclusive unto them. They had the PRIVILEDGE of working to provide for their families. They were earning a payscale way above their educational and social position. Their life span was increased due to medical care, and even life insurance.

    But, most importantly, they were AFFIRMED. In the media, in every day life, in advertisement, books and each other, they were affirmed. They were taught their history where as ours was stolen. They had rights, we had none. THEY WAS WHITE, THEREFORE THEY BE.

    Now, things are a changin’. So, their line of defense is digging in and shooting and brutalizing unarmed citizens who pay their damn salary with our taxes. Their kids are on dope and the parents are committing suicide. They are changing genders and choosing mood stabilizers. The elite has turned on them and are AFFIRMING their power. Whites are now learning that they only thrived at the PLEASURE of the elite. So, they are digging in because the universe, creator, God, the environment has called TIME. They had a nice ride, but like all civilizations, time is being called. It doesn’t matter what we are doing as Black people, THEIR TIME is being called because they were too brutal and evil to others (even their own) and that energy is now in a direction of BLOWBACK.

    Oh, but let me just add. TIME is gonna be called on all this thug, violent, misogynist, drug, thieving, murdering , jealous bullsh*t in our communities too. It just ain’t TIME yet. But when it is TIME, we don’t even have a line of defense so our fall will be quite swift, unlike the whites.

    So put away the Stockholm Syndrome, what we do ain’t got nothin’ to do with it.

    It just ain’t time for us, but it is time for them.

    • And I only have 1 word for you- facts




      Taken straight from wikipedia –

      Crime trends[edit]
      Some studies had argued for smaller racial disparities in violent crime in recent times. However, a study of government data from 1980–2008 found that the reduction in Black violent crime relative to White violent crime was an artifact of those previous studies, which was due to Hispanic offenders being counted as White in the comparison. The Hispanic population has been increasing rapidly and Hispanics have violence rates higher than that of Whites but lower than that of Blacks.[30]

      According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and "Other" 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 times higher than whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Most homicides were intraracial, with 84% of white victims killed by whites, and 93% of black victims killed by blacks.[38][39][40]

      Youth crime[edit]
      The "National Youth Gang Survey Analysis" (2011) state that of gang members, 46% are Hispanic/Latino, 35% are black, 11.5% are white, and 7% are other race/ethnicity.[41]

      According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in the year 2008 black youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58.5% of youth arrests for homicide and 67% for robbery. Black youths were overrepresented in all offense categories except DUI, liquor laws and drunkenness.[42]

      According to the National Crime Victimization Survey in 2002, the black arrest rate for robbery was 8.55 times higher than whites, and blacks were 16 times more likely to be incarcerated for robbery than non-Hispanic whites. Robberies with white victims and black offenders were more than 12 times more common than the reverse.[43][44]

      • You believe every thing the media feeds. Take all that shit and shove it up your AZZ!!!!

      • What is your point?

        I know the stats; I am saying that those stats were not there (are high) when we were being terrorized, dehumanized and brutalized on a daily basis, as a given. The white society at large does not need stats to be racist.

        You can throw out the stats, but when the stats were low, what are your FACTS for the lynchings, bombings, spitting, theft, rape and murder of our people by white terrorists?

        Don't answer that because I know you don't have an answer.

        Look, in the 1990s, stop and frisk was a crime fighting strategy the cops would do to lower crime per Mayor Guiliani piggo. It was an extreme failure. Why? Because thecops were stopping black ministers, black catholic priests, Wall St. financial people, lawyers, doctors, etc. It was the white cop's way of putting "niggers in place". Meanwhile, the crack craziness was raging.

        Miss me in advance with your BS about criminals come in suits. Street crack dealers were not in formal business attire.

        This society doesn't need a reason or stats to be racist.

        • "You can throw out the stats, but when the stats were low, what are your FACTS for the lynchings, bombings, spitting, theft, rape and murder of our people by white terrorists?
          Don't answer that because I know you don't have an answer."

          Who are the one's lynching us now hmmm? Now during and pre civil rights era I'll give you that one, but where have you heard of lynchings, bombings, spitting, theft and rape by white in massive numbers today? And if you have heard of them, how many of them have turned out to be entirely false? You are as ignorant as the day is long if you really believe this. Like most pro-blacks, you are using the typical "slavery" argument, and bringing up past events, to justify your ignorance; as if they have some direct correlation to what is happening now. Once again, unless you have the stats to prove what you're saying is correct, sit down and shut the f*ck up.

      • We know the stats, both experientially and through research.

        You think racism would stop if the stats were lower? You think those stats were always that high, even though we were always catching hell?

        Stockholm Syndrome – severe case.

        Just remember, stop and frisk under Guiliani (former Mayor of NY, a real racist pigf*cker)? It was a colossal failure because the cops were targeting BLACK PROFESSIONALS instead of street hoodlums.

        Until THEIR CULTURE changes, police wrongdoing will continue. What we are doing ain't got a damn thing to do with that.

        • Regardless of all the typical rhetoric, and verbal diarrihea you've typed out here, you still cannot knock down proven statistics that point out the obvious. You have absolutely no argument here.

          As the stats I have posted prove that we terrorize each other on a much higher bases, as well as other races. We may be only 13% of the population, but we commit crimes in much higher frequency. No matter how much you bitch and moan, nothing you say can knock that down. Oh and crack you say? Crack was in our communities, but we didn't have to buy it, and we damn sure didn't have to sell it to people of our own skin color if we saw the damage it was doing. Rudy Guiliani, may have been racist, but the NYPD were mainly stopping and frisking blacks in poor neighborhoods, or those who warranted some heir of suspicion. Their culture is NOT going to change, and why should it if we're already doing the damage to ourselves. No one here who's pointing out black on black crime has "Stockholm syndrome", we're just pointing out the inconvenient truth that people like you don't want to acknowledge. Blacks need to stop with this bullshit victim complex. At this point white america can't do to us any more damage than what we're already doing to ourselves. Racism is never going away, and black people need to stop this bullshit thinking of trying to make ourselves appeasing and trying to make everyone like us. You don't go up to your so-called oppressors and beg for them to treat you better. That's not how it works.

          In conclusion- If what Im saying is wrong, bring up the stats to combat my argument. Either do that or sit the f*ck down.

        • In spite of all you whining and typical anti- intellectualism, you cannot knock down proven government statistics. Blacks need to stop victimizing themselves.

      • If you want to assert facts, IMO use something more weighty than wiki. Also, are these "facts" intended to assert the presumption that black ppl are inherently more violent and more prone to crime than whites and hispanics and thereby absolve the police of any wrongdoing for their tactics? Is it then ok for the police to see a black person and assume they just got finished or are about to start some criminal enterprise? I don't want to presume that is what you mean. If not, what point are you making?

        • Um apparently you missed the sources I included that were PROVEN FBI statistics, taken over the course of a series of years. The truth is the truth, it is what it is whether or not you like it. You don't want to accept it because it doesn't fit your narrative. All Im going to finish out and say is that if my sources are wrong and false, then PROVE to me that they are. Until you can do that, I stand corrected.

          • You sit here talking about conspiracy with Loretta Lynch being involved, yet believe FBI stats? Bitch please…you are lost AND delusional…lol.

    • I am the poster who explained about La Metro and you're welcome. Thank you for so eloquently breaking that black on black deflection tactic. *applause*?

      • thank you again for the info. If I am ever in LA I will know to avoid the transit AND ESPECIALLY THE TRANSIT COPS. That is what this site used to be about, Black folks from all over lettin' each other know the deal from Southeast La to Chi to Harlem to England. Unfortunately, there are those that just want to distract with a lot of insults.

  28. Also hopefully Jackie can deliver some real good tea soon. This site is starting to feel like TMZ as of late. I miss the real juicy insider stuff

    • Bitch please. You are so out of touch with reality you need to know what the f*ck is really going on in the world.

  29. She is a very pretty young lady who has had a rough time of it. She sued her parents for stealing one million dollars and spreading a rumor that he has AIDS. She married a white guy who her parents accused of being a gay pornographer.

    She may have some issues. There is nothing online about this incident as of now(except for this article.)

    • There you have it she had a white husband where are the bm bashers.these white washed bw are the ones crying racism more.sometime s its all in their messed up heads.

      • WM who wife BW are good men. Duh.

        They appreciate BW and treat us right. WW only get with BM for sex and money.

    • In regards to all this BLM movement, one has to wonder why a white man is bankrolling it …

      Also, would black men be marching for us? That is what I would love to know. Sadly, I think I can guess the answer ?

        • @ uncle liar beware what you wish for. a white man, frank sommerville in the bay area the same man shown braiding his adopted black daughter's hair, remember that, petty hater? Anywho, this wm, opened a can a worms on facebook talking about why don't black men protect and march for bw, hahaha the secret is out. FN unloyal, unprotection hoes. Think the world hasn't noticed? It has. Men of other races consider their kids and community jewels of the crown punks like you are just closeted man-lovers trolling as bitter misogynists.

          I'm quite sure the topic will be on the daily mail soon. yeh the wm will be marching for bw.

      • Do you think white men are going to protect you more? If all black men were dead would that put us black women in a more advantageous space than we find ourselves in currently? Are you saying that we bw should not care what happens to them because they are delinquent in their duty to us? I'll be the first to admit that BM have a long way to go to atone for their slavishness toward us; but I have brothers, cousins a father and a son and husband that I see mirrored in every black man living. All of them are somebody's something and are my brothers from other mothers. Do what's right because its right. If you only stand up for ppl who stand up for you each time you need it you gon be sitting down a lot.

        • When you put it like that it does make sense but it still hurts to see that they are so reticent in their support for us.

  30. Brains is back insulting posters for a couple dollars and hits. Wwc is like seven characters and all of them are stupid

    • Is it weird the WWC just "disappeared" after holding that identity for over a year? She/he was Chocalatey Brown originally and then Lovable Fruits. She changes her/his gender ever so often too. Who do ya think she/he is now? "Cause you know she/he's still around.

      And personally, I don't believe there is any way the Brains is involved. No matter what he calls himself, he has never come across as illiterate like WWC does.

      "Pedal Stool" anyone? (as in "I don't put her up on a pedal stool."

  31. Yeah insulting ignorant posters, you really could have kept that lame post to yourself.

  32. I def believe this. I transported from Burbank to LA….back down to Santa Clarita (the deputy's base) to be booked on a driving while license suspended warrant even after I told the bytch I had a child to pick up and no other jurisdiction or station would waste time taking me. They are some very despicable and thirty daughters and sons bitches bitches.

    • *was

      the ugly biatch didn't believe me either and because I wouldn't produce an ID instead of my passport the bytch decides to run my passport and found out I had the warramt. stupid bytch. it was years ago but still pisses me off. the bytch had no compassion. jailing folks over train tickets and drivers licenses when mfs are out here killing people left and right at the same time.

      • You sound like a really nice person. I can't believe anyone would give you any trouble.

  33. this hoe got wats coming to her thats karma for dating out her race the karmic repercutions for dating out hits harder on bw due to ther ignorance of slaver era rape .karma hates stupidity women are breeders breed 4 ur enslavers and suffer 4eva.karma is a conscious primal force.

      • unlike u i have a job i shortened my txts.ppl with high iq got what i wrote.i type in full when im less busy did u feed ur fatherless ghetto kids yet.

        • LMAO, whoever hired you must be the stupidest person on the planet, lol. I am sure your job has nothing to do with speaking or writing, because we know for a fact you damn sure can not write a sentence worth a damn, lol.

        • FYI, did not read past the first couple of words the rest of that shit looks like chickenscratch, lol. Fucking ignorant bastard, lol.

    • LMAO, the reason why there is such hate in your heart is because no bw wants you!!! LOL

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          You are still a hemorrhoid on the ass of all women, lol.

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  44. Wow Uncle truth, I feel sorry for you, you are definitely cursed. All that bad energy you spew and hatred you express will most certainly return to you X fold. I'd wish you good luck with that but I am sure you are heading for a shit show. The true God in heaven will protect others against your evil, cancerous, and nasty words and intentions and condemn you for giving in to your most banal and basic self. I pray one day that you wake up and stop this foolishness you are doing before your flood comes. I'm truly scared for you:(

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