Solange Encourages Everyone to Move Money to Black-Owned Banks

solange black owned banks

After the brutal deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Solange Knowles decided it was time to hit America where it hurts…in its pockets!

The singer has announced that she would be moving her funds to a Black-owned bank, and she encourages everyone else to do the same.

“While I realize this is a very personal decision and thing to share, I’m proud to say I made that step todayTime to literally put my money where my mouth is.” – Solange

Solange’s website now has the link to 20 Black-owned institutions around the country.

She isn’t the first celeb to support and encourage opening accounts at Black-owned banks. Usher, Killer Mike and Jermaine Dupri have also shown support for Black-owned institutions by opening up accounts back in February.

Solange realized she needs to work harder to support Black businesses, and this is the first step to helping out the Black community.

“We have marched, protested, fought, donated, built schools, mentored, used our voices, met with leaders, started…invested and supported our own black businesses (although I admittedly can do even better on this one), Created platforms to empower one another, and have been [activists] just by existing in the spaces we have only to be told over and over again that it does. not. matter. We do not matter. Our bodies don’t matter. Our minds do not matter.” – Solange

You can see Solange’s list of black-owned banks here.


  1. Tell your sister and her husband to move their money to an all black bank.. In fact they have enough money to start their own bank.. Also if you really serious about changes, stop buy their clothing store, shoes, makeup, purses and etc…

  2. Tuh, whats the point if the money becomes worthless. Lost me when you mentioned usher and Jermaine Dupri (cough)….

  3. Hell jermaine dupri ain't got no damn $ hell u can have $10,000 in a damn bank get 27 cents in f*cking interest ppl take ur damn $ out bank put that shidd in a sock

  4. name me a black-owned bank and i'll transfer my money then. otherwise, im super satisfied with my High Yield Investor Checking account I currently have with my present financial institution Charles Schwab Bank – best bank i've ever had in my life who doesn't charges any fees and refunds all of your ATM fees.

  5. I applaud her step in the right direction urging black folks to vote with their wallets


    you know some tricky financial joo shit would happen to those black-owned banks if we did that.

    But keep a little savings account in a black bank. I do with Carver. Not all my money, but some.

    • you're so right. sadly to say, when most of us own or run something, we muck it up and eventually run it into the ground. OR…we'll scam our own people just to save face. so gloomily to say, i'll keep my ish where it is which is not in our people's bank.

  6. The clueless trained monkey has spoken !
    Her family is definitely hoo owned …
    She is a coon encouraging self segregation which is exactly the purpose of the joo owned and bankrolled BLM movement…

    • Self segregation was one of the final remedies that MLK Jr. indirectly implied when he was quoted saying to Harry Belafonte, "I fear that I have integrated my people into a burning house…"

      Self Segregation is Self Preservation

      Ask the Gazelles in Africa!

      • I couldn't agree more with you on that !
        Self Segregation only will guarantee peace between the races living on Earth…
        We are not ready to live in multi racial societies…

        • Too late for all that, we have too many self-hating coons who would turn on us on a dime, if given the chance. Which is more than obvious given many of the comments on these threads.

  7. yeah, unfortunately to have to say this but most of our own color too shady and con artist-ish, mainly when it comes to money. im happy with Wells Fargo asses. she is exhibiting typical coonage behavior of trying to start up segregation in the 21st century. and aint nobody thankin bout these so called celebs and athletes who think they God n shit like mfkers pose to listen to them every time tragic hits the country.

  8. The best black banks to put your money in are Nigerian banks.

    They're the only banks in the entire world (that I know of) offering *20% interest* on accounts *under $50,000*.

  9. Nigerian banks also have good interest rates on very short periods. Interest rates at US banks haven't looked like that since the 60s, and it takes a million to get anything resembling a good rate.

    O/T Nigerian T-bills also seem attractive, but I need more info.

  10. Debbuatee, brothers and sistas, the black owned bank in Amerikkka is called Citizens Trust Bank. There address is 75 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Georgia 30303

    • i pass by that bank a few times as a matter of fact. but I'll stay with Schwab Bank. 'preciate it NBA. you're swell…Lol. *dyin* at the spelling of my pseudo name though.

  11. Credit Unions are still the best way to go. The first step however, should be doing as much business with black owned business as possible. The time will come when we eventually exodus to our own land, but can't do that when your new home land will exist in time/space some years from now. Esau can attack you or take what you have when you get timing out of sync. When you know who you are, and follow the "script", you will know what to do at the right time. All the stuff in the news is leading up to the final exit. The 2nd Exodus.

    • Europe does not revolve around England, France and Portugal …
      Better not use those words of yours should you travel in eastern europe …

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