Kylie & Tyga Back Together After Trans Rumors

Kylie & Tyga Back Together After Trans Rumors
“Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved.”

After multiple transgender women came forward to put Tyga on blast for engaging in trans sex, Kylie decided to end things with the rapper to focus on her career. But the rapper and the 17-year-old are back together, and Tyga picked up the 17-year-old in a green Bentley on July 12 for a dinner date at Nobu restaurant.

Kylie & Tyga Back Together After Trans Rumors


Tyga did some begging, pleading, and dropped some stacks over the weekend to get Kylie to reconsider their relationship. Kylie posted a photo of six new pairs of luxury shoes that Tyga most likely bought her. And, that looks like a brand new Hermés bag she’s using to cover up her face, too. It’s pretty obvious Tyga had to run up some credit cards to keep Kylie happy.

As long as the gifts keep pouring in, Kylie will remain a ride or die for her man despite his fudge packing ways!


  1. She’s going to use out all of his money, and left him broke. Classic Kardashian move, leave rich black men flat broke.

    Ah, Kris is only following orders for the higher up’s…… They dislike rich black men, who date black women.

      • @Sasha R.

        Laughing at him, won’t solve anything… Kylie is only with him because he’s popular in urban community.

        Khole date’s NBA player’s, Kim dates high profile celebrities.

        It’s seem too calculated.

    • You guys do realize you are talking about a seventeen year old. The reason why it’s called statutory rape is because anything younger than 18 is a child and there is a good physcolgical reason for that decision. If you believe this girl is taking advantage of a GROWN ASS MAN then we will have to disagree. What is sad is how you are turning Tyga into a victim and he is far from that. Double standards and coddling men is wack. He is a father, he need to be somewhere taking his son to a soccer practice or something

    • they’re all nasty! the k kLAN, and Tyga! As a matter of fact, the industry is nasty, itself! Why am I suddenly thinking about Janet Jackson apostrophe s song nasty boy? – laughing –

  2. They will be having 3somes with bruce before all this nastiness comes to an end

  3. I wish Bruce was not so concerned with his transition because he still has parental obligations. Kylie deserves to have a father providing her with love and teaching her the game. Tyga ain’t shit and this movie is not going to have the happy ending her teenage self is expecting. Good luck to her.

    she knew tyga was bisexual, hell tyga was with ymcm which means young men chasing men.

    the family is bisexual and trannies in Hollywood you have to be gay now and its showing cause everybody wanna come out like bruce, tyga, and dudes wearing skirts and those that don’t try to wear kilts which we blacks has no Scottish roots jigga, kanye, r Kelly, ain’t nothing Scottish about them but they wear kilts.

    yes r Kelly’s pedo ass wore a skirt and this girl whos A BIG FAN SAID SO HES STILL SEXY.

  5. Kilts are far from feminine. And how do you know who has scottish roots or not, you hanging in their family trees?

    And the age of consent varies from state to state and in CA it’s 17, so there would be no statutory rape in this case. Now if he was with her when she was 16, that’s another story.

    • why are all the weak azz niggas into k chicks??? I mean, why are all the weak azz niggas into k tricks??? laughing my black butt off! Now, flip that! Cuz I can get down with some words now, and flip them any which way you want to! – laughing! – see, it goes both ways! They’re messing with each other point blank, period!

  6. BtW, those are some really nice shoes, but, what does it profit a man to gain the whole wide world, and lose his soul?? folks better recognize!! I know the truth!! 😉 🙂

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