Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Nikki Mudarris Catches Teairra Mari’s Fist To Her Face!

Nikki Mudarris Teairra Mari Fight

HSK Exclusive – Teairra Mari and Nikki Mudarris apparently skipped checking their ratchet at the door of a June 3rd party in Marina Del Rey. That’s where Nikki caught a right hook to the eye, after sources say Teairra caught her trash-text’in her name!

“Teairra looked into Nikki’s phone at the party and when Teairra saw Nikki bad mouthing her in text messages … she punched Nikki in the face.” ~Hazel E.

Buss This:

From what we’re told Teairra may have beat others to the punch! Know why? Sources say, “Nikki’s bangin’ Fabolous, Lil Fizz, Colin Kaepernick AND Austin Daye!”

“Nikki has so many guys in rotation & she’s bringing strippers from her club with her to do threesomes with Fabolous and Colin Kaepernick.” ~Sincere, Party Promoter

Nikki Mudarris Beatdown

Dig The Drop:

“Nikki became a raging coke addict, since her brother died.

She turned into an instant bully at the Body Shop, her father’s stripclub. She tells the strippers that she’ll get them fired if they don’t leave with her and do threesomes with her. The girls don’t wanna go with her but they do.

Nikki likes eating pu**y, so she uses the strippers at her dad’s club like her personal Backpage escort service.”


  1. This is a nasty ass story and they can gobtobthe police and report her nasty ass that’s sexual slavery and harassment at the job. Stripper or not you have rights. Wtf?

    • For some reason I always thought she was an ugly looking fake wayyy too much makeup wearing bad girl ! Spoiled little rich girl the worst!!

  2. I’m sorry to say this but if she keeps this up she will end up like her brother. In the words of Rick James cocaine is a he’ll of a drug.

  3. I can’t stand this chucky doll. Supposedly her family has money, so why is she carrying on like a $2 whore? She is no better than the women that she looked down all. They all sharing The same D.

    • Yeah, i wonder the same as well. Its very obvious she wants to be another wanna bee black but im still better type aka kim kardashian. But she learned at that party that she really isnt about that life.

  4. I knew, Their “so called” friendship wouldn’t last!
    As for the sex, ewwwww nasty she’s really nasty ewwwww

    Treating her stripper’s like sex slaves…………

  5. She should get dick whipped with a thousand penis’ in her face! I see a dickless man abusing his stripper’s but a woman??? I think I should start a “stripper’s union” Local 6969…get these bitches some pension and benefits. GOTDAMN!

  6. I dont believe she is forcing these girls to do anything. They are all sexual deviants trying to get a gold stamp card hanging with this plastic fraud. She really isnt as hardcore as she portrays herself. She just havent ran into the right one so she can stay in her lane. The punch from TMerra was just a warning.

    • I agree you can’t really force anyone to do anything – they want the extra money or perks that come with being Nikki’s 3rd. They wouldn’t be able to continue business if they conducted it like that.

    • unless she catches: a fade, and / or a wave out of here, I do not want to hear about this stupid, classless trick anymore! I can’t stand and I KK I, Nikki, , or freak o , Nikko!! Ugh at both of them!!

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