Kim Dresses North Like Her And Kanye While Family Falls Apart

kanye kim north west

As family drama unfolds around them,  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are staying happy and enjoying family outings with North West in matching outfits.

kanye kim north west 2

The happy family was seen all dressed alike in a neutral color look as they went to see a movie on Sunday in Calabasas.  This is with extreme drama unfolding for the other Kardiashians.  Kylie is worried about her health and maybe catching something from her cheating boyfriend Tyga.  Khloe is running around giving the booty to her latest NBA fling, James Harden.  All the while her ex-husband, Lamar Odom, is back hitting the pipe.  Finally, Kourtney Kardashian recently left her alcoholic baby daddy, Scott Disick.  That’s not to mention the Caitlyn/Bruce saga.

kanye kim north west 3

Meanwhile, Kim is out dressing up North to look like her momma while the toddler munches on some movie theater popcorn, and her dad rocks a matching karate gi jacket blend.


  1. All the money I the world and the boy still can’t dress!
    Shoes ugly jacket ridiculous and bootyhuggers pants wtf m

  2. Hiding her pregnancy and potential comments about it in those jackets. She’ll be wearing them until she delivers in December. Still not showing and it’s mid July.

  3. Kim doesn’t look pregnant. I guess the rumors of a surrogate are true. Is Kanye wearing heels?

  4. Wow, Kim has definitely lost her looks, after she got married to kanye. Her face has been looking wrinkly ever since. Maybe family life doesn’t suit kim, But as for Nori looks like her father (Ewww)

  5. You can tell Kimye still haven’t learned anything about babies and absolutely nothing about fashion. North should have had on sleeves or Kim should have had something to cover little Nori’s arms. (She could have had a little Gi like her Dad.) Movie theaters are chilly. Sidenote: Jacky, please don’t become an all K-Klan/Jenner all the time blog. (Your morphing) I remember when you had real news and hard hitting exclusives. Now the news is soft and borrowed. jmho

  6. This family is built on fraud. I wish black people would get their heads out these folk azzes. They are cancerous to our community. White folk dont even fool with this trash. I never believed the hype about this fraudalent family. I wish they would go away along with the coons who rides with this trash.

  7. I hope Tyga and Black Chyna little boy is well cared for because he is going to have a hard time when he grows up. His dad was once in trade and now is a gay rapper deep throating men who dress up like women and his mother who is a retired stripper.

  8. Rest in peace Hussein Fatal. He was Tupac’ s protege who died in a car crash over the weekend. He was only 38 .The good die young.

  9. Too corny. Thats shit we did in high school dressing like your Boo. What grown people do that…eeek

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