Kylie Trickin’ on Tyga – Buys Bentley After His Ferrari Got Repo’d

kylie tyga bentley

I guess Tyga realized if he stops paying his car notes, he’ll always have Kylie Jenner to help him out through a sticky situation.

It was reported Tyga’s red Ferrari was repo’d while he and Kylie were shopping for cars at a Bentley dealership.

Hours later, Kylie posted Snapchat videos of a white Bentley SUV that she bought for Tyga. She said the blogs “almost ruined the surprise” when they reported she was at the dealership with the rapper. She said she had to lie to Tyga about it the situation to keep the vehicle a secret.

Kylie says Tyga wasn’t there, she was by herself to pick up his new gift…but neither of them denied his red Ferrari wasn’t repo’d. So Tyga still looks like a loser in this situation.

Once he received his new car, he did a little danced and gave his sugar mama a big kiss.


  1. It's not news or surprising. White women are generally so unhappy with white men that they will throw all kinds of money at black men.

    • THIS isn't news because THIS car is the SAME CAR Mike allegedly gave her for her birthday & IT isn't a purchase. I bet it's through on of the auto share clubs.

  2. When you have to trick on a man, and basically support him, when he does nothing for you, except ware out your puss, then that man really doesn't want you!…Tyga must be a really talented lover, because his music is questionable!…?????

  3. Do the geniuses here still believe that PMK is about to murk this dude? LOL

    H'ell be around longer than Kanye. And y'all can't say that he's another black simp giving his money to white folks either. He needs to marry her before she gets a taste of some strange, because she is currently dickmatized, but that won't last much longer.

    • @Tony Starks!…Chile!…A tax break, or a discounted, promotional endorsement!

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