Chris Brown Booted From “Power”

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Innocent until proven guilty? Not if you’re Chris Brown…the singer has just been booted from 50 Cent’s show “Power” just days after being accused of pulling a gun out on a house guest.

The incident went down over the weekend when the woman, Baylee Curran, said she was “admiring” the singer’s jewelry when he pulled out the gun. Chris claimed he was sleeping at the time that the incident went down. Cops later surrounded his house and put him under arrest.

50 Cent had promised Breezy a role on the Starz show “Power,” but execs backed out after the gun situation went down.

“50 promised Chris a big role on ‘Power,’ playing a drug dealer. But 50 didn’t consult the network first, and execs were not happy when they found out about it.”

Execs were apparently scared about the singers “anger issues.” When they told Breezy the news on Monday morning, he was “livid.”

Do you think the show execs did the right thing by pulling the plug on Chris?


  1. Yes! Hopefully, this will make him get some help and 50/Curtis should've know better than to promise him a role without consulting with the executives, his bosses, the ones that sign his checks! He tries to play like he's the boss but he isn't and the exec were correct. It's business!

    • yeah help from praising nonback bitches who set him up and constantly putting down undeniably black females. look how it's working out for him then they run to US for help NO go back to THEM. HA!!!

      • @Anon10:26!… Yup!…Once you abandon your race, stay your ass right where you're at!..I don't do Flip Flopping either!…You can flip your dumb ass, right the f*ck back to treason land!….Miss me with it!…????? Ain't no coming back, and niggas need to know that!… ✌✌✌✌✌

        • Rihanna was of his race and we all know how that story goes, she milked this story to fame her non-singing ass career

          • @Anon12:40!…He chose Rihanna, because of her looks and fame!…He never had good intentions towards her either, because he cheated on her with all types of bitches!…That's old news!..One bad relationship ended because of betrayal, and that's an excuse to no longer mingle within your race?….That's a bullshit excuse!…Chris deals with Blasians, and Hispanics! I was speaking in general about whom ever!..

            • @Brooklyn Queen , check out that youtube link that the brother shared on the Janelle Monae thread (near the end of the thread)
              Rihanna was Chris handler and she turned him out and on
              to the lifestyle he is now living
              Go check out that link. It is very interesting

              • BS His own damn mother turned him out when he was a teen. Everyone knows that. He was passed around way before he met Rhianna.

              • Right.. I already saw it. I knew there was something more to the story when the fight occurred between him and Ri. The industry is chewing Cris up and spitting him bad out. In the end all the Kings horses and all the kings men won't be able to put Breezy back together again. I feel sorry for the young brother.

    • You blk women can't catch a break … Blk chic claim she got her ass whipped by cbrezzy nothing happened … White teefing whore yell blk man with gun … We get a proper reaction and back lash … Blk girls rock ….but Becky with the good hair , her white p*ssy run the world ????

      • HUH? That shit with Rhianna almost ruined his career. Gone was the collegiate shine that he had. He has been known as a woman-beater ever since. (BTW, what is up with your fake Caribbean euphemisms and yet you still ID as a white girl? Hmm.) The only reason there was any backlash is because she cried wolf about someone already on the radar. Do you think if she accused Denzel Washington, people would be so quick to believe? Hell, it took 50+ women to get us to believe about Cosby. Scratch that– this does involves LAPD. Enough said. And I got another one for you–white puzzy may rule the world, but Black puzzy MADE the world. Try that on for size.

      • I wish there was a thumbs down on this board. Or a stupid button. Some of the posters here smh

      • Because we knew that BLACK BITCH kicked that shit off…I have a son and if a bitch start hitting my f*cking son like that bitch did him he better slam that bitch on her neck! She was no victim…Thats why we didnt do shit…Whatelse

        • We don't know what happened in that car. It did f*ck up CB rep, though. And Americans may forgive but they don't forget. Once you are on the radar, it makes you a target for all sorts of bullshit. –Shannon Hendricks, And if some female was hitting your son, let's hope your son would just get the f*ck out of the car and not start slamming back. Cars have easily accessible doors that you can open. Better that than in jail for assault or worse. Things might have been a lot different for Chris if he had done that. But like I said, I was not in the car, so….

          • Real talk, I never understood mothers saying their son should hit a girl, woman back. Their first and last thought should be walking away.

    • Maaan behind every Negroe that act like he's the big Nigga in charge(House Negroe) there is a White men some where getting his cut.. 50 knows he's the bottom B*&)#$ being sent on the stroll to make that money for his big bosses!!!! He knows who calls the shot!!!

  2. Don't get upset with corporate Starz for not having Chris on the show. That's their right. 50 could have gone to a Black network to have his show aired.
    Oh wait a minute…They ain't no Black owned networks anymore. According to IndieWire: "there
    were some 18 black-owned stations in
    2006, which represented 1.3% of all TV stations. That number
    dropped down to just five last year.
    And in 2013, those five no longer existed, all being bought up by larger media
    So who's fault is that?

    • Lol blame this sad truth on former President Bill Clinton signing a bill into law known as "Telecommunications Act Of 1996" which has all but destroyed so-called minority or shall I say Black people ownership in local television and radio stations. The corporations has ate the mom and pops entities in our community up

      • True Ent Goon. That's why I heart Radio and other media megacompanies own everything now.

      • As well as destroying the banking system by getting rid of the Glass- Steagal Act.
        And adding to the our numbers in prison while white boys walk free and damn near free for the heinous shit they do.

        And dumb n*ggas want his bitch ass wife to be the next prez…please.

    • Whose fault is it you say. The Zionest. Why do you think They came for Mr Jello Pudding Pop. He was trying to buy CBS, they told him not to and he persisted anyway. Please…don't be dumbed-down all of your life. How many hollyweirds were sleeping with women and only God knows what else they were doing to them and how many of them allowed it to happen for their chance at stardom/fame/money. Suddenly, they all woke up one day centuries later and decided to tell it and Bill is the only guilty one. C'mon sons.

      • I tried to tell them fools he was trying to make major moves and that is why they let all his shit go full blast.

        He definitely is not the only one, but it does not mean what he did deserves to go unpunished. I do wish more of them fools would be plastered all over the news.

  3. They should've kept Chris! A known lying thief accused him of pulling a gun out on her & telling her to get out of his house. They found no gun. That pic ??didn't look to friendly either?

    • The known lying thief didn't make him go on Instagram and make a drug fueled rant which made him seem so outta control and possibly crazy. Hr f*cked his own self up. This ha nothing to do with the gun or the woman.

      • Yo I like your comment. Blacks always talking about "other" People and "other" races but never accountability.

        • Your comment is stupid because you haven't met all black people. Seems like you have something against people whose ethnicity is black. I bet you won't talk this craziness in person.

          • How about Many black people point the finger instead of accepting that someone dug their own grave? It's like blaming Ray J or Clive Davis for poor Whitney's death. They didn't help things, but until you've dealt with a drug fiend, you don't understand that nothing can stop them but them.
            Ray J supplied her, and he sucks as a person, but she would have gotten her shit from someone else if he said no.


    • Apparently they yanked it idea off the table because they said he has anger problems. I understand not wanting to be associated with someone who always is blowing up about something and if they aren't there's always something negative drama or turmoil going on with said someone. They don't want that shadow of negativity or dark cloud to be associates with them. It's just business and branding. Also the show said they didn't want him a day before this who imaginary gun thing happened with that girl.

      • Hell U would be butt angry too when your mom sacrificed your manhood for a damn lifestyle. Example: Usher's mom

  4. Basically, they run and own the show and 50 just gets Vanity Credit as an executive producer … Viacom are a bunch of idiots you would have him to play a drug slingin, gun toting thug, but take-back the role over Gun Charges..WTH..

    • Viacom is the Big house for you slaves and your favorites slaves ….you niggas are owned and manufactured and replaceable of course … You or favorite slave , bugs monkey are just signs to a restaurant you don't cook up or own shit you get shine only … Viacom owns all the shows you coons and coonettes watch !

    • I'm not here for CB, I'm just trying to understand the reasoning of these idiots.

    • @CrazyChris. How did he want to be a "thug" as you put it?!? Who did he rob or kill?!?… I'll wait
      Don't believe everything you hear or read!

  5. He will always have one of our favorite Christmas movies – This Christmas. He is just like the rest of the young stars who made movies which are considered classics today, even though their adult lives are all f'd up. We could list them all here but what's the point.

    • Speak for yourself, I never like that shit and I never enjoyed hearing him sing "This Christmas"

      • ?????????? I Second That Notion FUCK CHRIS BROWN !

  6. CB was about to play a drug dealer in that show ?
    that's a tailor made !
    I bet this show will depict BP in the most horrible way
    The invisible joo hand is jerking off his pleasure once again…

  7. Well…I can attest to this being the "consistent method of operation" for all the film companies across the board. Yes, it's 50's show depending on how you choose to look at it, however, at the end of every day the network will has the final say on what will happen with regards to ANYTHING pertaining to "their show."

    Don't believe me? Let's see if 50 speaks to the right decision maker at Starz, sucks enough D or takes the right D & gets Chris on the show because that's the ONLY way it will happen now. And…far as Chris being livid HE SHOULDN'T BE because he knows better than anyone about the "we giveth & we taketh away at our discretion game." This is not the first gig Chris has loss before he even started due to his poor choices, behavioral issues & guilt by association. He needs to get his life before the industry takes it completely away from him.

    • Forget it, he pissed someone at Viacom either Shareholder or Viacom Exec with his antics..I use to feel pity, but this the same song and dance over and over again…

      • He has pissed off a lot of women too. Not everyone is a stand for CB. He needs to accept responsibility and grow up. Yes, his mother f*cked him up bad. But he's a grown man and he needs to deal with his resentment and hate towards women in general before he becomes a statistic. I don't know who will end up dead first—him or Katt Williams.

  8. Damn. They're giving this nigga the Katt Williams treatment. Chris had better smarten up and just leave hollywood/california altogether, or he may very well end up in the 27 club. It's amazing to see just how far he's fallen over just the coarse of 8 years. I still remember back in the early years of high school when he was still the hottest thing, and all the girls loved him. Now he just looks washed up and methed out. 50 cent is just doing what his jewish masters tell him to. None of these guys really have that much "power"-no pun intended) over the stuff they put out and produce.


    • Thank u Scotch!! People are so hypocritical as if they have never made a bad judgement
      Smh, jealousy and envy is a muthaphucka

    • You are like an MJ stan. You really can't see what a jackass he made of himself? Even his lawyer Geragos was mortified by that video.

      I don't care if that woman is Satan himself and made up everything…that shit happens to celebs all the time. But HE was the idiot who went on IG and let the whole world see him in drug fueled rant. He set his own self up for this, and all the mammying in the world doesn't change that. No one wants to work with someone who is that out of control.(unless they are a huge megastar, and CB is not that.)

    • And you must not know how these Viacom shareholders muscled him with Bankruptcy Fraud and other charges until he gave up control of his show…

    • And he is just a poor little lost lamb?? Put down the tweak CB and maybe you will eventually get your reputation back.

  10. Everybody has a BOSS even 50 CENT, Jay-Z, Beyonce, etc no matter how shish they talk. These people can be shut down immediately and new corporate promoted stars pop up. Remember in the early 1990's Hip-hop/Rap and R&B was totally dominated by Blacks by the late 1990's after Tupac and Biggie was killed who did the corporations force on the public? Brittany Spears, Christina Ag, BackStreet Boys, N Sync, and they was trained to steal our music by a convicted child molestor who died recently google it, noticed over a period of time in a five year span the music got cornier and cornier, this is not by default but by design.

    • @Ent Goon!…Facts!…Everything that's done to Blacks is by design, only fools think otherwise!..Pure, organic music, played with real instruments, raises the vibrations of the malanated being!..Music helps with healing the mind and body, it also can be used to elevate the minds of the masses, and educate!…That's why gangster rap was financed, and promoted by the Imposter Joo!…Only special people can galvanize the masses, with their star power, and talent!…Those people were murdered and destroyed, over the decades!…Only hand picked monkeys, are chosen by the industry to rise, that's why the music industry is dead!..Caucasian devils thrive off of Misery, and pain!..Demonic energy only thrives off of suffering, that's why the controlling powers are making everything ugly, disgusting, repulsive, and perverse! ✌✌✌

    • Ent Goon In all fairness, those acts you named were not stealing any music because none of them are artists much less writers. Max Martin a Swede is responsible for all of their music.

      I mean, even THEY knew they were just puppets, hence that album with them on the cover(NSYNC) looking like puppets on strings. And it was a black man, Timbaland, who turned Timberlake into an "R&B star." Why? did JT hold him up at gunpoint? Nah, he just f*cked him plenty and threw piles of money at him.
      If black artists will do anything for the money, can you really put the blame on white "musicians" for copping the style? Without Timbaland and Pharrell, most the white singers would not have had hits.

    • White singers and musicians have been copping Black musical styles for decades. Actually those bubble gum pop stars were in the making for a while too, since the sixties. Remember Menudo? New Kid on the Block? All geared to get teens to spend their parent's hard earned money. Oh yeah, and to sexualize children. They got sidetracked when it was found in the early eights to mid 1990's that hip hop was a money maker for the kiddies. So they shipped BSB to Sweden to cool their heels and get big on the gay dance circuit for a while, and then slowly corporatized yet another genre of Black street music. Black people in the industry realized that white folks were using them to make money for so long so a few of them tried turn the tables. But is always business as usual for the moneymakers behind the scenes. In the end, it is about control and manipulation. And of course, money.

  11. Wow playing a stereotypical black role as a drug dealer give me a break. You mean to tell me fifty been in this industry this long and couldn't get Chris to be something more admirable like a doctor. Chris could do better roles than this.

    • No. That would be far too much like right. Just look at the character 50 plays himself. Did any of you catch his nude full frontal shot a few episodes ago? Ladies, if you missed it….don't worry about it. Trust me?

    • Seriously, who would buy Chris Brown as a professional much less a physician?? He's lucky he is getting offers of any kind, and unless he gets off the gack, even drug dealer roles will dry up.

  12. This is nonsense. He didn't do anything. He was a victim of a scammer/criminal. The chick is no different from any of these other shady characters that find their way into celebrity circles so they can extort them or jack their stuff.

    I said it before. He needs to move to ATL. Get away from drama for a while. ATL has clubs and girls. If he really wants to get away from drama, go to Africa. Go get a palace in Nigeria or Ghana. They got clubs and girls too.

  13. Their loss… I think it would've added ratings. Blk men need to stop dealing with the Beck's…they love crying and weeping to the man about blk men and y-t loves to go after the blk man especially behind a yt woman. wthu!

  14. I think that was some bullshit. Dont NOBODY on here know what happened inside that house and he is GUILTY of NOTHING..FOH THEM white girls will do it every time..Maybe now these Negros will stick with they own kind…better ask KOBE MAGIC KAREEM WORTHY…etc Now they wanna blast 50 saying he aint shit to the Show and that he dont run nothing…wow
    Chris we still support you and the public act like you will be broke if you dont do POWER….You will get another role and when this shit blows over and POWER comes back to ask you again to appear tell them to SUCK THE CRACK OF YOUR ASS!!

  15. Viacom = Owned by DISNEY.

    Disney owns every major news source. Ndosney basically runs the world.

    • Youwishyouknew, Disney doesn't own Viacom; First it would be mean a monopoly because they already own ABC and the FCC would never approve it.

      Viacom owns, CBS, VH1, MTV, Nick etc
      Disney owns ABC, ESPN, and Disney

  16. @anonymous 10:33. – thanks for the info but it IS a monopoly. Dig deeper.

    • Of course all these big companies are monopolies, but they call them conglomerates to keep people calm, clueless & dumbed-down.

  17. Chris need to be very careful.who the fcuk he let's into his home, that lying scandalous bitch is a known liar & very swipe with her hands, & other people's property,…. I hope she steals from the wrong person, where they end up beating that bitch like she STOLE something!

  18. Chris's alleged anger issues have never been caught on tape, its only been he say / she say, & that bullshit w/ that crazy bitch Hoeanna, she know she "Lynn Whitfield" herself by taking a page out of the "A line between love & hate" book/movie…..he took the blame & its been a nasty ass stigma ever since!

    • Not true. When he threw a chair and shattered a window at Good Morning America, they caught that shit on tape.

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