Stevie J Headed to Jail

stevie j jail

Pretty soon, the entire cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be locked up behind bars!

Stevie J tried to clear his name over past due child support payments in the amount of $1 million. But it looks like he’s still headed to jail for something pertaining to child support.

The reality star didn’t go into too much detail, but he did say it was a “light” situation.

We’re unsure how long he will be locked up, but he joins his co-star Scrap Deleon behind bars. Co-stars Karen King and Tommie Lee were also arrested this year for separate charges.


  1. So another dusty negro is going to jail for child support. So who can we blame for another Black man going to jail for child support? The mothers chose him to be the father, they knew he was dusty but he had the cars, the bling, the fame. So they take him before the white man's court and squeeze every dime from him. Lol!

    • How about if you make the decision to f*ck rawdog be prepared to pay for that choice.

      No one made him not wear a condom, so be a f*cking man and pay for the care of your child!

  2. Joseline will make sure she puts him in jail at least once a month once that baby comes. He made a mistake getting her pregnant. He made a mistake leaving Mimi for her. Men will never learn.

  3. All that slick nigga shit, like f*cking a bunch of broads, getting them pregnant, and running off is catching up to these men!..Men should respect themselves, and their penis' more, okay! If they would just stop sleeping around, and spreading their seed, this wouldn't be! There are too many women that hate Black men because of their lack of sincerity, and commitment! Some of you just knock a chick down, knockout her up, and then leave!…Women are culpable, and should be held accountable as well, however it's men that are going to jail for is shit!..Condoms aren't 100%, so never have sex with a woman that you don't want to conceive a child with…Just thast simple! It's the males entitlement issues that's causing this!…You don't have to adhere to your base desires!..That Caucasian is looking for any opportunity to put Black men in jail!…Women love yourself, and brothers be kind to your sisters, we need to start respecting ourselves, so that we can get back into the business of respecting eachother!.. Nothing can touch us, when we get back to Love!…Love and Light! ✌✌✌

    • BQ,
      See why I enjoy your posts so much? I played hooky from work today. While at the salon getting a pedi & massage I'm reading what I have coined "BQ's Corner."? 3 women are leaning over my chair reading my tablet & saying how right you are. BTW…it's 2 white women & 1 Asian woman.

      • @Ms.Reg!..Thank you, my baby!…I enjoy your posts as well!…I've been on this site for years, and I never really read the comments, or commented much, until recently…Im so glad that I decided to read some of the commentary, because they're better than the actual stories that posted….The trolls are Hella annoying, but outside of that, it's been really interesting!???????

        • BQ..
          Like we give a hot damn about the trolls!? Some people really enjoy reading your posts so please continue to share your opinions with us.

          • Aaaaaw Ms, Reg!… I love you!…And I for damn sure ain't gonna let no trolls, anonymous or otherwise, run me off!…They used to get blogrilla warfare, Ka-Ra-Tay-Say-What-Bitch, and ghetto crazy, now they get ignored!..In fact, what trolls?…???

    • BQ I have been saying the main problem with black folks towards other black folks was RESPECT!!! WE SIMPLY DON'T RESPECT EACH OTHER!!! THAT'S THE MAIN PROBLEM!!! Some idiots talking about the music and lifestyle from the music makes us ignorant. No, that's not that the real reason. The lack of respect among us is gone.

      • Ex-f*cking-actly! I said to someone else a minute ago, just like crabs in a f*cking barrel.

        People cannot even express themselves anymore without a MF talking shit about it.

        Damn don't we get that enough from all other sides? Y'all need to go to aol and faux news blogs for a reality check to realize the hate is real and to you MFs on here who contribute to it on the level you do, are just as much a part of the problem. And when the shit really goes down you will be over. All that three-faced shit has got to go.

        We need MFs who are a part of the f*cking solution! Not backstabbing vipers.

      • @DaRadiant!…I know love!…The music is far from the issue, in fact, respectable people don't even listen to certain kinds of music, let alone imitate the debauched lifestyle, that's being portrayed by the little turds, that release that shit to the public!…Some people just don't think, it affects parentless children, and mindless street urchins!…✌✌

  4. ALL 2PAC FANS REMEMBER …… HE WAS ONE OF THE COPYCAT F*K BOYS ON BIGGIES RECORDS !!! Take All His Food In Jail !!! He's A Non-Fighting Fake Thug !!! PUT YOUR PRISON PISTOLS IN THE AIR !!! ~ Another L For The Bad Boy Camp !!!

  5. There are actual murderers walking away, but we're putting someone in jail because they missed a 10,000 monthly child support payment. We're locking him up like it doesn't take 2 people to make a child. There's better solutions to this problem.

    • @Anon12:16!…Precisely, but the state doesn't want solutions, they want chaos…They would prefer to send a man to prison for bullshit, and allow a stark raving mad man roam free, so that he or she can kill up the innocent!.. Notice, when there's a pattern, its pathological, and done by design!…Trust me, if the average person, can come up with a solution, that makes sense, why can't the state??..C'mon now!…And please don't tell me that laws take time, because congress is passing laws, that are violating our freedom, and civil liberties everyday, without question, or our say so!…

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