Tyga’s Maybach Gets Repo’d

tyga maybach repo'd

This may sound like a joke, but sadly it’s not. Just days after Tyga’s red Ferrari was repossessed, the white Maybach he leased in 2014 just got repo’d too!

According to TMZ, the Maybach broke down a few months ago and it was taken to a Laguna Niguel, CA repair shop. Tyga allegedly stopped making the payments on the car, so the finance company stepped in and scooped up the ride.

Tyga just “bought” Kylie a Maybach for her 19th birthday. The real question is, who keeps giving cars to his broke azz?

All of his cars keep getting snatched up, but thankfully, his suga mama Kylie just bought him a Bentley to make him feel better.


    • Learn what? How to become bankrupt and make a comeback as a preacher?

      All hammer did was trade in one hustle for another.

      This wack job never had the talent or enough brains to make it big or for a comeback. That is why he lives off the back of a teenager and her family.

      • MC Hammer dropped the Preacher Business. ( like Mase)
        Doing fine now in Technology.

        Do we really care what leased car this bum drives?
        It's all for show…none of this is real

  1. Tyga ain't playing the game right smh. Blac Chyna must just be laughing at this point.

    • @Scorpiess looks like he is playing the game just right. Get the rich girl when she is the youngest and ignored Kardashian, and while you have your one hit. Then when she gets famous (or maybe a little before), you can reap the rewards–like a Bentley. If you time it right ( like when her dad becomes a woman or right before she graduates high school) you could be the king for life. These people live in dollhouse I'd like to break.

  2. That nigga had one little hit, and he tried to buy up the world!…LmBao!…Uuuuugh, he has no likability at all!…Where's his mama at?…somebody get this lil dude!…

  3. QUICK SIDE NOTE: Have you all heard Webster's Dictionary has
    decided to remove the word "GULLIBLE" from all its dictionaries????

    (*crickets chirping, LOUDLY)

    Good, neither have i, no one is GIVING him cars, people. Its all fool's gold….
    he's LEASING or RENTING them for your foolish pleasure!! j/s

  4. ☺????????????????
    He NEVER purchased it in the first place. I keep telling you guys what's up!?

  5. He was married and had a child with a black woman.He has a son with Lauren London.

  6. Oops my bad I thought I posted on Wayne's story. Lol. Tyga had a baby by a black woman Chyna. Lil Wayne has a son with Lauren London.

  7. Is this his new job? Getting cars repossessed?

    I still say that he will end up with toms of money by marrying Kylie. He will make more than he could have ever made in music. And if they have a kid…forget it. He'll be set for life—not just 18 years.

    • Man the moment u decide to mess with a Kardashian/Jenner your career is over. Seriously look at all the men the are with or messed with. Before the got with them they were headed for gold or just obtained it or had it. Now they either hated, music sucks, clothes suck, cracked out cooked out, cant make a song to save their life. It's like they sell there souls to the devil when the link up with one of these girls. The only one that's slightly winning is black Chyna. Why?. Bcus Rob was always the black sheep of the family nobody ever gave two craps about him. By the time one of those Kardashians/Jenners are done with said man, that man will be another Lamar. Po tink tinks. These men will never learn. That white guy that married Kim got lucky. He got in and out as quickly as possible.

  8. …..Kylie has already had "kids by him"…..Why do you think she looks so young?…..She loves attending 'abortion clinics'….'it brings out the kid in you'…..

  9. If he's smart he better knock up Kylie soon so after she gets tired of him he can fall back on the child support hustle.

  10. If this fool spent as much time in the recording studio as he does at the car rental counter he wouldn't have to worry about whether or not "his" car is still in the parking lot.

    He doesn't even have to be able to sing! Rappin' is just talkin' into a microphone.

  11. He would have been better off staying with Chyna. Kardashains are not helping him at all.

  12. From the cartoon The Boondocks:

    Gangstalicious: We don't own the helicopter we rented it

    Riley: Oh shit you broke too?

  13. I wouldn't make the payments on a broke down Bentley either. He probably called the finance company himself and said come pick up this Lemon!

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