Lil Wayne Retires from Rap After Hoax Shooting

lil wayne quits rap hoax shooting

Yesterday, police were called to Lil’ Wayne’s La Gorce Island home after a 9-1-1 caller said there was a shooting at the residence.

The call turned out to be a hoax, but Weezy is fed up with the b.s. since this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to him.

He took to his Twitter to thank the Miami PD, but says he is “defenseless” and “mentally defeated.” He says he’s “leaving gracefully.” We’re taking that as Weezy is officially retiring from the game.

What do you think about Weezy quitting the industry?


      • Yeh, anything to do with a black male is the Illuminati that shit is so corny and tired. As though the powers that be give a shit about some syrup junkie that fool isn't Prince or MJ!!

    • I'm with you that…mine either.
      Bye Wayne…good damn riddens & please don't come back.?

  1. Does he have asthma. Is that why his nickname is Weezy.

    • LMAO. Might be. These niggas are increasingly running out of creative names to give themselves since the late 90s.

      • Yep… Everybody suddenly became "Lil something, King somebody or ASAP gaybob or another. If only God would have given us the ability to turn back time…imagine how many "artists/rappers" would not be here knowing what we know today.

        • Its pretty much another sign that rap/hip hop is pretty much dead at this point- well it's been on life support for the last 10 years. I feel ya on that last part. I wish we could turn back the hands of time and give some artist bigger and better opportunities than some others. There are far FAR too many celebrities who do not deserve the levels of fame that they have.

  2. He ain't going no where, he just feels some type of way!…He loves money, way too much, to let the industry go all willy nilly!…Maybe he just wants people to beg him to stay!..The false alarm that took place at his home, has nothing to do with his rap career!…So, Booooo! He's korny!

  3. a True Genius.
    I will never forget how he singlehandedly saved Rap with LOLLIPOP

  4. BrooklynQ, someone called in hoax call about a shooting at his home, not from his home. He's got children. He needs to leave the industry. He got bank, he can live off that and live in safety, too. Cause unless he makes that music money under Birdman he won't have a life in this industry.

    • Good point. Now I'll be snarky: He can't do much with all those hideous tattoos and piercings.

        • LOL, yeah I guess so and be a small business owner entrepreneur. You need to get some royalties for the idea cuz I know he is reading this

          • LOL, who knew that my comments on HSK was going to make me a fortune? Just Kidding! But seriously, even though I have no tats and my piercings are nothing but a distant memory, there is an artistry in body art. And I know that when you have been creative your whole life that is something you would miss the most if you leave the industry. Who better than Lil Wayne to open up the premier luxury tat and piercing shop and take it to the next level? Look, if Gladys had her Chicken and Waffles and Patti has that DELICIOUS sweet potato pie… I can't wait for Christmas:)

            • @onewhoknows,
              If YOU don't shut your creative busines planning mouth… before Wayne &/or one if his crew sees ALL YOUR FABULOUSLY MARKETABLE (and most likely profitable) IDEAS YOU UP HERE GIVING AWAY ON HSK & RUN WITH IT WITHOUT GIVING YOU A CENT OR CREDIT….I will cut you!?

              Do you realize what you wrote & how it could impact Wayne or ANY entrepreneur with a bit of start up capital to work with & vision? Do you know how much that is worth? Okay… now that you see where I'm going let me tell this: What you just gave away was Creative Business Consulting & Planning (I just gave you a name for your business) & what you wrote was a BILLABLE SERVICE!! ?????

              Get a book & write down your ideas for various business concepts & styles. Include your vision of how the business should look & the type services/products to offer & what kind of customers to target…let your ideas hit the paper. Organize your each business separately in your book as they come to you. People will PAY TO SPEAK TO YOU ABOUT YOUR IDEAS…You're on to something. Don't sleep on it!???

              • Hmm… Thanks for looking out, Ms. Reg:) And Please don't cut me. I wouldn't want you change that cool vibe with a slice and dice. LOL!

    • He's gonna have to walk away from Young Money Entertainment or keep it as an imprint of Cash Money records. Cause YME is the cash cow with Drake, Nikki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and of course their YouTube crossover white boy Austin Mahone, who is a fave with Becky and Huckleberry.

    • @Onewhoknows!…I hear what you're saying, however, I'm sick of these industry hoes!…Everything is all good when their committing crimes, and doing all types of foul shit to other people, but the moment the tables turn, they get sensitive!… Please! ((Rolling eyes), He's living a debauched life, filled with sex, drugs, and violence, and once you sign with them, take their money, and do their bidding, there is no out, so Booooo!…Wayne attracts madness, because he's living foul, and unclean! ✌✌

      • BrooklynQ, You got a point and you might be right. I live the in the realm of "if the kitchen's on fire, get the f*ck out" and '"even crack heads can be sorry and become preachers," but this is the music industry, after all. And some of these folks are so deep in the darkness and have given up so much they are lost. I'm just saying little dude got involved in all of this before his prefrontal cortex fully developed and I am a sucker for kids dragged in this industry cause I know what they do to them. If he is serious, he needs to just get out of all that and find a better and cleaner way to be creative.

        • @Onewhoknows!….Absolutely love, I advocate for children as well, and although lil Wayne's mama was a crack addict, she's still responsible for his life…She gave her son to Baby, when Wayne was 10 or 11 years old, and for that she needs her ass beat..Wayne is smart, and has lots of potential, but being ravaged by a pedophile, and raised by the streets, is a hell of an experience to overcome!…All an individual needs is at least, one viable parent that's responsible and loving..They also need good examples to be set by the parent..Mom or dad, must actually live the life of an upstanding member of society…Keep them involved in positive activities, limit who they interact with, and keep a close eye on them, at all times! I didn't have much of a social life as a parent, but its all worth it, in the end..My babies are healthy, mentally, physically, and emotionally!… I have three sons! Invest in your children, because what you put in, is what you get back, and I'll be damned if I watch mine get destroyed, f*ck that shit!…Love and Light, sweet baby!…????????

  5. Wayne wrote and performs the title song for the new sports talk show with Shannon Sharpe and the white dude from "First Take" on ESPN. It starts next week and its' supposed to be very good.

    I wonder who is going to be on with Stephen A. Smith now??

  6. All these industry entertainers of color with problems need to retire and go away from the public eye for a year or more and regroup. If a new song evolves, so be it but right now I am almost sick of reading and hearing about all their mf problems.

    • You have a really good point! Why would he even open his mouth with that shit??? The self-hatred in him is real deep.

      Also: to onewhoknows and BQ, please keep kickin' the knowledge and the real, I'm luvin' it over here!

      • @Anon16:21!..Thanks for the love, hun!…We just speak our minds, without trolling people that we disagree with!?????????

        • Why do you have to be so crude tho? I also think that you are a good person inside, but you come across so mad much of the time.

          • @Anon02:23!…Thank you, for noticing!…I am a great person by the way, and I think you are too!…Now with that being said, I must admit that I can be brash at times…However, when I make a comment,some of the fools on here, feel like they can control the whole Conversation, by name calling,((stfu bitch), and making accusations about the person leaving the comments ((you're just hating bitch, you'd f*ck him too, cause he got money)), Oh yeah, and my personal favorite, the ((proof readers), those who unnecessarily harp on misspellings, typographical errors, as though they don't get the gist of what I'm saying!…I get accused of tripling my characters, and agreeing with my self, just because I have an opinion!…I'm very passionate, and I take no prisoners!..If I was spoken too on the streets that way, it would be on and popping, so if you bring it to me on here unnecessarily, I'm clapping back with facts, that simple!…There are disturbed characters on here that are angry, because no one responds to their comments, and they don't get enough medication, and attention at home!..I'm passionate, because I'm alive inside, and I'm this way about everything!…I hope that I answered your question, and then some!..?? ✌✌

      • Anon 16:21, It's sweet that you said that:) HSK comment section has a lot to offer– even if we all don't agree, someone has some information that is useful. Like a puzzle, you take a piece here and there and it helps make the picture a little clearer. As for why Lil Wayne is coming out and saying this– seems to be a timestamp…or as a public declaration to let it be known to important people listening that he will not fight anymore. He puts in caps so the sentence really reads "I am now defenseless and defeated." I have seen that before. In any case, I hope he just steps away (and he can if he plays he cards right.) Someone calling 911 and saying there was a shooting at your house–that is some deep shit. I've known OG's that have done that as a warning and to terrorize. That shit can be exhausting and terrifying. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but then again. maybe not. Look, Dr. Dre, walked away from Death Row money and found a new way for himself. Wayne can do the same–just retire, leave that evil, and do something else creative that doesn't make him a mule for someone else or a target.

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