Nicki Minaj’s Pedo Brother Headed for Divorce

nicki minaj brother divorce

Nicki Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj, is currently locked up and awaiting his fate after being indicted on first-degree sexual conduct against a child and predatory sexual assault charges.

Jelani’s DNA was confirmed as a match in the case – proving he had sexual contact with the victim.

He got married just before news of the charges hit in December, but now, his wife, Jacqueline Robinson, has filed for divorce after less than a year of marriage.

Jacqueline filed divorce papers in Nassau County while Jelani sits in prison and decides if he will take a plea deal of 15 years to life in prison for repeatedly raping the 12-year-old girl.




  1. I hope they throw him underneath the jail, as well as in the most dangerous prison in the U.S

    • @Truman! I know right!…I feel so bad, for victims of sexual abuse, or any type of abuse involving children!…These Sicko's can never seem to leave the babies alone!…I couldn't imagine being married to a sexual predator, how shameful!..I hope that he gets his ass beat perpetually, for the duration of his imprisonment!??????

      • Same here. That little girls life is going to be messed up, and forever impacted. The fact that Nicki was willing to bail him out really says a lot about her as well. I just hope he gets a VERY long jail sentence for such a heinous crime.

  2. I hope this negatively impacts on Nikki. She is a vulgar POS. What is the semen of a grown man doing in or on a 12 year old. Nikki had to have known, yet she put up money for him. They are just ratchet azz Trinis who neva shoulda got over here. I don't worry about her fat fugly brother, he will get his in the joint. Almost all jails are upstate NY which might as well be the backwoods of MS — racist KKK guards. Nikki probably thinks she can slide some money somewhere, but they will take that money and let her brother catch a couple of beatdowns.

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