Janelle Monae’s Cousin Murdered in Kansas City

janelle monae cousin killed natasha hays

Tragedy has struck the entertainment industry once again, and this time, it was Janelle Monae’s cousin who was shot and killed.

According to reports, 38-year-old Natasha Hays and her three children, ages 18, 16, and 14, were asleep in their home when someone fired shots into Natasha’s bedroom, killing her.

As the gunfire rang out, her children woke up and called out for her. When she didn’t answer, her 14-year-old went into her room, pulled down the covers and found her dead.

Natasha was a caregiver at Life Care Center of Kansas City, a retirement home in the city. Grief counseling and bereavement services are being provided for residents and associates at the facility.

Currently, there are no suspects in the killing, but family members believe they know who the culprit is – because just a few days ago, Natasha said she felt threatened by someone.

This isn’t the first time someone had it out for the mother of three. A few years ago, she was reportedly shot in the head on Christmas Eve by someone. No charges were filed in that case.

Janelle Monae took to her Twitter to share her grief.

natasha hays janelle monae killed

Natasha’s killing comes just days after Dwyane Wade‘s cousin was shot and killed in Chicago, and T-Pain’s niece was stabbed to death in Tallahassee.



  1. OK 4k it. …now I'm sold on this celebrity devil sacrifice s*it…I now believe.. Wtf!!!!. I thought ppl who espoused these theoriez were crazy conspiracists.

    • Lol. Yeah, there is no doubt about it. The Jhews use the GREED of man to make these celebs do these things, or allow them to be done. Once done – they got em! They know there is no limit to their greed and selfishness and they will be forced to obey.

  2. Hmm…three Black mothers in three days?? I'll just say this–rest in peace, my sisters, and comfort and sympathy sent to their poor children.

  3. Wow. So three celebritie's relatives are murdered within not even the span of a week. I don't give a damn what anyone says, these murders are ritualistic blood sacrifices. Dwade/Tpain/Janelle Monae? Sounds like a few black celebs are trying to cash in those chips and past the gateways of the industry just in time for something. Something is definitely up. Just what do they know that we don't? End summer sacrifices? A blood moon about a weeks ago?BLM? Just what All that sacrificing is not going to help any of these coons in the end. These elites give a f*ck about no one who isn't apart of their bloodline, and these black celebs will also be offered up for a ritual sacrifice in the end as well. Sounds like a shitty deal for fame and fortune. Im just really disappointed to see Janelle Monae take the "oath", and cross that line. For a while she was one of my favorite newest acts, and she's one of the few female celebs in the industry with actual talent and a truly beautiful voice.

    I will also say this as well. There's always the slight possibility that these are not blood sacrifices and are actually psyops for this whole race war/BLM bullshit. But looking at the evidence, my moneys on my first explanation.

    • @Truman!… It's just too flagrant, I mean really!…I'm actually over it now, its to much!…. ✌✌

    • If it is, this actually looks like not a just a basic ritual sacrifice but a ritual to call to do something or appease or appreciate some entity. These events are happening too far away from both the summer solstice and the fall equinox. Sometimes these things happen because there is a big request for something. The fact that it has happened to Black mothers make it significant.

      • Truth. I had those suspicions as well. There is a chance these celebs knew, but there's also the chance that they didn't, as Monae, T-pain, and Wade may not be too up on the darker occult shit that goes on in the industry. Im curious to know what are your views on whether they may know of this or not?

        • Truman: The sad part about this is because they are in that horrible industry, they may very well know about it. They many be kept in the dark about who it is and what will happen but there must be an agreement made that they are willing to trade anyone in their lives for the cause. Look, from what I understand, some of them only know after the fact. But they do know to some extent. The cabal has a huge ego and will flaunt it because they believe that the masses are dumb, it is amusing to them, and the volunteers choose fame over everything and the purpose of this blood ritual may be bigger than the artist and they are forced to offer a proxy or themselves. ( sorry for the run on sentence:)

          • Oh not a problem at all. Thanks for clearing that up. Yeah MK ULTRA or not, they have to know to some degree. Only a very sick, depraved and blackened heart can give up someone that they love and care about for such shallow, material items. I can't fathom how regular people can do that. They must already be broken, or so far gone when they enter the industry. I don't know if everyone makes that sacrifice though. I remember ol washed up rapper N.O.R.E talking in a VLADTV interview mentioning the "3" doors they can pass through. One of course is the sacrifice door, the second is the "gay" door, where they must get knocked down and turned out, and the third is the final door; where their basically on their own/independent.

            The f*cked up thing about the sacrifices is that these celebrities also themselves end up as someone's blood sacrifice in the end as well. This is why it's difficult for me to feel any sympathy for them whatsoever.

            • Mk ultra does exist, btw. And it is tied into this demonology. These people are imbedded with evil entities that work in tandem. When they open these little doors for manipulation, tricks, conditioning etc. in people, they put powerful demons inside. I know it sounds crazy but it is true. Why do you think is so effective? And once these demons are inside, they that have a job that they do. I pray everyday for people that are victims of this. because it is a sad and very scary life to live. That is why many can't look at themselves in the mirror and take so many drugs.


    • Truman, I just got done telling y'all two weeks ago that football season is coming up on 9/11/2016 and Halloween on 10/31/2016. Didn't I told y'all in advance what and when it's going down! But noooooo, didn't take heed of my warning! D-Wade cousin, dead, T-Pain cousin, dead, now Janelle Mona's cousin? This…..is sacrificial events! Whether U believe it or not!

      • DaRadiant: You must be inspired or know something. Because of gematria, 9/11 is important. Halloween is also important to these folks bc it is when the veils between worlds are very thin and demons have the most power. But like I said, these events may be far from that. These rituals(blood rituals and such) must be done within a day or so. I'm worried more for Chris Brown to tell you the truth. He's got people around him that are evil and supplying him with mind altering drugs and he is 27 which is a very powerful number in these circles

        • Many have speculated about him ending up in the 27 club as well. At the rate he's going, Id be surprised if he made it to 30. If not the 27 club, then either the age 33, 41, or 56. A lot of black celebs/celebs in general tend to die at the age of 56.
          5+6=13, 13 the number of power for the elites.

          • Also Chris nor Katt williams haven't made their sacrifice yet, so that explains why their both constantly being f*cked with.

          • 5+6=11 not 13…
            13 is a threat to the evil forces because it is the symbol of the lunar calendar (the true ancestral calendar common to all of mankind), the symbol of their lies they keep telling us since they forced us to adopt the evil solar calendar divided in 12 months…

        • Reg, 6:32, Truman, and one who knows, I said something on Colin Kaepernick's post days about how it goes down with me. And from an overhead perspective of experiencing some of the things that some of the celebs and the keywords are some of the celebs "choose" their own fate tells us right then and there, they knew they f*cked up. Me? My situation and other soldiers like myself, were blindsided by gimmicks, broken promises, and shattered dreams. U go in healthy as a kidney bean and come back sick as a half breathing dog! Hell, at least they has three options. All we wanted to do is make something of ourselves, provide for our families that we sacrificed ourselves to make sure they had or improve to better situations and defend and to protect this pathetic as country. Now, these celebs are soully hurting. And they feel that shit and it hurts them that they did this for what now?

          • The Kaepernick things was for two (and a possible third) reasons: One – to talk about the national anthem and have it removed. The Jhews keep trying to destroy America as it is too powerful and they want to ENTIRE world, so they keep taking down religion and all things American – and blame it one blacks.

            Two – Collin is mixed, so they have more of these guys speaking up for blacks while full blacks cower and listen to their master. Three: Collin looks like a modern-day arab and people have been calling him that because of his nose. So this is another ploy to relate blacks to arab terrorists. Look at what I found on Youtube and see for yourself.





    • They all came up or stay in effect even when two of the three should be done. Wade has been all over the place more than he has when he was with Miami, which made me wonder why? Monae gets film roles like all other musical puppets, because music does not pay much these days. Making music today is mainly for foun.

    • it’s just the world. it aint even the same money system no mo for that to even make sense. things are not the same

  4. Also remember, these celebrities deaths as well as their sacrifices always come in three's! 3 is a very powerful number in gematria, and very powerful with the elite!

  5. This is also why if you know or are close with any celebrities, know someone who aspires to be famous, or someone who either plans on joining, or is apart of a fraternity; get the f*ck away from them AT ALL COST. You could end up being their next "offering." And this ain't no paranoid "conspiracy shit" either. People better wake up and begin to recognize the patterns of shit.

    • I know exactly what u are saying. I actually met and dated a few semi celebs
      If I see any of them today, Im running FAR from them in the opposite direction

      S/n Sasha R aint no joke. I was coming to ask her to write up on this but she
      was way ahead of me, lol

    • hey how y'all doin already know blood sacrfice offering just like dewayne wade cousin

    • @Truman! Yessssssaaaaaa!….I just caught the holy ghost!….???? Damn the non believers, because they're the ones that are open to spiritual, and psychic attacks!….The force ain't with a lot of Negroes, okay!….A lot of Blacks have a really awful karmic destiny, but they aren't offended by that, just my cussing, as if something that silly is worth going in on, when its people outchea getting murdered!….

      • Indeed. Blacks generally have some of the worst, most f*cked up karma of them all. Black people are already a highly spiritual people, in-tuned with the ether, and higher planes. This is why the bad shit that happens to black people keeps happening, and why our karmic destinies will forever be f*cked. MK ULTRA or not, when you make the decision to sacrifice innocent people for material things, then to hell with you. Whatever poor misfortune you receive you will have deserved. When the day arrives, and the world elites are going underground for whatever the f*ck, these black celebs will truly learn where they stand as they are thrown by the waste side.

        LOL "The force ain't with a lot of Negroes, okay!"
        On a side note, I've had quite a few "supernatural" events happen to me enough to know that there is something more, and that there are other planes/dimensions of existence. So though I can only speak for myself personally, I believe it safe enough to assume that this shit is VERY much real.

        • BK: I believe in the Holy Spirit. He guides my life. But I know these things and this is not just a plight for unbelievers. You can be protected if you ask for it but some people are just examples for the Most High to show others what not to do. Someone said it earlier–if you have someone you your life that is seeking fame in the entertainment business, stay far from them and pray for protection. That pride and greed are terrible things and the devil is seductive and a master manipulator, I will say this. Melanin is vey strong and it is used for very powerful purpose. It is not safe to be Black (really, brown of any kind), a child, or a mother in this world. But the Most High is the best protection you can have. These satanists love believers in the Most High because they love to blasphemy against the Lord through his people. It's like a mockery for the Most High and his Lamb for them. Absolutely disgusting but true. But if you know the truth of things, the tricks that are used, and keep yourself away from bullshit you can be safe. Whether it is believed or not.
          Truman: It is not our karma because the concept of that is complicated. What I can say is this. We have Melanin, which is a super conductor and is very valuable in our skin and that we produce in our dominant genetics and pass to our children. The Most High is a Master of the true science. And it make us a target for spiritual rituals. We were given something as the Original people that many do not have. And the evil one has his plans too.That is why our history has been taken from us–in part, because some of us abused and disgraced ourselves and were fooled. But once the Most High gives a gift He does not take it away. And our skin color is a gift to be used to glorify and magnify Him. That is why there is such a ongoing plot get us to debase ourselves. Please be careful of "other things" that come from other planes that claim to teach and guide you.

          • Oh Im definitely taking the time to learn about spiritual protections and such. Though sometimes, or at least in the past, it felt like these things were beyond my control the way they were happening. Though it's also true that once the most high gives a gift, he does not take it away.

            As for the melanin, it makes sense as to why black people are subject more to being killed for black market organ traffickers. Ive heard for years that our organs are more powerful than white organs, and that they extract our melanin when our people die to be used to help prolong their existence.

            • Ha! I love ya, Truman because you have the ability to apply knowledge to real time events. Look up what superconductors are and how valuable they are. Then you will see how powerful we are and how much in danger we are in. But like I said we have the Most High on our side if we don't believe the bullshit that is fed to us and move away from certain things. I really don't mean to scare anyone, just inform. When I discovered it about it I was floored. There are other things I can say but I don't want to make it too easy;)

          • right on!
            But if you know the truth of things, the tricks that are used, and keep yourself away from bullshit you can be safe. Whether it is believed or not.

            The main reasons that some survive and some dont is because they have decided to wallow in sins of greed, jealousy,hate, mean spiritedness and don't have the milk of human kindness. then they run with an evil crowd…..

            as long as you stay prayed up, read your bible, follow your bible, beware of bad company, stay away from crime/illegal drugs, work hard, and MOVE OUT of the inner cities you just could add some years to your life.


  7. This is just to much I can't .I really did like this Young lady she came in speaking nothing but the truth as soon as I seen her two years ago at one of those Met Ball party I knew that was it for her only certain people are aloud to go to those her music change from truth to how to have sex and she is also in her first big time movie with some A list people so it was only a matter of time to they got to her.

    • True. I knew it was a matter of time as well. All her old songs were eclectic, inspiration, beyond creative, and it just sucks knowing that she's likely sold out for a dollar, a few extra privileges. They've been planning on bringing her into the industry for some time now. Hope it was worth it :/

  8. What t pain doing trying to make a comeback as for handle monae she made an album called the electric lady


    Didn't she make a song dance apocalypse

    • @CrazyChris!…well looky Loo!…You're absolutely correct, her songs are occultic, however, she isn't a benign force, she's being used to push certain agendas!…She's actually very evil, as is Erykah Badu, and all of the other, so called conscious freaks in the industry!…They must pretend to be benign, to pull suckers in….✌✌✌✌

    • anywhere in this world is a dangerous city that's not the case this time these people are being sacrifice for their family members don't you see that.

  9. I can't remember where I heard about this but didn't Wendy Williams long time wig guy just die? come on now.

  10. This is the most tribalistic voodoo backwards ass rhetoric ever.

    Blacks are KILLING blacks in senseless violence and all you can talk about are celebrities who want to come up.

    Never mind, I get it. It is too painful to admit that your people are dying at warp speed because of the hate and lack of any unity. It's far easier to see it as an evil plot to attain stardom and riches.

    Keep on speeding into the 20th century people. Maybe someday you will evolve and leave all that BS religion and superstition aside and move into the 21st with everyone else.

    • And they just happen to be celebrities…for no damn reason uh?. Tpain..LaToya… D-wade…now..j-monae. I think these vodoo entertainment industry are using these gun crime rhetoric as a means to sacrifice to wateva entity they believe in wether these entities exist is debatable.. But wats spooky is they believe.. And they could kill innocents for their believe.let's not forget centuries ago human life and social intetactions revolved round ritual sacrifices. You think some maniacs still don't hold those believes and act it out.

    • Anon 22:12 What are you flakalacking about? Just the kind a bullshit that makes me mad. Black people do a lot for stardom and riches same as whites. You may not know this but stardom and riches are very important to some people. And if you think that is only black people being killed for stardom let me introduce, you to Hollywood, where white blood innocence is just as lucrative if they are children. What about Corey Haim, River Phoenix, Brad Renfro? You want to move into the 21 century where there is a believe in no higher being, transhumanism and God within self? You can have that falsehood, playa!


      no talent foreign blacks are calling upon satan because they cant sing, dance or act.

      americans practice practice practice and are born talented. they dont need 2 engage in primitive sh8t

      • frannie, I have to say I was raised in an American Black church and I saw some messed up stuff. There were plenty of people in that church were roots workers, and were quite open in the neighborhood about it when they weren't at church functions and they were American. The pastor was getting the kids to sell drugs and give the money to the church and giving them deaconships in exchange. That messed me up for years until I was led in the right direction. I got news for you. People call on the evil one right here in the good old USA–and they are Americans. It's sad but the whole world is corrupted.

  11. Well there is a solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere, maybe these deaths were a sacrifice of some sort to that????

    • I believe so I just heard about that eclipse.
      The weirdness/madness is real lol.these seceret sects believe these natural occurring events have spiritual significances in this 21st century no lie.iv been noticing sacrificial patterns for three years now since someone brought it to my attention. I usually laughed at it..as baloney.this eclipse is different its called ring of fire..then murders spike up…this ish is true.there's another eclipse on 16 november I think.
      theres some occultic Looney shit…attached to celestial bodies.

      • @Uncle!….Facts! And its funny that you said Looney, because it's especially crazy shit happening around the Lunar Eclipse's!….You got it exactly!…order out of chaos is their motto, they cause the problems, agitate them perpetually, and then swoop in like saviors, pretending to help the situations that they caused!….They want the Joe publics of the world, to be in such dire straights, that we beg for government assistance, militarized policing, gun control, and more prisons!..Now tell me this shit ain't sneaky, and clever as f*ck!????

    • @Velvet!….Holy ghost, UMkay!….Praise this comment!???? You're on point! In order for this reality to continue as it is, with the same people in power, mass murders, and ritual sacrifices have to be performed daily!…On the other hand, murders that take place during certain holidays, or seasonal Solstice's, those are the murders that aim to solidify an individuals place, within the realms of this elitist, fascistic society!… You can't buy or sell, without the mark of the beast, and the social climbers, must give up a blood relative, and not just to rise above the 20 million dollar mark, as some are made to believe!…Negroes are made to give more for less, much like inflation, so if they want to raise up after they've proven themselves loyal, they get promoted to 33rd degree masonry, and then they make their first sacrifice!…After a while, if they want to go to the next level, they have to be used for agendas, go through a public humiliation ritual, spill more blood, and speak up for white supremacy by playing the coon, or pretend to be this Black power, conscious Personality!…The hidden hand can always shift the rules of the game, based on the current climate of affairs!…They're very clever chest players, I must say!✌✌✌

      • Also notice the photograph of her cousin!….Why is her hair pulled over her right eye, prominently displaying her "left eye"?…Now remember that symbolism is very key, when dealing the hidden hand crazies!…Even the lying white whore, that's setting up Chris Brown, she was doing that whole hand gesture thing, with the baphomet!..???

    • Velvet: Solar eclipse Sept 1, 2016, (ring of fire) only completely visible in central Africa. Next lunar eclipse is in a fortnight, Sept 16 2016.

  12. I agree 100% and like someone here said just because one person does not believe in this it doesnt mean jack because there are many more who believe in these things and will offer human sacrifices and such just to prove that point. Just because someone doesnt believe the devil exists doesnt mean that there are no avid devil worshipers out there who will kill babies and drink their blood just to prove their god exists. Add to that that this year is a leap year and just think of all the crazy things happened as well.

  13. I do believe that there's a connection to all these celebrity relatives being killed. I also watch the conspiracy videos to hear their views. Some of it I feel is true, but what I don't like is that the majority of these type of videos have the slant of if you get in/do these rituals, you can't get out. If we live in what a lot of spiritualists/metaphysicists say is duality, then nothing is absolute. You can get out, although it might not be easy. Also, don't give in to fear. These negative entities that are being discussed here feed off of fear.

    • "These negative entities that are being discussed here feed off of fear."
      -> you are so true ! That expalains the race war being promoted, that explains the globalisation, all of the wars carried in the name of "freedom and democracy" etc…
      No wonder why more and more people nickname USA "USrAhell" "AmerIsrahell…

  14. 3 black relatives of 3 black celebrities killed in the past 3 days ?
    That's a lot of 3's ! In fact that's three 3's !
    How "symbolic" 😉

    "Coincidence" someone said ?

    • What will you say when there are 2 more??

      With all this black on black violence, there are bound to be more.

      And the idea that these are celebrities??? Please. No one knows who they are outside of urban gossip sites.

  15. Yeaaaaah right this bullshit keeps happening some more killings for us to talk about

  16. Str8 up blood sacrifice yall she aint shit devil we live in the valley of death everyday i like most of the comments yall leaving on here yall are starting to see this shit evil world i am not part of this world im just of it peace n love continue to wake up don't sleep

  17. @Brooklyn Queen
    we are living in crazy times like @uncle said. Even the bible in Daniel and Revelations says the antichrist will deceive people by creating chaos and then later appear to be the saviour and thats how the masses are going to be deceived to receive the mark of the beast and even the staunchest belivers in Christ will be deceived. Shit has just go real my sister, its on and its popping and there is no turning back. Lord Jesus Christ the son of the Living God have mercy on us…..

  18. Damn! There serious about these SACRIFICES, first its Lil Wayne's babymom, then D-Wade then T -Pain now it Janelle Monae…..

  19. Christianity and the Bible is the worst trick the white man ever played on y'all. Even worse than slavery. It's keeping you dumb and under the thumb of white folks' will all these years.

    Does anyone ever wonder why every brilliant white person is an atheist? Because they surely are.

    Christianity is bondage of the worst kind and you will never shake those bonds until you leave it.

    • Everyone of them athiest called upon JESUS for mercy when the pains of cancer wracked their azzes on their deathbeds! Everyone!

      And Christianity IS NOT a religion of whimps! The racist White men told the slaves to ignore the old testament with all of its HOLY WARS! And the fools are still doing that today.


      • You are dead wrong about looking towards any imaginary "god" when times are tough.

        That's just a part of your brainwashing.

          • Because it is destroying the black community and the brains of those who follow it. I explained my feelings in my original post. Sorry you can't grasp what I am saying.

            • Christianity is originally an African religion. North Africa was entirely Christian before Islam came and literally beheaded those who would not convert.
              What you call Christianity is really Romanism which is

              Catholic, mainline Protestantism, Anglicanism, Episcopalianism, Baptist.

              Instead of going with the status quo, why not try some research first.

  20. personally I think we as humans are programmed to believe in something … I don't think its wrong if it helps you mentally … its organized religion I have an issue with.

  21. Yall here's my theory of how the sacrifice shit happens.

    The execs get you in their office, talk to you about your life, your family. Find out who's most important to you. They say things like, "This person loves you, right? I bet you this person would give it all up to see you succeed, wouldn't they?"

    And you say, "Yeah, my lil cuz love me, ain't nothin' he wouldn't do for me."

    Then they sit back, rub their hands together and say "Alright, sign this."

    See, satanists are real big on free will. On a subconscious level, *you know* what you just agreed to, you must willingly give up your soul, but since nobody came out and said it you can live in denial about it. Then, a few months later, when that same cuz gets shot in a random incident, your hands are clean.

    My nephew died in the car I bought
    So I'm under the belief it's partly my fault
    Close my eyes and squeeze, try to block that thought
    Place any burden on me, but please, not that Lord

    Deny it with your mind but your conscience won't let you sleep. Any celebs reading this, think back, remember when *they* asked you about your daughter, or your momma, or that favorite cousin, then a short while later same person came up dead. Always same m.o. random shooting, random stabbing.

    At least, that's my theory. That's also why, I think, when you bring it up to the celeb in person they get super irate about it. It's that deniability again, I would never do something like that, how dare you??, but subconsciously, they knew what the choice was, their free will made it.

    Like I say, it's just my own theory on how it goes down, but it's the only way that makes sense to me, otherwise somebody would've spoke out by now.

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