Prince’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Was on “Cocaine Diet”

prince ex girlfriend cocaine diet

One of Prince’s ex-girlfriends, Charlene Friend, is making some not-so surprising claims about the late singer.

Charlene says Prince was on cocaine during the time they were together, but he hid his alleged drug use from those who were closest to him. She says he would stay up for five days at a time without any sleep, food nor water. He would make the trek back and forth to the studio, and she couldn’t hang with his schedule so she would take catnaps to keep herself from passing out from exhaustion.

She once asked him, “How do you do this?” He replied, “Angel food. Food of the spirit, not of the flesh.”


When Prince would finally go to sleep, he would make his room pitch black, and would crank up the heat to a steamy 80 degrees.

“He would be shaking all through the night. The first time that happened, I asked him if he was having a nightmare and he said, ‘No. I was dreaming music’. Even in his sleep, the music just poured out of him.”

Years later, after the couple went their separate ways, Charlene asked Prince’s now deceased half-brother Duane how the singer was able to stay awake for so long. That’s when Duane told her it was the “cocaine diet.”

“It was shocking to me to hear that. He hid it so carefully. I never saw him take even an aspirin. He seemed so health-conscious, always taking vitamins like echinacea and goldenseal.”

Over time, Charlene says she heard that Prince had been “taking pills” to come down from the high he would receive after performing for his fans.

“One day he would be in a good mood, and the next day he would be in this very deep, dark mood. Part of that was just his personality, but I now realize that the drugs enhanced that.”

By the way, Charlene says she never actually saw Prince take drugs.

Do you believe her story?


  1. Okay girlfriend! What's the point of her discussing it now, when he's as dead, as a door nail!..I swear these so-called friends, lovers, and associates always seem to come out of the woodwork, with some lame story!…Bye Bitch!… Even If Prince were on a Coke diet, it doesn't matter now, one way or another!…????????

    • I agree @BrooklynQueen, mostly every1 in the industry dabbled 1 time or the other with drugs. Why comment on it now

      • @Darla!…Exactly!…It's just another way to discredit his talent, and to pimp the situation!..It's done with all Black celebrities, in every facet of the entertainment industry!..They'll never portray people of color as a whole being, unless they're assimilationist coons, and all of the Caucasians love them! ✌✌✌

        • oh stop! everything is not about racism. if anyone is a racist it is stupid n8ggahs like prince who discriminate against their own black women, and only date light/white.

          this girl is trying to get a book deal, as she should.

          she is doing the public a service by stating that drugs likely contributed to his death, but dumb n8ggahs will still keep using them.

          • I thought Prince was mixed. He can date light/white-he is light/white. Honestly, nobody cares what she is talking about. Dumb people will still keep using not n8ggahs. I hear about a lot of races overdosing on meth, heroin and prescription meds.

    • I do believe it because it seems like almost everyone in that industry is on something. It doesn't take away from his talent though. Seems strange to bring it up now though.


  2. Of course he was how the hell could he stay up for days and days get real. When he came to my city he gave some hoes bags of coke and that was in the '80's he told them : yall have fun. I don't do that shit. Uh huh.

  3. I can't stand BITCHES who talk shit after someone is dead. U never saw him doing drugs so STFU.

    • So damn true! Neither Mayté nor Manuela never said nor did they see him do it and I am sticking to that.

  4. Exactly…wtf is the point now?.. And if she really gave a shit abt him then why feed into the hype about his skeletons and spit out bitter tea.

  5. I refuse to think of him as a junkie and my soul remembers how he made me feel during all those hits. He was the soundtrack to a lot of my life. If he was high when he created all that good music, I don't care.

  6. George clinton in his book said when he was working with prince he didn't see him do drugs George said he was smoking crack heavily then and he saw prince do nothing but he was hyped George said if prince was on drugs it was caffeine cause he stayed up all night you have closet addicts who hide it seems like prince was one of them

    • Now, I believe that! Even Arsenio Hall said that he, Prince, and somebody went to a party. One of the bodyguards handed Arsenio a drink and the other dude, but Prince? Prince sat in that one spot, looked around, didn't drink, nor did drugs. The only thing Prince did was breath and that's it! When I talked to Mayté, a couple years ago. She was saying she wanted her husband and what not. But somebody was telling her that Prince did drugs. She shut shit down! That's shut shit all the way down! She defended her late ex husband and I don't blame her!

  7. This is a thirsty bitch .. The drugs this man took was for chronic pain in his hips. The world is awash in people who die from prescription medication everyday. Far too many people said before his death that he never touched narcotics in a recreational sense.
    Seems to me this Thot is looking for a comeup from his death and the only witness to what she says is dead. She needs to crawl back under her rock before somebody drags her thirsty ass to the water.

    • @Misplaced, LOL @ drags her thirsty ass to the water.

    • Yes people die from prescription drugs BUT, if the prescriptions are taken CORRECTLY, as PRESCRIBED I bet those death numbers would go down dramatically. I see fools:

      taking meds on empty stomach
      taking meds at different times of day
      cant remember IF they took their meds and double up
      taking meds with alcohol
      forgetting to tell docs all the meds they are on

      so on and so on

      THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME, FOOLS DYING FROM PRESCRIPTION MEDS are not reading the instructions and following them.

  8. First of all the photo you have is of Prince and Bria Valente, you should have put one of Charlene and Prince. I don't believe this Charlene bitch for a second. As far as Duane (who was really not Prince's biological brother) I would not believe anything he said about Prince taking drugs. Prince fired him when he worked at Paisley Park and Prince also had a restraining order put on him so obviously there were some serious conflicts. In 2011 Duane was found dead in his apartment, was it foul play, drugs, suicide or some illness?

  9. Why now?….Why "throw" something like this out now?. This beautiful caramel coated sexy, genius of a musician, should be left in peace. It is just disgusting, as to what they are doing to his property now, trying to sell to the "highest bidder", stating, that Prince had an outstanding tax bill to pay ( they say it is in its millions etc, and the'questionable'…"he never made/had a will". They think that we all dumb and cannot work things out for ourselves, as people and as his fans….We all know where that money is going "back" to???….This is so sad…!!!!

  10. I don't give a shit about her or Prince !
    Do they provide for our food ? No !
    Do they provide good jobs for anyone ? No !
    Do they provide a good education for anyone's children ? No !
    Do they pay for our bills ? No !

    But we buy they shit and we continue to provide them entertainers and their entourage with loads and loads of cash… Let's save our money for ourselves and stop giving it to entertainment !

  11. There are a number of biological explanations for this. He used to have seizures as a kid. That can do all kinds of things to your brain. There are people who have seizures and then it unlocks weird functionality in their brain.

    He's not a normal person who thinks and functions like the average person. He hears drums and strings sections when he sees a girl.

    Ryan Leslie does the same thing, and Ryan is a noted genius (graduated Harvard at 19). Again, altered or different biology can have certain effects. Many geniuses throughout history behaved this way.

        • apparently that album sucked so bad I never even heard of it. name one song that was a hit. and please dont say that damn red raspberry beret. stupidest lyrics ever!

      • You're either white, 15 years old, or you only listen to music with like 3 notes.

      • Yes, Prince was a genius. I remember his best selling song & it goes like this ..TROLL…TROLL..TROLL along, gently down the street..Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

  12. You never notice just how important 15 more minutes mean to people until you stumble across article like this, which means nothing now that he's gone.

  13. He probably did, Prince is gone. People treat the dead who aint even thinking about their ass, better than they do the living.
    Its crazy how people wanna shame people who actually knew him, that was his wife at one point so if anybody knows, she knows.
    I said it before,these old heads are biased,had this been a new artist, you wouldnt have a problem believing it. Good music or not, I dont put anything past any artist. I mean the golden era of music 1950-1999(minus majority of the 80's) was steeped in drug abuse and sex. I dont know why old heads act obvious to it.

  14. I would've believed he was a purple loving maggot, before I believed he was a cokehead….why didn't she come out with this buffoonery when he was "alive"?!?!….

  15. PRINCE BROUGHT THIS SHIT ON HIMSELF, he like Mike had the wrong people including women around him, people he thought he could trust…..almost all of them is jumping on the damn bandwagon to throw his ass under the the fastest bus!

  16. I don't believe her. She said she never saw him take an asprin, but he was on a coke diet.

  17. This is not first hand knowledge this is her getting a story from a dead half brother (who due to the fact that he is dead can neither affirm nor deny). She could have kept this to herself.

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