Katt Williams Sued by Fellow Comedian for Kidnapping


katt williams ashima frankling sued kidnapped

Katt Williams is being sued once again…not shocking, right? But this time, the alleged incident has to do with a fellow comedian.

Katt is being sued by Ashima Franklin, a comedian who went on tour with Katt earlier this year. She says the abuse started in 2012 when he hit her in the face. Then, when they went on tour earlier this year, Katt went on a “2 day terror campaign.”

Katt bragged to Ashima about having “million dollar bitches.” then he turned to Ashima and said, “Why am I sitting here with this hillbilly, Alabama, backwoods ass three dollar p**** bitch?”

The next day, Ashima says Katt and 2 women attacked her, leaving her with a swollen face and injuries to her chest, arms and legs. Katt also blocked her from leaving.

She says another incident includes the comedian throwing hot food at her face, and he asked her why she thought she even had the right to eat.

She is now suing him for at least $3 million.

In case you forgot, Katt was also hit with a $1 million lawsuit from a former assistant back in August. The woman said Katt threw her in the back of a van, hit her in the face and knocked her unconscious.

This man needs to be locked up!


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  2. Who would want fame? I can't comprehend why anybody would chase it. Kat has pissed off the wrong person and this tireless pursuit of him is never gonna end.

    • A lot of people want fame, still to this day!…The pursuit isn't going to end, until he's completely dehumanized, terrorized to the point of him contemplating suicide, financially and spiritually drained, and then, well you know!….????

  3. Someone called this yesterday. Kattrina and Christy. Both on the most wanted list. Will the list grow longer?

  4. JESUS! IF IT AIN'T ONE NIGGA, IT'S THE NEXT! The f*cking "illuminati/Jews/gangstalkers/tmz are all up in these niggas ASSES. And I mean that no pun intended. LOL. Every day some new shit.

    On a more serious note though- MK ULTRA or not, if these guys have at least some sense of awareness of their surroundings, then they need to get the f*ck out of hollywood, california; since they have the power to do so. Otherwise, they are clearly pretty happy with their treatment and we should all look the other way.

    • Good Lord, can't you tell that the dude has both drug and mental problems? Illuminati??

      You use that as an excuse for bad behavior with everyone. Until there is personal accountability, there is no winning or personal growth.

      • The first part of the whole "Illuminati" was a joke-one you missed, obviously. Second, I will always be the first person to stand up in the name of personal accountability. Chris got himself into this bullshit by allowing his life and decisions to be based around, questionable characters in the industry. He simply got caught up. However, Im also very aware of the very dark side of the industry, so I will always take that into account. Ask yourself this- Hollywood can bury anything. From the most heinous crimes committed by famous celebs, to making people "disappear." Why is it that chris is having all these charges and only his shit is being exposed? You'd be surprised at how many celebrities who are walking around out here who are Domestic abusers, pedophiles, murderers and rapist.

        • True TTS, but most of them don't get on Instagram and rant F Tha Police while the SWAT team is out in the driveway. He is BEGGING for LE to go after him, and I heard that Mark Geragos is about to stroke out from CB's idiotic behavior.

          A lawyer can do but so much when he has a fool for a client.

          The right to remain silent only works when you remain silent. Word to the wise Chris.

    • I bet its better for Katt to stay hidden in plain site in hollyweird amongst his peers
      If he go elsewhere , it might be easier "to get him" @The Truman Show

    • Chris, I have no idea of what happened, but if he even threw her in his car, it could be considered kidnapping from a legal point of view.

  5. But if he was disrespectful in 2012, why go on tour or whatever with him. Bye girl. Kat get ur boney ass together before it's too late.

  6. I believe the majority of this ridiculousness was preventable, the beat down, and imprisonment…maybe not so much…but let's focus on what's left: they were obviously eating somewhere together for him to turn around and basically question his choice off sitting with a broke down, poor a$$ hillbilly. My question is — how did he get the chance to throw hot food in her face on that other occasion, then slap her on yet another occasion? Why was there additional occasions? I don't know the order of events, as each one was pretty degrading, and inhumane, he treated her like an animal, so why would she allow for repeats? Why did she wait for other "victims" to come forth before she said something about it, is this "Bill Cosby effect" a thing now? If this happened, he was wrong, I'm not defending him at all, and not necessarily calling her a liar either, at the end of the day though, I gotta question her judgement. IJS…Three sides to every story.

  7. Sounds like Katt has a death wish and if he keeps doing shit like this someday, someone will grant his wish.

  8. They got Katt and Chris on that stuff that is making them go haywire…same shit that will make you eat a human if you take too much of it. Just sprinkle it in with the weed they think they are smoking and voila! Instant nut job. That's what happens if you rebel against that system. Not that I believe this story 100% anyway. Katt has been saying some anti-industry stuff lately.

  9. They are coming out of the woodworks. I wonder who's paying these bitches to start lawsuits against him? When was the last time you saw Ashima Franklin? And why wait till now, almost 5 years later? I think it's bullshit. There are people in the industry who would love to break Katt, so they got her and that Fat Fauzon dude spreading lies. As if the American public are stupid and can't see through the bullshit.

  10. She took a lot if abuse only way a woman take that kind of abuse from a man is if they was f*cking

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