Kylie Jenner Celebrating 18th Birthday With Sex Tape?

kylie jenner sex tape

Kylie Jenner barely turned 18 on August 10, but porn companies are already lining up to offer her million dollar deals to bust it open and spread it wide.

According to TMZ, Vivid Entertainment has offered the teen $10 million for a video featuring her and her boyfriend, Tyga. Tyga’s broke as hell, so he’s probably working overtime trying to convince Kylie to take the offer.

BangYouLater has offered her $1.8 million upfront for a scene featuring Kylie and Tyga that lasts at least 22 minutes. Can Tyga even keep it up that long for a woman that isn’t packing a dick?

You already know how this money hungry family gets down, Kylie’s tape will be released as soon as the price is right.


  1. “Can Tyga even keep it up that long for a woman that isn’t packing a dick?”

    You wrong for that Sasha R. lol *DEAD*

    • Look at the cloned KYLIE JENNER implant sticking out she is not the real kylie, do not be fooled Google her being replaced and her photos this happen a lot with celebrities . she definitely is the ugly one and she still is ……………..

  2. That slot box
    already did the porn flick … Being the odd and ugliest of the whoredasians she’ll do and f*ck anything … Even tyga’s trans !

    • I don’t think she’s the ugliest by a long shot. Since she had her lips plumped up I think she’s the 2nd or 3rd hottest KKK.

        • kylie has been replaced the old one is ugly as hell google her photos in 2008 .and her being replaced her facial features don’t match kylie has a strong jaw line she was and is the ugly kardashian the relationship with her tyga is fake too..

  3. She had way way more than just her lips pooped A female plastic surgeon on TV pointed out the differences MAJOR in her before and after piics. SO MUCH too much plastic surgery for a 17 yr old back then. AND now her butt and hips wow she never had hips so wide nor a big butt. She had to have all that surgery to make her marketable as model. SHE does not have the talent Kendall does for modeling. Kendall has the new look models have LOOK STONED or like ZOMBIES dead -or as if heavily medicated on a psychiatric unit.
    Poor Klyie to know she was not an attractive girl SHE was NOT! the homeliest of the lots. Look up her pics when she first started out on that trash show and even when older. Small squished face, plain homely. NOW FAKE beautiful. 3 plus inch eyelashes, nails, phony way of speaking now-sounding high class, refined. IF she is so refined what the hell is she doing with Tyga and dressing like a slut to sell herself.
    If she has kids , what will she do if at least one looks the way she did before major overhaul on face, ass, hips, hair, etc.? How did she feel knowing she was plain too plain for modeling. Brainwashed and making $$$$ changed her mindse4t , if it needed changing.

    Sad that her millions of fans are 14 yr olds that want to emulate her! PS Kendall does look like her father THey do look alike don’t know who homely Kylie came after–oh one of her father’s sisters. Now Caitlyn. what a slutty girl Look at that photo shop photo.Her face3 does bit even resemble Kylie! The lower side lip does. AND she truly believes she is now a natural beauty. Another member of Narcissists’ Non Anonymous in Hollywood -land of evil, porn and drugs. and sex.

    • Now you tell me if you don’t think a bitch who had to have all that done and not even 17 ….Didn’t know or feel fugly, She knew she was the ugliest of all the whoredasians… Square jawline idk if Bruce bitch azz even fathered that lil ho

  4. Maybe if Kylie dresses like a man and puts in a realistic looking strap on and backdoor’s Tyga, he might be willing then? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  5. who wants to see her bang ray j.

    kylies a whore that’s all shes good for sex anybody okay with her guy phukking dudes is bisexual herself well her dads gay even though he a so called dyke.

    any other gay skeletons in the jenner closet oh yeah kendall’s with a dyke or was.

  6. yea this is horrifying too. she never really stood a chance, I think the heavenly father MIGHT have mercy on this girl when she is judged..Kendall not so much, she’s really moving up in the escorting f^ckin execs,fashion ppl, selling her soul to the devil type of stuff. Kylie is just lost u can see it in the eyes, the other one looks evil like the rest of the witches. Kylie will do whatever they tell her to do, she is being groomed to be a very weak woman, ask Caitlyn.

  7. Oh kim should be proud kylie is gonna phukk a black man on film like she did and bruce wants to suck a black dick.too

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