Blind Item: Who’s Jacky Talking About? – August 17, 2015

Jacky Jassper Blind Item

He’s a soul singer with a religious rep that presents him as being a man of faith — but this from da dirty may soon be forced to bid “bye bye” to his family image. That’s because sources say he just got served with divorce papers! Jusk ask Tarsha!

“She asked him for a divorce after she finding out he’s smashing his attorney Rhonda Patterson.” ~Industry Insider

Sources describe his new lawyer girlfriend Rhonda Patterson as being “nothing more than a groupie.” Don’t believe me.. Ask Antonio Cromartin!

Dig the Drop:

“He chose a groupie over his beautiful family!”

Dude previously showed nothing but love fore D’Jango. Ask Jamie Foxx! Can you guess the Southern singer I’m talking about?



    • Lee Lee if it is him, his best friend lives right in Charlotte, NC! I think I still can get in touch with him if it is Anthony Hamilton.

  1. Is messing around on your wife worth it with someone who wouldn’t tell what time it is on their wrist watch if you didn’t have money or fame worth it.

    • Yes it is if that p*ssy becomes boring … I’m out looking for new puss , f*ck the marriage that’s why it’s called a divorce … Get your vagina muscle tightened and I might stick around !

    • So why bitch when we f*ck our side hoe if you don’t care ? Why can’t we all just f*ck and get along ?

      • Because any real man is not like you.

        Those of you who are low down &/ or down low, triflin’, burnin’, ‘n’ dirty by nature…need to have warning signs tattooed on your forehead…at the very least stop lying to the women in your life and say you are trash & let those that stay deal with the repercussions of being with you.

          • Maybe you ain’t worth me telling you … cuz I just want to f*ck you and move on , itz hoes like you who know I f*ck other hoes but still want that midnight smash session and speak for yourself cock smoker … You not worth me telling you just something to poke for the meantime … Bye Felicia !

            • You could never pull me…I can smell rusty, tainted, diseased ballz like yours coming from a mile away.

            • WHAT kind of bitches are you trifling with? Sounds like you have never been with a woman you respected. Also sound like you fux around with hoes that don't respect you. You might need to up your quality. IDK, You smell a lil bit like you might be on the DL—way too much bitching and moaning. "SOMETHING to poke"? "BYE FELICIA"? Come ON!

  2. LMAO, this shit is crazy on here today. I remember I read this comment on B or RWS and thought wow, one finally told the truth.

    “He DONE with your Ass. Too many Women confuse the fact that Men just wanna have sex with really liking you. Women generally need to have an emotional & physical attraction before having sex, MEN DO NOT. Most of time we have sex with different Women it’s a superficial and hollow behavior. We have to ACT like we enjoy being around the Woman just to get what we want. It’s sort of a game “Cat & Mouse” so to speak. Now, this isn’t EVERY relationship we have, just most. Especially if the guy is a player.”

  3. I just wanted to tell somebody I’m f*cking in the hospital a fine azz Dominican mami … Had to wait for her whole family leave , I met her in the hall both of us hopping and we fell in love ! Love at 1st sight is some real shit … And her Pusey was tight , going back before the nurse take my blood pressure…. Good night folks !

  4. All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie people all are to. you are not ah straight man if you want anything sexual from another man period.

    Women need to realize men are not women n can f*ck ah bitch cause she got ah fat ass n want nothing else to do with her. The one we love we come bac to.

    • And MEN need to realize that they can be hoes and what you described is a male THOT. Real women don’t love them hoes, so good luck trying to “come back” to the real one once you get caught.

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