Kris Jenner’s Shady Business School Charging $105K Yearly Tuition

kris jenner legacy business school

Kris Jenner is taking her pimpin’ to a whole new level. The Kardashian matriarch has given her name to a New York-based business school, and she’s already set to rake in millions.

Legacy Business School, a certificate-only institution, has a yearly tuition cost of $105K. To entice people to enroll, the first 100 students accepted to the college will get a chance to have an “exclusive dinner” with Kris herself.

But according to The Daily Beast, the school has a shady history.

Previously, it was called European School of Economics (ESE) – an organization that had been sued more than a dozen times since 2006 for failing to repay debts.

ESE was originally founded in Italy in 1994 by former pop star Elio D’Anna and his brother Stephano. In 2005, it offered British bachelor’s and master’s degrees, but the school was never given permission to legally operate as a campus in New York. The school continued to fraudulently hand out bachelor’s and master’s degrees through 2016.

As soon as Kris came into the picture, the school changed its name, and filed the paperwork to become a non-degree granting institution.

Who in their right mind would pay $105K for a certificate?! Kris knows she’s wrong for this one!


  1. She needs to speak to Donald Trump about this venture of hers so he can tell her how the US government is now coming after him for taking peoples money and collecting funds through grants to attend his school which has proven to be nothing more than a fraud.

  2. Who's crazy enough to pay that much for school, needs to be tricked out of their money. Anything with Kris name on it, they should run from it.. She could barely get her last two thru home schooling in high school.. But I must give her credit, she's made millions for her children, and they have no talent whatsoever.. Kim's sex tape, per my son was nothing special.. Kourtney and Robert does have college degrees.. The rest are walking plastic surgery billboards for the surgeons. It's not good either with those big fake asses, noses, lips, and lipo every other part on their bodies.. I forgot Botox, fillers etc….

  3. I guess she hasn't seen that Obama has the education department cracking down on these diploma mills. Who has $105K for something like this, except with student loans?


    But she graduated July 13th 2016….Um okay. I guess everything is okay in "Hollywoodland "

    And guess where she wants to go to college????

    “Yes, absolutely!” Jenner said. “Kylie in particular really wants to come to Dubai, so you better enrol now so you can get a place [laughs].”

    Yes people they supposedly have a campus in Dubai too, wonder what the curriculum will consist of? O_O!

  5. Yes it's true. In the us we see right through this scam, but they're aiming at foreign students. They don't know the system.

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