HSK Exclusive – We were the first to deliver the first glimpse of film production on set of the Tupac biopic, ‘All Eyez On Me’. Matter fact, it was more than a month before the widely anticipated film production wrapped at the time HSK made the exclusive Pac movie pics drop — featuring the faces of actor Demetrius Shipp, Jr., who brings the role of Pac to life, and Dominic L. Santana, who plays the part of Suge Knight.

“Film production wrapped on Tuesday April 12th in Vegas, at the same intersection — Flamingo Road and Koval Lane — where Pac was fatally shot, nearly 20-years ago … The final scene reflected the events of that night almost 20 yeas ago in a remarkable way.”


A release date for All Eyes On Me remains to be determined, with producers of the flick hinting towards sometime in “Fall 2016”. But that doesn’t mean you can’t catch the beat of the Pac biopic sooner. Know why? We’re coming with ANOTHER Pac Primo movie drop! I’m talking bout the first leaked track from the Tupac soundtrack.

“Word is nobody from the cast of ‘All Eyez On Me’ has been paid yet … not even the actor who’s playing Tupac!”

The track titled “Bermuda” comes from rapper Kenneth Canee, repp’in Tha 6. It’s the first song leaked from the Pac movie soundtrack and we’ve got it for you. But before you peep what @KennethCanee is coming with, know the track ain’t the only leak from the Pac flick! BUSS THIS: Word from the streets reveals All Eyes On Me film producer, L.T. Hutton, caught a rep for directing his wife to invite female cast members and extra to join the Hutton’s for some three way action.

Dig the Drop:

“This sh*t was so unorganized…one of the make-up chicks, walked off the set. Benny Boom did his thing behind the camera, while L.T. Hutton was looking for female cast members to f*ck. Cast members didn’t even sign a contract yet but I’ll tell you this… the soundtrack sounds good!”



  1. I worked on the set for 1 day and I thought everyone was professional and handled there business correctly. I saw Mr. Hutton and he was busy doing his job as producer making sure the film stayed on budget, I never seen him hollering at females and I worked all day that day. Trust me this film is going to be a good maybe GREAT film depends on the editing though

  2. Okay. I need to address the elephant in the room. Why would Elvis fake his death only to live as a homeless man in San Diego?

  3. Fuck that soundtrack 2pac has family doing music why are none of them on soundtrack and why are there no family members involved like actual blood family like mopreme and lesanes and others

  4. I know right 2pacs family has a new outlawz coming out called 2ndgenerationoutlawz 2go with pachi, pistola, urybi, troublesome, jibril, medicine man, and ex khan and alot more why are none of them on soundtrack and all songs on soundtrack are styles 2pac would not f*ck with wack now a days styles ? panda panda panda

  5. Dont forget afeni got sued and strong armed in court by morgan creak for the rights to the movie check it out she didnt want them doing it but she had to give them till december of 2015 than after that they would lose rights to make movie thats why it got rushed at last minute family dont support that movie and neither should real 2pac fans

  6. Man that ain’t about to be on no Tupac movie soundtrack stop lying, trying to get views on youtube

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