Tamar Braxton Gets in On-Air Argument With “The Real” Co-Host

tamar braxton the real argument

After it was announced Tamar Braxton had been fired as a co-host of The Real, the diva still had to show up to record today’s show, and she was all in her feelings!

During the casts daily walk out, Tamar is visibly upset as she walks next to Loni Love. The two seem to be in a heated argument, and as Tamar takes her seat at the table, she gives the meanest death stare. Peep the video!



According to the caption, Tamar was upset about her outfit, but we think this has something to do with those “backstabbers” that allegedly got her fired. What do you think?



  1. 1. Out of all the days, she should have had a head cold by doctors orders for this taping
    2. When the ugliest chick and you have something to discuss; just smize and don't be distracted
    3. Never never never let them see you pissed off – keep on your queen/goddess level
    4. Never never never let them remember you in a frumpy outfit, be so fab, they face gets stuck
    5. Never fight or be mad to belong where you are not desired
    6. If you get fired, leave gracefully and with class – there are beautiful beginnings after ugly endings

    • Good advice, also she needs to be a professional and not act like a spoiled brat..
      I don't watch this show, I tried to, but Tamar thought she was the show.. Her attitude stinks and she very controlling.. This is Hollyweird where no one is really your friend.. She should just watch or listen to when the show will tank.. I don't think any of the other ladies really like her.. She has a problem with her own sisters, so I can assume she's an ass on this shows also.. JMO
      She's has 2 other shows and her music, so she should be graceful, just to piss the others off..
      They all probably put their two cents in against her.. I thought she was also a producers of this show.. I also think people should always remember, this is a job and act accordingly….

    • I disagree with #2 & #4. IMO, none of the women on this show are ugly. #4, doesn't matter what you have on, if you are an ass, clothes will not save you, you'll just be a well dressed ass. Ugly or not, well dressed or not, perhaps it's all about intelligence & cunning over arrogance & a false sense of self importance & security.

    • Are u really siding sith that thing Tamar in this. She's a nasty person and that's just the end of it. Always in a situation arguing with everyone. U ppl r nuts.

  2. I mean haven't we all had days when we felt slightly below our own standards? Sure, but as the wise ladies previously said…never let them see you sweat, maintain that pro business sense and bow out gracefully. You still have a blessed family and a career to fall back on. I wasn't much of a fan either..too OTT for me to tune in..be blessed in the future endeavors.

  3. I don't believe this.. how can Tamar be fired when her husband is one of the producers of the show.

  4. I watched the show once, in a nutshell…too ghetto. They only appeal to the Section 8 crowd

  5. Jacky Please stop letting the hired help write your stories. The Real is on summer break. Every press release that came out has said they are on summer break. So Tamar's attitude had nothing to do with the firing. Cause the show ain't live. I know this is a gossip blog, but a little research won't kill her.
    As for Vince being a producer, that was done just to appease the talent. Tamara is also listed as a producer. These credits are in name only to make some people feel more important than the others. I'm sure Tamar wanted people to think this was her show, so they slapped his name on as EP. It worked, but the truth is it isn't her show and never was.

    Tamar's behavior is why white hollywood wants nothing to do with black people. Instead of moving on to the next project, she wants to burn down the whole ship and take everyone down with her. Those girls all have worked hard to build and sustain their careers. Truthfully, I'm not a fan of the show and most of those girls seem like silly college chicks to me. But unlike Tamar who build her name career off of her sister, Tamara, Loni and even the cheetah girl have been busting their asses for years to eat. So for Tamar's over-emotional ass to throw them to the wolves is wrong.

    But the truth is talent is almost always replaceable. I'm with Wendy I don't think they should replace Tamar. But if you think the show can't go on without you just ask Michael Baisden.

    • Aqua, I tend to agree with you comment to a certain degree, however, you mentioned Michael Baisden. I'm curious to know if you know the complete story about Michael's situation & if so, what are your thoughts on it?

      • People who don't come from the tv/radio don't understand the way the business works. No matter how big you are, the boss man can and will replace you if he wants. Even if your ratings are huge. Even if there are billboards all around town. Even if WHATEVER. They will replace you. People will complain for a few weeks and then they will fall back in line. Since Baisden doesn't come from this world, he didn't know the rules of the game. He came into his new negotiations asking ridiculous money. Radio and TV dollars are shrinking not growing especially radio. He had probably maxed out what he was going to make on radio and should have invested in a tv platform. But instead he thought he was going to strong arm the radio company into giving him what he wanted. He kept pulling stunts on social media and acting like he was going to overthrow the company. The radio company woke up one day and just pulled the plug on the show. No fanfare. No goodbye. No nothing. Even after it happened Baisden thought the people would rally and there would be an outcry of epic proportion. That's not how radio works or tv. They just replaced his ass.

  6. they aren't arguing with each other….can't you see they are arm in arm. Tamar is clearly upset about something else. Stop trying to say she arguing with other cast members. Tamar does seem to not get along well with others….it's about time she grows up bc she comes off really stuck and bratty. js

  7. I never watched the real because it was just TOO MERCH for me to stand in a one hour period. I'm not a big Tamar fan, especially after I saw her on Braxton Family Values treating her sisters as if they were the hired help and dissing TONI (she's old, etc.) who put her azz on the map. She has to learn that you cannot bite the hand that feeds you and EVERYBODY can be replaced. No matter what happened behind stage, she should of come out to that audience SMILING and UPBEAT…not stank and acting as if she'd rather be anywhere else but on tv.

    • Mama knows best. ITA!!!! Tamar is a brat and her mother, Ms Evelyn should have slapped the piss out of her a longtime ago.

  8. WTFFFFF IS WRONG WITH U ppl siding with this donkey! ?? She argues with everyone and always has a bad attitude. Ever notice how She argues with all her sisters, her MUA , hair stylist, husband etcetc . Like wtf is wrong with ppl making excuses for this spoiled nasty soul BETCH?

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