Justin Bieber Tosses Fan’s Gift to the Curb!

justin bieber tosses fan gift

Justin Bieber continues to prove he hates his fans! Just a week after he threw some chewed up gum at a concertgoer, Biebs showed the ultimate sign of disrespect to one of his teenage fans.

As he left a building while riding in the backseat of an SUV, Biebs let down the window in front of a group of screaming girls who were standing on the sidewalk. One girl threw a gift into the car…and well, obviously Justin wasn’t feelin’ her act of kindness!

Peep the video to see him throw the gift out the window, and listen to the heartbroken fans’ reactions.



  1. Hes a lil asshole hes probably tired of being famous when ur parents sell ur soul goes bad

  2. Can somebody remove the picture of the 2 black dudes kissing? I'm tired of seeing that every time comment on shit.

    • ?OMG…I thought I was the only one feeling that way.
      Isn't it sickening? PDA is fine but it's as if we're being force fed that whole thing. Thank you for saying what I didn't have the nerve to.?

        • ?Wow….you made me believe in kindred spirits.
          Clearly great minds think alike…
          Like you I stopped watching Empire as well & I bet you stopped watching right around episodes 2-4. & never watched again.
          I damn sure haven't.

          • I'm not sure what episode it was, but the last straw was when Jamal was getting nasty with that Mario Van Peebles dude?. I'm getting the Heebie Jeebies just typing about it! Haha

  3. Isn't it lovely how the taste of fame begins to turn sour and ultimately backfire, especially when you see it for what it really is? If you're lucky the industry may let you go, but not unscathed and certainly not without tearing you and your image to complete shreads, leaving you an obscure afterthought.

  4. Sasha R, I guess my work has really gotten severely etched in my pysche over the years….I perceived that clip TOTALLY different from everyone else.
    For starters, Justin Bierber didn't look happy, comfortable or receptive. He actually looked almost irritated.

    First, there was one or more people in the coach with Justin & it's not clear he himself let the window down…I'm guessing he didn't . The look on his face said he didn't want to be bothered.

    I saw a minimum of 2 security breaches which is unacceptable no matter if that one guy worked for Justin or the venue but….NO ONE should have been close enough to throw anything in or at that coach. Having said that, I don't believe Justin threw the gift back out the window but one of the other passengers may have & RIGHTFULLY SO because that "gift" could have very easily been something else including a bomb. Had security been on their A game it would have never made it inside the window in the first place. That sort of thing is considered dangerous & should not have happened.

    I'm in no way making excuses for Justin nor am I a fan but I make too many arrangements, have traveled with & for many celebrities, been acquainted with several personal bodyguards & countless security teams. There was nothing right about the footage in that clip. If it were me…somebody's as would be fired.

    • ?….I meant "somebody's ASS would be fired."
      Dang blasted auto correct set me up again! ?

    • I'm with you & you can clearly see he said "You threw it at me" He's been famous for nearly a decade being treated like an animal at a zoo can become irritating! He can be a total jackass for the most part but I think a lot of his fan are delusional entitled teenage girls who think they own him plus all his friends aren't good influences (i.e. Bhris Breezy) sigh

      • Not Today,
        You're absolutely right in the sense that people/fans/ managers/hanger-ons tend to act as if they have all rights to the artist/celebrity. People feel as if the artist/celebrity should be "on all the time" as if they don't have bad days, they don't get tired, they don't have ailments they keep to themselves, they need private time to themselves to regroup, etc. Being in this kind of repeated negativity on a daily basis causes so much anxiety, stress & psychological damage they snap & a lot of times…this is when the heavy drugs, drinking & reaklessness & acting out starts.

        With all the people around Justin I believe he's finally figured out no one is really looking out for him or his best interest. I also have reason to believe he's learned of some mismanagement of his money but isn't going public as of yet because of the people involved…

        Chris Brown has his uncool moments but let me tell you something…. When he travels about his security detail is tight especially at larger venues. We've worked with them quite a few times & while the faces tend to change a bit their level of service is generally impeccable. Trust me…no one is tossing anything in the coaches he has to ride in!

  5. Hmm my, not excusing his childish ish , but sometimes you have no idea, what's embedded in some of these gifts. I

  6. Do not know why people continue, to do the shit they do! The only one who would ever accepted a fan's gift was MJ! Justin is & has been a complete DOUCHEBAG, ever since that scandalous video came out of him being the racist prick that he is, he ain't been the same, rightfully so, he's now like a lost soul…….why he continues to torture himself by living beats me?

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