Bill Cosby Admits to Having Sex With Teens

bill cosby sex with teens

Bill Cosby admitted to sexual encounters with teenagers after learning his sexual assault case would go to trial.

In depositions given in 2005 and 2006 during a case filed by Andrea Constand, Cosby admits to giving quaaludes to 19-year-old Therese Serignese in Las Vegas in 1976 and that he had another teenager, who he met in 2000, manually pleasure him with lotion.

The lawyer asked Cosby how Therese would be able to consent to sex if she was under the influence of a drug. Cosby replied, “I don’t know…How many years ago are we talking about? 197(6)?…I meet [Therese] in Las Vegas. She meets me backstage. I give her quaaludes. We then have sex.”

Despite the assault, Therese ended up living with Cosby in his penthouse for weeks, but eventually she moved out and later married.

She later took him up on an offer after he promised to pay her $500 if she went to nursing school and earned good grades. After completing school, Cosby told her to go down to Western Union where he had wired her $10K.

Cosby is now scheduled to appear in a Pennsylvania court for a preliminary hearing to determine if his criminal sexual assault case goes to trial.

You can read about Cosby’s sexual encounter with Therese here.


  1. Dr.. Cosby have several seats. The sex was "concensual" but why are you stepping put on your wife? Of Course the wife knew however God knew. Thou shall not commit adultery. You can't expect right when you do wrong

  2. Obviously he admitted to being a TRICK lol He won't do much time for "patronizing prostitutes" unless ELIJAH WOOD exposes the whole pedophile ring that is going on in Hollyweird

      • ? They will lie & slander long as theyou have to until they extort as much of his money as they can. We already know he drugged women & seed them. Not that anything is right about that but there's no point in lying & trying to make it stick now.

    • Legal does not mean shit! The sex was NOT consensual…period! You do not drug someone and do sexual things with them…because they cannot consent when high.

      And nineTEEN is still considered a teenager just like eighTEEN…

  3. These hoes were not victims as she lived with the man and got money. This should not even be an issue. However, I am not sure why he would have to supply hoes with pills though. Then again, hoodrats have sex for weed and drinks or even a meal!

    • He supplied them with drugs so they would do what he wanted, which means the sex was NOT consensual dip!

      Women who get their ass whipped stay with the abuser… this BS is no different azzcan!

  4. Fuck father family value mf he talks abt blk ppl his azz get just wht coming 2 his azz he luv that white p*ssy so good enough 4 his blk azz old mf

  5. Good. I hope that pays not with money but with his soul and reputation. The man is pure evil incarnate.

  6. Fuch this hollyweird piece of shit !
    f*ck this isra-elite servant !
    Dr Huxtable now you may end you miserable life in some 3rd class retirement home

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