Tamar Braxton’s Friend Spills Tea on “The Real”

tamar braxton friend spills tea the real

Tamar Braxton’s friend is spilling tea about her abrupt departure from The Real.

Over the weekend, Tamar was fired from the talk show, and she pointed the finger at unnamed “backstabbers.” On Monday, The Real aired an episode with Tamar looking visibly upset and getting into a verbal altercation with co-host Loni Love.

Come to find out, that episode was filmed 3 weeks ago, but The Real aired it to coincide with her firing. It was all a ploy to make Tamar look like a diva who couldn’t get along with her co-hosts.

Sip this tea:

tamar braxton fired the real 9

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tamar braxton fired the real


tamar braxton fired the real 4

tamar braxton fired the real 6

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Do you believe Tamar’s friend?


  1. That bitch Tamar might as well pay this shit no mind and just sang and release more ALBUMS before she get too old and wrinkly lmfao

  2. I told y'all what happened. Mr. Him whoever-the-hell can type up all the damage control type comments he wants to. Tamar may want to take this hit as a Hollywood life lesson. She talked too much and it got back so to fix her red wagon she was politely and very as a matter fact….dismissed.
    I learned the hard way too about dealing with a bunch of pretentious big mouth women on a job.
    It doesn't pay.

  3. What's the Big Deal. Tamar has a Rich Husband, A Sucessful Singing Career, Plus a Cable Show with Vince.
    She should count her blessings and keep it moving. I am sure some of her sisters wish they were as lucky as her. They betted on love and crapped out.

  4. She should not cry over this small set back, cause she is very marketable and I am sure her smart manager husband knows it. Count Your Blessings Tamar and remember the saying One Door Closes and another one Opens. …. Here to Wishing You the Best of Luck, cause you are special and very talented, but most of all you are Blessed…… Most of all Dont forget how blessed you are/

  5. Right and she the Braxton's show so… she ain't losing. I'm gonna stop watching The Real. It will probably be boring.

  6. I think it does have to do with Tamar's attitude. I used to watch her reality show, but I can't now. IMO, she's become so annoying & obnoxious. Some ppl let so-called success go to their head. Whatever the deal is, hopefully Tamar will get it together. And as far as Tamar's “friend” tweeting all this, maybe it's time Tamar find some new friends & work on herself as well. This is not how you leave a job. I'm sure the movers & shakers in Hollyweird are taking note.

  7. Being gracious, staying humble will take you very far. Tamar has yet, imo, to realize such. All the "over the top expressive" antics were, I guess, cool at one point but it's gotten annoying to most and/or altogether a complete turn off! Not to mention, her loud and often ratchet come offs! YT could give a flying weave track. As far as they're concerned, and especially in the Hollywood game, they'll can a "niggroidian" in a heartbeat! Especially when it comes down to business and the actual bottom line…money! This news comes as no shock. Damn it to even be a surprise. This whole mess has been brewing for the longest and it's now come to a full steam. Tamar looks to be the type where as usual, it's never "her," but always "others." Whatever comes of all this, until then, ol' girl should get a grip, relieve a lot of the ratchet, and become again, more humble!

  8. With no Tamar the show is just like all other talk shows. It will fall in line with the view and other shows with the same format. This show will not last, and I believe they needed someone like Tamar to add a little spice to the show. The higher ups want to make people of color toned down and unappealing. But that is what makes us as a people different.

  9. I am sorry it ended like this. Clearly, we don't know all that went down, but apparently Vince knew.
    they were trying to negotiate he departure, and it didnt go well.
    So after cussing out an Executive Producer infront of people, and acting a fool. They decided it wasnt worth the trouble.
    The Focus group, said she was behaving like stereotypes of blackwomen that we have worked hard to dispell. I can't dispute that. Loud, with the eye rolling, finger snapping, lip smacking. Yeah she was a bit much. in fact too much.

  10. Tamar, as unfortunate as it is, is reaping what she has sown! Her head has gotten so big, her mouth is to big and she was so RUDE to her sisters! She needs to humble her self….she has been very blessed and to me…she does not appreciate anything….she's just way to much for me….and she feels like everything is about her! And all her Antics on the talk show and the Braxton show is ridiculous! She get's on my last nerve!

    • You just told the whole truth, Tamar is a very self centered and disgusting to watch on the Braxton's
      Show.. She had the nerves to say that Toni didn't pave the way for her.. If it weren't for Toni and her being her backup singers, no one would know who the heck she's was.. She always makes everything about her.. It's also well known she only married Vince for his money.. I know she making her own money now, but a few years ago she wasn't making anything near what Vince made..
      She really needs an attitude adjustment and she needs to learn the meaning od being humble.. She's going to be fine because she has two shows in WE TV and her music.. I wish her the best, but she needs to remember where she came from and be grateful.. All that popping her lips, neck movement and ghetto talking is not the norm.. Take your hits like the rest of us and keep moving..
      Also she needs to treat her sisters with the same respect she wants from them.

  11. I bet my next paycheck Warner Brothers will hire a white woman to replace Tamar Braxton.

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