Blac Chyna Shares Her Ultrasound

blac chyna ultrasound

Blac Chyna isn’t even an official Kardashian notes, but she must be taking pointers from Kim and ‘nem, because she just posted her baby’s ultrasound picture on Instagram.

In the caption, Chyna encourages women to keep hope alive. Even if you’re feeling down about life, you too can find yourself a Captain Save-a-H*e!

Do you think Chyna’s doing the most by posting her ultrasound online?


  1. Sasha, DR1, So Cal, Sarah, WWC, FM&AG4ever, NBA…..
    Yall have a standing invitation at my house for this shit show that's about to go down. I've added carmel cake to our menu of fresh fruit, meat & cheese trays, fine crackers, dips, crab legs, wings, lollipop lamb chops, salads & unlimited flowing Moscato Di Asti. ?????????????

    I predict a murder/sudden accidental death on the horizon out this group in the near future.?

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